1. Stephen says

    Thank you, Tyra. I know that what I needed today was an ignorant 19 year old to further marginalize my community. Anyone think we can get a tranny who beats her kids today on Maurry?

  2. BusyTimmy says

    Honest to God, what a bunch of ignorant 12 year olds. I tried watching a bit of each clip and it was utterly painful. These boys do need to go straight… straight to therapy.

  3. Frank says

    This first kid is an idiot and needs some counseling so badly. The fact that he’s from Kansas speaks volumes about growing up in the midwest and not being able to accept ones self. I thought it was a phase once but that was 30 years ago! Who can believe this is still happening in 2009?

  4. DLRnATL says

    Honestly, back when I was 19, I felt a lot like these guys. I grew up in Indiana with no openly gay influences. That time is so confusing when you think you are alone and damaged somehow. However, when I started to fully experience my sexuality and meet other men who were like me and ones who were openly out and proud of who they were, I accepted who I was and would never trade it.

  5. Rad says

    I can’t watch this garbage. Unfortunately, it will certainly make the rounds of every cable news show for months to come.

    Are there ever good messages out there?

    Can we get an Out magazine without a straight person on the cover?

    Is anything pro-Gay news worthy any more?

  6. husky14620 says

    GLAAD is making themselves irrelevant. They have “media” awards that begin and end at the two oceans and the US-Mexico border, despite this being the internet age. They issue awards to “celebrities” like this woman. They think that American soap operas should be awarded for showing gay or lesbian people occasionally, or as neuters, like Luke and Noah have been until just last month (and are again).

    As for Tyra… Did the beotch bother to bring on anyone with an opposing viewpoint? Did she bring on any mental health professionals? Did she offer to get these guys help? Even the kind we all know doesn’t work, conversion therapy? No the only therapist was for the straight woman. These poor guys need real help.

  7. Zeke says

    For the life of me I can’t understand why she is being honored by GLAAD or why people claim that she is a friend to the gay community. I’ve never seen one single one of her shows that I didn’t think was weighted toward either vulgar stereotypes or toward promoting the idea that gay people could, and maybe should, turn straight.

    I think we need to either educate this ignorant woman and expect better from her or stop supporting her and calling her an “ally”.

  8. John M says

    Oh and as far as the female thing for the first one, what man, gay or straight doesn’t seek comfort and companionship with a person of the opposite sex? I only have one gay friend that doesn’t have any girlfriends and he absolutely hates it and desperately wants one.

    You can have a deep, platonic friendship with a woman and still identify as gay and seek a sexual and intimate relationship with a man, there is no conflict there. Me and my besty will sleep in the same bed and cuddle but that does not mean that I have any desire whatsoever to have sex with her or wake up next to her more than a few nights a year.

    I think that is what really confuses a lot of people about gay relationships, the companionship of the opposite sex seems to essential to them but it is completely possible to have the companionship of the opposite sex without being in a sexual relationship with them or cohabiting.

  9. johnny says

    Tyra is not here to expound some kind of truth about this situation, show opposing viewpoints or really help anyone, she’s merely exploiting it for ratings. It makes sense to just expose this type of TV crap for what it is: crap.

  10. says

    After watching the first clip I have to believe that he was making up the story to get on tv and brought his boyfriend/best friend and fag hag along for a free trip. It had to be a joke. He was sort of effeminate, called vaginas caves, and said he only likes his penis because of the shape. It actually cracked me up and would be a good SNL skit.

    Sort of a sad topic but glad that Tyra brought some attention to it and the absurdity of that mentality.

    That’s why we should all try to be a little nicer to each other now and then – in a way that doesn’t seem totally hokie and camp counselor like.

  11. JTlvr says

    Ignorant, confused teens should not be on television spouting out their own fucked up biases. Stereotypes?! I mean, have they even looked in the mirror lately?

    It would have served some public good if Tyra had really called them on their hypocrisy and self-loathing, but she’s not smart enough. Instead, it’s just a salacious, ridiculous mess.

    P.S.–Let me know when GLAAD is relevant again.

  12. Red Seven says

    I’m going to stand up for Tyra here for a moment – she didn’t really need to bring an opposing viewpoint on her show, because she brought it all with her. She let these guys speak their truth, and any intelligent viewer could discern the absolute baloney coming out of their mouths. When they repeated a stereotype they’d heard, she’d just ask, “why do you believe that?” and their responses belied how disturbed these guys really were.

    Watching this show (I didn’t watch the whole thing) made these guys seem as they are: self-loathing and in need of real help. Perhaps evangelicals who believe in pray-away-the-gay programs would take away a different message.

    But Tyra’s okay in this. She’s being true to herself while respecting her guests enough not to shame them or lecture to them. She’s just letting them talk.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    Maybe the three of them should join the priesthood?

    I plan to stop being gay when I turn sixty, but I’ll continue the sex part of it. They say that nobody can give “head” better than the toothless…just have to keep my gums in shape. I think it’s important to serve mankind until the end.

  14. Andrew K says

    Oy! utterly unwatchable stuff. The whole topic isn’t so much about the gay as it is about being young and dumber/more confused than average.

    As for Shane and his idea that older gay men are creepy…i’m 39 and wouldn’t take $50,000 to go out with him for an hour.

  15. Matt says

    I commented on this on another blog but I’ll say it here as well. I don’t really love being gay and would change if I could, but I know I can’t change my sexuality. I kind of feel for them in a way. At least I know I can’t change.

  16. Darren says

    I thought this show was fascinating. If you watch through to the end, as I did, you’ll find out about why some of these individuals feel this way. For example, the first guy, Shane, was brought up in a very Christian conservative home where he was taught that even Pokeman is from the Devil. Is it any wonder that he’s confused? I feel bad for them.

  17. troschne says

    RED SEVEN: “She let these guys speak their truth, and any intelligent viewer could discern the absolute baloney coming out of their mouths.”

    The flaw with that is that it would actually require someone of intelligence to watch that show, so most of the slack-jawed bugger-eating morons watching wouldn’t be able to discern that these guys are full of crap.

  18. ganymeade says

    I thought Tyra did fine. She asked them pointed questions. She challenged the couple with the gay man and asked if they were happy and they said no, not really. Then she asked the gay man in the str8 marriage to talk these silly nelly queens outta their delusions. I blame strict christianity for this not the guys themselves. When you grow up around that much hate in Kansas for Cris’sakes, it is going to make you crazy. Tyra took the one man on a day on the town to meet real gay men for the first time and asked them if they are really really going to be straight or just fake it and if it is fair to the woman they bring into their misery. I do hope these young men get counseling and I do not think she exploited them. The first one, Shane, I know someone just like him. Sweet, pretty, nelly and now thirty and dating girls even though he knows he likes the men –muscly, tall men. The girls he picks are naive, hapless and taller(he is small boned and 5’5″.) and tomboyish. He takes on the female role to their dismay as most of them have been actually str8 and want a real boyfriend not a pretty mascot that kisses them in public but not alone. Long story there. He wants the picket fence, sees the current one as for life with kids” coz their signs match so well and she will make a good mom.” “She is not as good looking as Jason,(a mutual friend and ex of mine) who Is the most gorgeous person I have ever seen,” but he still likes her he says. She has confessed to mutual friends she wants out and I say good for her! When she tried to leave once before he cried and cried and begged. My friend is doing all this to please his homophobic Dad. He just cut his real and gay friends off last week coz he is done with gay people etc and he is the gayest thing you will ever meet. Just sad…..

  19. Marc says


    First, this was like a bad car wreck that you pray no one was seriously harmed in but you just know everyone DIED! You know the kind; flames comihng off the car while some poor schmo inside is screaming, “PLEASE! PLEASE HELP ME! HELP ME!!!!” While his face starts melting like the end scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark…

    Sorry, got carried away due to to many LIT classes.


    Interviewee 1. A cave? This guy has some issues and it has nothing to do with his sexuality. He’s just fucked up and his parents must have instilled some major repression and shame. Will someone please get this kid a molestation doll and start asking the “tough questions”? He ends the show parroting his parents insanity stating, he grew up believing everything is connected to the devil.

    Interviewee 2. Seems like he is adjusting well! Who, that is either gay or straight, hasn’t felt somewhat out of place around certain people. I don’t really know for sure why he was even included except to balance out the others.

    Interviewee 3. Is monogamy dead? You’re supposed to be in a relationship! If you can’t control your urges THAT’s your problem.

    Interviewee 4. Gay men are promiscuous… PULEASE! MEN are promiscuous. Pound for pound there are more straight men out there sleeping around behind their spouses backs with someone else than there are gay men.

    Why did Tyra choose to interview children? This show says more about the immaturity of youth than it does about gay men who want to live a straight life!

  20. JT says

    Its funny how quickly the guys in here forget THEIR lives back when they were in their teens and 20s. Most of us were in the closet, or facing severe adversity being gay at that age, at the mercy of our parents and classmates.
    These guys didnt need a counterpoint, though Tyra did several times call them out and make them try and justify their stupid ideas about being gay. Their words were enough to get sand in all of our collective vaginas and get this thread filled out.
    These boys will realize, with time, how stupid their thinking is, we can only hope they dont hurt too many others along the way.

  21. Daniel says

    This show had nothing to do with being gay.

    It was typical of the younger generation that has been struggling to find its identity, following a couple of generations of us who turned traditional identity on its head. The angle here was “gay”, but the struggle for sexual identity and ANY identity is not unique to these kids and has nothing to do with being gay. Gay is just one of the pieces of the puzzle.

    I don’t blame these kids at all. They need mentors, guidance, someone to work with them on how to get more grounded in life and figure out who they are. It offends me that Tyra Banks is apparently modeling what a strong female is in this day and age — while looking like she’s dressed in drag — and then treats these kids this way while they’re trying to figure out who they are. It’s appalling!

  22. Jon B says

    You guys are really getting carried away. First of all, only the first guy was an idiot. The second one basically said on the show he got over his fear of being gay. The third one, despite being sent to ex-gay seminars says he doesn’t think it can really change, and doesn’t want to change, and he’s pretty sure he’s going to end up with a guy. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Besides, Tyra mocked the first kid incesantly throughout. Can we stop being so f’ing sensitive. There are fucked up gays in this world, just like their are fucked up straights. When Jerry Springer brings on the who’s-the-father crazies, no one is going, oh shit, straight people are nuts. Normal people don’t do that about us gays. Sure, Sen. Buttar may, but he got demoted today, so what do I care what he thinks?

  23. Drew says

    Some gay people always overreact to this sort of thing. Of COURSE some gays hate being gay. I know plenty of straight people who hate being poor, hate being ugly, and/or hate themselves flat-out… that’s genetics and circumstance for you.

    SO WHAT! as Tyra would say, lol. Let them hate themselves and that’s that.

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    “They probably all did each other in the green room after the show!”

    Oh, Lord! NYSMIKE, I laughed so much my throat is sore(and that’s the only way it’ll ever get sore again)….oh, my. And they didn’t even crack a smile during and after their backslide into sodomy…oh, my (LOL)

  25. TANK says

    Yeah, at thirty… Contestant #1 will wait 11 years, because some scratches can’t be itched in a lifetime. Now that’s some killer gayface all around!

    Be serious. It’s not completely out of left field that some (many) gays wouldn’t like being gay. It’s certainly not an optimal trait and unfortunately limits attainment of the good life and happiness. Yes, the reasons are inexcusable and wrong, but ask yourself, would you want your child to be gay or lesbian? Of course, if they were, you’d be tolerant and accepting as you should be (and better at it as you’re gay!), but would you prefer it? Want it; desire it for them? Knowing the hardships you’ve endured? If the answer is no–and it is–what does self loathing have to do with that? Not too much.

    As an individual, all you can do is hope for the best, expect the worst, and deal with whatever you get. Arendt? Anyway, the only thing you have that you have any feeling of control over is yourself…and dignity can’t be stripped from people who realize that.

    It can be good if you beat the odds–and they’s agin ya, pardner ;). But between the negative stereotypes, attitudes, and legal discrimination that constantly color our interactions with others and the huge numbers of damaged goods in the gay community (including these kids and adults), it’s no wonder why people wouldn’t want to be gay.

    I personally don’t like easy things (nozick’s thought experiment pleasure machine would be a nightmare for me), so it’s great for me! “Life is pain, and pain reminds you that you’re alive.”

  26. Zida says

    Sean will find liberty one day when he realizes his problem is not gayness, his problem is gender and sexuality; comfort with and reverence to the human body, and understanding how gender personifies itself in different people. He’s been taught to feel shame, and stereotypical roles about EVERYTHING (wife kids dog; how gay people act; what happiness is) have been ingrained in his young brain. Send him to a small, liberal college where people with brains will help him explore gender, society, and sexuality. Eventually, you have enough confidence in who you are without needing a label, and can ease into what makes you happy – men, women, being single, being monogamous…

  27. Patrick says

    This is absurd… I work at a TV Station, and get to watch her show everyday, but how she is just sitting there taking all this, and not calling these ignorant little turds out!! I mean, come on! This is the kind of garbage that makes people believe that homosexuality can be cured, for God’s sake! I wish I had been in the stuido audience… I would have been kicked out, cause there ain’t NO WAY I could keep my mouth shut.

    Shane, the first kid, is just plain ignorant… I agree with everyone who says he needs counciling. His problems are deeply rooted, and he’s never going to be happy until he can learn to love himself. And Tia… no words…

    And Greg… OH, poor moronic, closet-case Greg… He just needs to experience the world and learn what his community is all about.. Maybe he should visit! Girl needs to chop up those closet doors and never look back… Of COURSE its easier to be straight, but it would be a lie. We all know that, hopefully he will too.

    The couple… good for them for finding love, bad for him for claiming he’s gay. I mean, really, bisexuality does exist. Just admit it! He likes hot dogs AND buns. Or maybe they are just lying to each other… hmmm…

    And the last guy? Please… was he really necessary? He is the epitome of what Pat Robertson uses to preach his hate for gays and prove that we can be “cured”. Its brainwashing and its wrong, and immoral… Their God will punish them, or so I can believe…

    God! This was the LAST thing that I needed to see today. lol

  28. PL says

    “After watching the first clip I have to believe that he was making up the story to get on tv and brought his boyfriend/best friend and fag hag along for a free trip. It had to be a joke. He was sort of effeminate, called vaginas caves, and said he only likes his penis because of the shape. It actually cracked me up and would be a good SNL skit.”

    EXACTLY. Attention whores have figured out the reality/talk formula and exploit it to the fullest.

  29. RB says

    Sad actually! Shane needs to accept who he is, but apparently he will not.

    Sad! I have been there and I am thankful to God that I found my way in life. Happily partnered to the man of my dreams for four years now and will never look back! Shane however, I feel for.

  30. LOLASTIC says

    Love how the first guy talks about the majority of gays being effeminate and how much he hates it, when he’s pretty effeminated himself. He probably doesn’t realize how much of a queen he really is. Inside his head he probably believes he is a masculine-looking guy, hopefully this video will prove him wrong.

  31. JeffinLA says

    “Damaged queens” “Fucked up” “Idiots”

    Wow! I sure hope the majority of posters here are not volunteering for any suicide hotlines around the country that try to reach out to the young gay men and women who are so filled with shame and self-hatred that they consider ending their own lives.

    And you’ve got the nerve to criticize who GLAAD gives an award for being a friend to the gay community.

    I’m not sure which makes me more sad. These young men or your reaction to them. Tragic indeed.

  32. Mark says

    These guys are not uncomfortable with their sexuality, which is clearly homosexual. They’re uncomfortable with the strait-jacket of “Gay” identity.

    Why is so difficult to grasp the fact that “Gay” and homosexual are two distinctly different things? “Gay” is a learned cultural identity whereas “homosexual” is a biologically determined sexual orientation.

    Avowed and proud homosexuals are not all necessarily “Gay”. You don’t have to be “Gay” to be openly and avowedly attracted to members of the same sex.

  33. nic says

    gawd, you guys are putting way to much thought into this. i watched the show, and her point was that people should be what they are.

    does anyone really believe that these types of shows should be taken at face value?

  34. says

    i feel awful watching these people. im 19 and gay. i have been out to my conservative,, christian family and yeah, it can be hard but you have to be comfortable with who you are. if these people dont like themselves, how can they expect to be in a relationship with anyone?
    pretty much this show was so blah blah,
    it shows some ultra confused people who need therapy, not tyra.

  35. Andrew says

    Just to present the opposing viewpoint.

    I love being gay. Absolutely love it. It is the best defect of my evolution and chromosomal make up possible probably.

    Let’s see, I make more money than straight people, have a better job most likely, can choose when I want kids no matter what, I didn’t have to get into sports, I dress better, I always have a friend in the room (ie any single woman), I dont try to be funny with stupid humor like straight guys but instead I’m just witty, I get laid more often, musical theatre is truly amazing, we have better taste in everything, we are more cultural and worldly as a group, I’m allowed to be a bitch… Can’t think of any more, feel free to continue the list.

    Feel free to continue this list!

  36. Gabe R says

    You might also add that gay guys look better, smell better, feel better, and taste better too, like Christina Ricci said. Gay men have more fun, retain their enthusiasm for life, etc. Nice to come across a gay man who isn’t wishing he was straight.

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