1. shane says

    That was a fucking retarded question. The answer is “the federal government doesn’t command a corporation’s business management.” Evidenced by the complete lack of oversight of the banks pissing away taxpayer monies.

  2. Darkseige says

    I saw him on Olbermann last night. I think its best we try not to pass too much judgement. He seemed “not quite there”. I’m sure he’d make a great DJ because the lot of them have need a severe case of ADHD to operate the turn table anyway. :)

  3. Rafael says

    I believe the most important quality of a President is his ability to inspire (this is how they win elections, and govern Nations). I’m glad the President had the vision to inspire this kid to look out of the box and to work towards realizing his dreams to the extent of his full potential. What is so wrong with that?

  4. Giovanni says

    “I think its best we try not to pass too much judgement”

    What is there to judge? He seems like a great albeit hyper kid. It’s cool to see his generation so passionate and engaged.

  5. paul c says

    If this isn’t a joke, I am in complete shock. I seriously thought Obama was being punked.

    This guy is so ridiculous from the praise God theatrics to saying he’s stuck at McDonald’s…it’s like a parody of all the insane, inane worship that’s been going on.

    If you think that behavior is normal, you must have been alseep for the last eight years because the mindless Bushies like Elisabeth Hasselbeck pale in comparison to this freakishness.

  6. Rafael says


    I hate to have to address you. But to call a person a freak for not being what you consider normal, is pretty damn sad of you. There are all kids of people out there, and their disabilities or abilities do not make their intentions any better or worse than that of others.

    Neither you or I know this kid to pass our judgement on him, so lets refrain from doing just that.

  7. gwyneth cornrow says

    well, actually, this was a complete non-event. The kid asked a serious question, albeit in a non-serious way, and Obama gave him a completely vacuous answer.

  8. paul c says

    Rafael, the freakishness is in treating the president as if he is some sort of holy figure we should be thanking God for gracing us with. That shit is psychotic.

    People like that are the same type who threatened the Dixie Chicks for criticizing King George.

    Claiming to be stuck at McDonald’s and asking the government to step in and get you a promotion of some sort is just the cherry on top of this asshole sundae.

    I forgive your typos.

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