1. Mac Ambo says

    This verdict makes no logical LEGAL sense. By failing to convict on the underlying Robbery charge, the predicate for FELONY MURDER, how this jury can vote to convict for 2nd deg Murder is beyond reason. Further, due to the underlying charge of Robbery being a predicate for a charge of FELONY MURDER, there needn’t have been any lessers uncluded in the Murder indictment. By convicting on Theft of a Motor Vehicle, there should have been a NOT GUILTY verdict on the 1st DEG or FELONY MURDER charge. There should have been no option for lesser included offenses on the top charge. Hopefully the Appeals Court will reverse the 2nd Deg Murder charge and direct the court to re-try this case on that basis, and other appealable issues.
    The jury felt sympathy for the Defendant and spared his life, when they should have applied the law to the evidence. This is an illogical and erroneous decision on their part.

  2. mikey d says

    Gesus, really? Frequently towleroad has posted white men and teenager who have killed or attacked gay men and women and I rarely see people like yourself call them racial epithets. Is it b/c there are fewer slurs for white people? Because they’re less effective as insults? What does being Latino have to do with it anyway?

    Gesus, you’re an idiot!

  3. Tony in West Hollywood says

    This comment board has gone downhill by the story. I have become use to seeing racially biased and white supremacist comments in the recent months, but “Gesus'” totally unnecessary racial slur makes all of us look bad. I also happen to be Latino and don’t see him as any better than those people who hate me for being gay.

  4. TANK says

    EXECUTE with extreme prejudice. Lethal injection… Unfortuntely, they won’t happen, and justice will fail to be served yet again.

  5. Vanessa says

    Ryan was my friend and these pricks deserve to die! life in prison just isnt good enough.

  6. BETTY says

    Joseph is not hispanic first of all. It is so tragic that young man’s life was cut short – I do think however that life in prison would be a more difficult sentence than the death penalty for anyone – My prayers to the family of Ryan Skipper.