Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off More of His Shirtless Sherlockness


Among the shots in the NYT magazine’s recent portfolio of ‘Great Performers’ is this striking shot of Robert Downey Jr. in his trailer on the set of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes.

As you know, Downey, Jr. is the new shirtless Sherlock.

Jude Law Handles Case of Robert Downey Jr.’s Firecrotch [tr]


  1. isnowayt says

    Eeoow! His body looks like a 70 yr. old on steroids. His built was much better in iron man, though he still has some flabs in that movie at least it suited his physique and face.

  2. Tim Silva says

    You bitches are rude. Dude’s in good shape for a guy in his 40s who’s had a rough time of it. And all these slams on older men in these comments – WTF? Heartless and pathetic. Think about what you’re sayin, cause you’ll be there one day and you’ll wish the younger guys would treat you with some respect.

  3. Auntir says

    Yeah, you guys really are rude! I’d take a ride on his lap any day. He’s come pretty damn far for an “old man” and still looks better than any of the young men I’ve seen so far. I’m 23 and I prefer him over someone my own age.

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