News: Sam Adams, Gene Therapy, Boy George, Oscars, Jason Wu

road.jpg Publisher: Gay locals IN Los Angeles magazine and Frontiers magazine to merge on Februrary 25.

Samadamsroad.jpg Sam Adams gave an interview to OUT magazine over the weekend which they’ve just posted: “Seventeen months of living this lie has been torturous. To get out from under that is a tremendous amount of relief, combined with a lot of shame, and I’m going to turn that into making amends. And getting Beau out from under that lie, and the guilt I have for asking him to do that, is also a huge relief.”

road.jpg It’s hard to be a happy drag queen when you’re a soaking wet drag queen.

road.jpg Guardian blog slams Morrissey for nearly naked photo sleeve.

road.jpg Hillary Duff and Faye Dunaway in war of words.

road.jpg The Hetrick-Martin Institute (home of the Harvey Milk High School), Larkin Street Youth Services (aiding San Francisco’s homeless youth), the San Francisco LGBT Community Center and the Point Foundation (the nation’s largest scholarship-granting organization for LGBT students of merit in all fields of study) run “thank you” ad to Milk filmmakers in NYT.

road.jpg Fans send Boy George money in prison.

Genetherapyroad.jpg HIV Gene Therapy trials begin in humans: “Since the discovery that a small portion of people who are exposed to HIV do not get infected, scientists have been working to discover the secret to those people’s resistance and how to make others resistant as well. It turns out that most people have a gene called CCR5, which makes them vulnerable to HIV infections. The naturally resistant people have mutant CCR5 genes that inhibit HIV. Previously, scientists found that by cutting the CCR5 gene out of white blood cells involved in the immune response known as T-cells, they could protect a tube full of human cells from the virus. The gene editing technique relies on proteins called zinc finger nucleases that can delete any gene from a living cell. In theory, zinc finger nucleases could give that immunity to anyone.”

road.jpg Leader of Portugal’s ruling Socialist Party, Jose Socrates, tells rally it’s time for marriage equality: “This is the moment for the PS, in its national congress, to affirm its desire to propose to Portuguese society the right to civil marriage for people of the same sex. As far as I know, after doing this in our country, we won’t be the last to do so. I also want to say that the values that inspire us when we propose this change to the Portuguese people are the values that have always been in the heart of the PS.”

road.jpg Oscar-nominated celebs do lunch.

road.jpg Is Whitney Houston ever going to make a comeback?

Goodridgeroad.jpg Landmark Massachusetts marriage couple Hillary and Julie Goodridge file for divorce.

road.jpg The complexities of the term tranny: “This is part one in a two-part series on trans-related terminology. Part two will be a discussion about how many classic transsexuals don’t want to be labeled as transgender, and how new and legacy LGBT media needs to address self-identification when people who could fall under the term transsexual don’t want to be unwillingly absorbed by transgender terminology into transgender community.”

road.jpg Jason Wu puts fur collection on hold.

Irelandroad.jpg Ireland: One in four gays has been “punched, kicked or beaten in violent homophobic attacks, a new report has found. And almost one-fifth have tried to take their own lives — with many saying this was related to their sexual identity.”

road.jpg Pope elevates Bishop who said Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for gays: “The Vatican yesterday announced that Gerhard Wagner has been appointed as auxiliary bishop in Linz, Austria. Wagner has served as the pastor of a church in the Austrian town of Windischgarsten since 1988, and received a doctorate in theology from the Gregorian Pontifical University in Rome. In 2005, the 54-year-old was quoted in a parish newsletter as saying he was convinced that the death and destruction caused by Katrina that year was ‘divine retribution” for New Orleans’ permissive sexual attitudes and tolerance of homosexuality.'”


  1. says

    If Bishop Wagner is right, and of course he’s not, bless his bloviating bigoted heart, then God has pretty crappy aim, since the storm actually went aground in Mississippi, a state with some of the most homophobic laws on the books and some of the most homophobic church leaders in the nation. New Orleans’ disaster was largely man-made (the levies giving way, poor planning, etc.). So using his reasoning, God sent a storm that sort of missed and put in place incompetent government officials to punish New Orleans? I suppose that is a divine view that could explain George Bush’s disastrous two terms, but it’s still a load of crap.

  2. Leland Frances says

    Hmmm. Disappointing that wunderNEINkind Jason Wu is not just confused about who outed whom but, Roxanne puh-leeze! A 27-yr. old doing a FUR collection? Even Queen Aretha bypassed wearing on the freezing day for which you now unjustly admired one of her notorious acres-of-fuzzy-animals-died-for-your-sins schmatas.

    And who knew the queen columnist at New York magazine was such a big fan of dresses made from chenille bedspreads?

  3. leprechaun says

    I heard the news about the homophobia report on the radio this morning – very disturbing. The couple of years I spent in other cities (London, Amsterdam, NYC) I saw far more homophobic abuse and violence than I’ve ever seen in Ireland, so this all comes as a shock. Irish people tend to grumble about things rather than attack, and the worst I’ve heard is a few slurs from youngsters. Our politicians are indifferent to gay people at worst, and most of my friends would be quite comfortable displaying affection in public.

    Hopefully this will remind Irish gays like me that we need to do more than sit around and soliloquise about the terrible stuff that happens abroad.

  4. Jimmyboyo says

    Uhm the bone marrow transplant from mutant CCR5 people to non mutant CCR5 people seems much easier and safer as vs direct gene therapy.

    Gene therapy has a bad record on health and survival as vs simple bone marrow transplants.

    We already know the bone marrow transplant transmuted the ability to make cells with mutant CCR5.

    The focus should be on maybe marrow cloning = probably far cheaper and with so many years of experience with marrow transplants in the end much safer than direct gene mucking

    Not a DR but a mouthy opinionated crazy person. Any thoughts /critics of what I posted from DR’s would be appreciated

  5. 24play says

    Sam Adams: “Seventeen months of living this lie has been torturous.”

    I’m sorry, but which lie is Mayor/Mentor Adams talking about here?

    1) the lie about being unfairly smeared by an opponent,
    2) the lie about not having a relationship with a teenager,or
    3) the lie about not having sex with Breedlove until after the boy turned 18?

    I’ve lost track of Adams’ lies. It’s beginning to look as if he’s lost track too.

  6. says

    Regarding the article about the term “tranny”, can I just say what a total waste of time the article and discussion are. How can we – our community – still be stuck in lenghty debates about what we are going to call each other after all these years and in the wake of very real problems our community faces.

    It’s no wonder that half of the American public continues to vote against our basic rights because they can’t keep up with what term is appropriate to use. We need to step out of our bubbles and talk normally to people – our neighbors and family – or risk never getting basic rights.

    I’m so over discussions of f*cking terminology and if “queer” or “tranny” is acceptable to use or if we should go with a new term to describe our community. Who cares! Really, our economy is tanking, young men and women are dying in an illegal war, mortgages are ending in foreclosures, we lost Prop 8, people are losing their jobs but we still need to debate what term we’ll use to call ourselves.

    Give me a break. This is getting embarassing, quickly.

  7. TANK says

    Right on, Kurt. However, these so-called debates are had by only a select few so-called “queers”; extreme minorities of lgbt’ers (or queer theorists locked away in gender studies and english departments doing the hard work that needs to be done…LOL!) engaging in academic extravagance and practical irrelevance. Most of the time it just doesn’t enter into the picture except in these few instances of navel gazing.

    Ireland is a homophobic abomination? No way! Not ireland! Yeah, obviously…there’s like one gay bar in dublin.

  8. Paul R says

    Those four nonprofits ran the same ad in the SF Chronicle. Frankly it seems like a waste of money for organizations that are supposed to be focused on helping people and that suffer from limited resources. The makers of Milk have been thanked in ways, financial and otherwise, far more important than a magazine ad.

    And Jimmyboyo, I recently read that gene therapy has been proven more effective than bone marrow transplants in two different procedures recently. Bone marrow transplants are rarely “simple.”

  9. says

    Uh, Homos, Hellooooo!

    Did anybody even notice that Bobby Christina or whatever her name is, got hot?!?

    Jeez, you fags let the truly important stuff slip right past you!

    Btw, where’s Lance Bass?

  10. Jimmyboyo says

    Ireland homophobic?


    Not the 1 place in europe where the catholic church still has far too much influence. Even more so than Spain. Spain is less influenced by the repressive catholic church.

    1 of the few countries in Ireland that still outlaws abortion and only just recently outlaws it for 1 issue and that is if the mother threatens to comit suicide

    Ireland homophobic? Pshaaaaaa

  11. Jimmyboyo says

    Damn, I must be off my meds

    (edited post)

    1 of the few countries IN EUROPE that still outlaws abortion.

    Only just recently allowed abortion for cases where the mother proves beyond a shadow of doubt that she will suicide if not given the opportunity of an abortion.

  12. John says

    Actually, Ireland and Spain aren’t toadying upto the Vatican as much as they used to. At least not on the issue of gay rights.

    Italy and Poland are the countries where the Catholic Church has an incredible amount of clout over social policy. Never underestimate the Church’s hold over the Italian public. Papa Ratzinger basically threw a temper tandrum and wrecked the Prodi government’s plans for civil unions.

  13. troschne says

    Stand your ground, Mayor Adams–you’re human, and we’ve all made mistakes that, in hindsight, we wish we could take back. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t in the public spotlight. In all honestly, I think I would probably have done the same thing you did, and for all of the hypocrites who are calling for your resignation–look in the mirror at your glass house, before you start throwing stones! Ignore your detractors, and concentrate on being a good mayor!

  14. ALTONA says

    JIMMYBOYO, usually you are a pillar of common sense, but enough with the Ireland bashing. Have you ever been? Ever lived there? Because you sound pretty uninformed. Compared to the rest of Europe, Ireland is moderate, but then again so are NYC, CT, MA, etc.

    Ireland is about to introduce civil unions, has had ENDA-type laws (which include transgendered people) for a decade, has completely free healthcare for all STIs (including HIV), got rid of sodomy laws before the US did, has a government which funds and promotes groups to tackle homophobia and suicide, has virtually no right-wing elements in government, teaches only evolution in even religious schools… Polls show that a majority of Irish favor marriage equality but civil unions are being introduced first as there are constitutional issues. Those constitutional issues are the remnants of Catholic influence and are actively being dismantled, but it takes time.

    Abortion as a liberal issue is really an American phenomenon – there are plenty of people in Ireland who are not religious and are otherwise far left of US Democrats who are opposed to abortion. That is slowly changing, and indeed polls show a majority approve of abortion rights. Unfortunately politicians tend to be slow to react. You should consider history, culture and facts before you make judgments.

  15. Zeke says

    ALTONA beat me to it.

    I would say that Italy (rather than modern Ireland) is the country that fits JIMMYBOYO’s description of being in the grips of the dark ages Catholic Church.

    Ireland, like Spain, has largely broken the stranglehold of the Vatican. Certainly more so than America has. Ireland, as a nation, is definitely more liberal than the USA, especially in the area of gay rights.

  16. rudy says

    Altona and Zeke both beat me to the posting re: modern Irish (married to one and his clan for thirty years). The interesting thing about Italians (many boyfriends in the younger years) is that they are the most non-judgmental “live and let live people” I have encountered in my previous career negotiating treaties around the world.

    That said, they are paradoxically one of the most rule-deferential (if not -driven) and rule enamoured peoples. The Italians love their rules, if only to ignore them. Therefore, the typical Italian is a “hatched, matched, and dispatched” Catholic who goes to Church only to be baptized, married, and buried. Moreover, the Italians are not imbued with “Catholic guilt” as are many American Catholics. They conduct their lives in private defiance of the Church’s stances on almost all matters realted to sexuality, yet make a great public show of their married status, despite the prevalence of “second families” with mistresses.

    Therein, lies the problem for Italian gays. They are stuck in the do anything you please, so long as you do not “parade” your flouting of “the rules” mentality. This view is also relected in the public respect shown to parents and elderly relatives. Most Italian men date freely (and fluidly sexually) while young and do not marry until their very late twenties or early thirties. They also live at home (under mama’s and nonna’s watchfull gazes until they marry.

    For these reasons it remains quite easy for The Vatican to continue to influence social policy in Italy. The politicians are too cowardly–for the most part–to publically challenge authority. Cheating and bending or ignoring of rules is considered a private matter. Nevertheless, the Italians are not fond of The German Pope and his publically reactionary theological views, so progress is being made.

  17. AG says

    From the Goodridge story: “Divorce is a very painful issue, but I also can’t help but reflect on the pain this couple has caused on the commonwealth and the nation to redefine marriage. And now they’re getting divorced? It doesn’t make a lot of sense,” [Kris] Mineau [president of the Massachusetts Family Institute] said.

    “Obviously, they don’t hold the institution in very high esteem.”

    Expect a lot of this from the usual suspects. Assholes.

  18. Larry says


    Re: Gene Therapy, you have no clue. You’ve taken a couple grains of information and extrapolated them into a pile of nonsense. You should add ignorant and uninformed to your self description of “mouthy opinionated crazy person”. You must be a Sarah Palin fan!