1. SFshawn says

    Another wasted beautiful human life.
    Has the gay rights movement met its violence threshold yet Mr. Fuckabee?
    How many more GLBT folks are going to have to be tortured,murdered,raped,intimidated,maimed,
    stabbed 20+ times,gang beaten to death,etc?
    Blessing to his family and loved ones for this tragedy and I hope justice is served.

  2. mike shackleford says

    from the links provided that accompanied the origonal story, this Mike-on-a-bike must have been a wonderful kid. an all-american boy thru n thru.

  3. Jay says

    Tragedy. Plain as day. Everyone with a voice needs to push for justice and make people like Huckabee understand that the “violence threshold” is crossed every day. My heart breaks thinking that this boy’s poor family will have to relive the details of his death in a trial and through news reports.

  4. Marc says

    Response to JohnnyP…

    Actually, they’re just a bunch of insecure losers who’ve had no parental guidance any step along their pathetic lives.

    “Juggalo’s are the fan base of The Insane Clown Posse. Creepy stuff.”


  5. DM says

    We just heard of this horror this past week. Mike was a wonderful person who attended our church here in Alaska where he was active in our music program. Many of us are saddened by his tragic death. Our prayers are with his family during this time.