1. JR says

    Why would someone ask her if she’s gay? Just because? Because of Clay? Because she’s a singer? WTF? How or why would that matter? Or is it just ‘Because I’d really love it.’ Fucking lame! Sometimes the whole gay thing is just tired! Ask her something relevant to what she’s doing, not WHO she’s doing.

  2. Jay says

    Love her. It’s an odd set of questions to be asked, so the answers usually end up a little awkward. Hers are indicative of that age group – that is, they kind of don’t get what the fuss is about.

  3. Chris says

    You guys are out of touch if you haven’t heard the lesbian rumors. She’s not a “girly girl” and she’s not stick thin, and she often goes out without wearing make-up so people consider her “butch”.

  4. George says

    ” … I could never be a lesbian. I would never want to date [someone like] myself, ever. I’m a crazy person. I need some kind of stable, quiet man. …”

    Because lesbians are crazy/not stable and quiet.

    Yeah, yeah, before you all jump on me … I know what she means, but that could easily be misconstrued. She doesn’t need something like this could derail her efforts to make that ‘comeback’ after the travesty that was My December. I love her and want her to succeed with this new upcoming album.

  5. Asher says

    P. S. My December was an AWESOME album. It’s amazing how susceptible some people are to the mere suggestion that closet case Clive Davis didn’t like it. If Clive told you to jump off a bridge, would you?

  6. jay says

    Not to be an ass but why is it right to leave the question unasked for Kelly but Clay got to be bombarded endlessly? Doesn’t matter that he actually WAS.. the question shouldn’t have bee n asked of him any more than of her.

    And for the record, I love Kelly…she’s outspoken, talented, and someone you could hang out with, take a couple shots, bullshit with, and just “be” around. She rocks.

  7. RJP3 says

    F-off Kelly Clarkson – been to her show and it was fun BUT she doe not care if celebritites are out …. sorry liars are not cool. I also saw Ricky Martin put on a heck of a show — but Mr. “I am not gay” bisexual Martin is a liar by ommission.

    As for Clay — he was asked endlessly because it was obvious – that he was lying – even after the Manhunt profile pictures went viral.

  8. says

    every time i hear another “celebrity” or self-important person declare “I’m not gay.” my immediate thought has become “who the f*** cares?” i get the impression that they have so little self-confidence and such low self-esteem when they have to make this statement. geeeeshhhh…

    what would the response be from people if Alec Mapa or Neil Patrick Harris went around saying, “I’m not straight”?

  9. Lady in Red says

    I quite heard some rumours about her being a closet lesbian. I know some girls who ppl think they’re lesbians cos they are in touch with their masculine side sometimes and for that some ppl think they’re butch.

    I go further as saying that I don’t consider myself as an overtly “pretty in pink girly girl”. Sometimes I can be a feckin’ tomboy, me…but I’m not a bloody butchy dyke ha! :)

    Well, I really don’t give a damn toss if she is or not. I don’t like her music anyways.

  10. gaby says

    I love Kelly Clarkson’s music and i dont care if she is gay or straight. i dont think you can judge someone just by the way she looks, you cant tell she is gay by the way she dresses.

    I heard lots of rumors about Kelly being a secret lesbian and i repeat, i dont really care.

  11. Neil B says

    Some people just aren’t interested in sex, they are mostly asexual – it is a “condition” a person can have like hetero or homo sexuality. If so, I am sorry Kelly is missing out on that aspect of life but that would just be who she is.

    “Fine minds make fine distinctions.”

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