1. Michael Boulton says

    I agree! Why is it that compromised douche bag public figures always assume that if they just get their gay on, they will rehabilitate their public image somehow? What can we call this phenomenon? Maybe “temp-gay for comeback-play?”

  2. Don says

    Sad, but drugs have completely eaten his good looks away. The dark circles under his eyes and bad teeth completely ruined this video for me. What should have been a hot kiss left me gagging. The song struck me as uninspired, too. Overall a poor effort.

  3. Justin says

    I honestly had no idea wtf he was even singing about! LoL.

    But i wholeheartedly agree that the mouth was the problem here

  4. J says

    he’s not playing gay in this video… the two boys kissing at the end are two other boys – the two that are in the last shot on the court… just thought i’d point that out since some of the comments refer to him being one of the two.

  5. Dubwise says

    @ Michael Boulton: how can he be getting his “gay on.” …considering he was tuning tricks w/ men before he got famous and his old (and way better) band, tackled racism and homophobia in their music.

    That being said…his teeth qualify him for the BIG BOOK OF BRITISH SMILES.

  6. Ron says

    Who kisses like that? like ducks.
    there is too much empty awkward negative space in between. kisses should be enclosing, enveloping, ensnaring. not two mouths awkwardly gaping.

  7. She Ain't No Lady says

    The Libertines label was “rough trade records” — literally — for a reason, and this ain’t Pete’s first man-on-man kiss. See? For some gay is beyond cute-sy Lady CaCa.

  8. mb00 says

    I saw tongue in that kiss. I liked that song, coming from Pete I suppose, not familiar with his band much other than he’s a great big mess.
    I also agree with “She Ain’t No Lady”‘s comment. For some gays it’s totally beyond dance pop tarts. The majority of my music collection is old Punk, Indie, Rockabilly and 50’s/60’s Soul.

  9. davefromtampa says

    I’ve been with guys who stank before, but can you imagine licking his hole? He probably has pimples on his ass.

  10. nico89 says

    I thought it was an adorable video – as to getting his “gay on,” Dubwise is right that his history backs up his use of topical gay references.
    I like who pete is and I like the video. It was pretty progressive in both topic and tempo.
    Britain seems to allow more room for imperfections than most of the usa and I appreciate Pete’s use of boys who don’t meet the mass approved (yet seldom achieved in real life)image.
    And as to the kiss….I thought it was sexy. Kissing is about catch and release, not smothering your lover.

  11. petespipe says

    aw, i rather like the song and the video. i do feel for him cause hes a serious junky but i dont think hes trying to be gay or get trendy with the kiss. hes actually quite talented and im sure gay friendly.

    not a bad song. not the best either though…

  12. Lubin Odana says

    I’m not a fan of Pete Doherty, but I love how his teeth, face, voice, body, suspected smell and suspected ass pimples upset prissy American queens. You go girls – own that sterotype!!

  13. NUKE em ALL! says

    pete doherty is a lady boy :]

    yet all the while an incredibly song writer, and musciian who has problems just like everyody else.

    and i suppose theres not much to say except maybe that the libertines are supposedly coming back together.

  14. says

    I’d have never made it through 30 seconds of the song if not for the promise of the kiss. I get a little impatient with guys who kiss on screen and either don’t open their mouths or seem not to have tongues in their mouths. I loved the movie Shelter for example, but was completely put off by the lead guys never even opening their mouths while in the midst of hot & heavy sex. WTF?

    Come on guys, if you’re gonna do a man on man kiss do it like the real men on men do it. If I wanna see a grandma kiss I’ll go visit my grandma.

  15. Ruth says

    Hello???? It´s not Pete in the video. It´s easy to see that it´s not him… People need glasses to see better. The kiss though… kind of awkward. I don´t think it seems a sexy kiss at all.

  16. Brad says

    I really don’t see what it is that people think is so great about Pete or his on/off again girl friend Kate Moss. Neither of them is that much to look at and they have little talent for anything. I don’t get it.

  17. Jasmin Sharrah says

    Pete doherty, makes my stomach churn! Every time I read about him he does something worse!! If he hasn’t admiited he’s gay, then he’s in denial or just Bi!! Am not suprised as he gets with anything that goes!!

  18. says

    I agree with Lubin. Since when has Doherty held himself up as a sex symbol anyway? No one’s asking any of these queens whether they’d want to fuck him.
    He’s “alternative” so having a gay kissing scene isn’t likely to spark the controversy it would had it been in a pop video. Still, it’s a nice effort – why queens need to go off on a pointless tangent is beyond me. (and I’m American, by the way)