1. says

    Why does the muscled-physique fascism of the gay community never miss an opportunity to condemn twink appeal? Okay, you don’t dig skinny pretty boys, we get it. So shut the f&#k up already and support a bit of diversity on behalf of those of us who do. Sheesh.

  2. david says

    thank god for Rascal.

    i’d prefer to see someone with a normal, skinny body naked any day over some muscled up chelsea queen.

    talk about gag reflex!

  3. TANK says

    Shhhhh, listen. Hear that? That’s the sound of a maggot gagging to death. And it’s not even that they’re physically ugly (totally meh in my opinion), it’s that they’re completely uninteresting.

  4. Contrarian says

    Who are these people and why should I as an adult over 45, care? The real question is why some adult males lust after a teenage boy, albeit one of 18 or 19? The fact that 13 year old girls find them “nonthreatening” says something quite unflattering about men who have such attraction.

    In so commenting I am not buying into the muscle mary culture either. IMHO, there is nothing more unappealing than “a better living through chemistry” Popeye body. (giving away my age on that old advert slogan!). Now, Tyler Lough (and other male models in his mold), there’s true beauty.

  5. Tralfaz says

    I was once a skinny … well not so skinny little twinkette. On years eve 1994 I met this hot muscle daddy …. well found out later he was older than me … and we threw it DOWN! He told me he was always getting hit on by guys with the same body type as his but he liked more skinny/tight boys.

    That was some FINE sex.

    God I was such a whore!

  6. So Left I'm Right says

    Wow the gays can get their collective knickers in a twist. That clip is so blah. The Jonas Brothers are so blah. I’m ALL for cute twinksters, but these guys are simply annoying and their music is rather snooze worthy (unlike ‘N Sync and some of that type of crap with a few cute boys involved).

  7. Scot says

    Why the uproar? For crying out loud, these are Disney kids, remember? They’re cut from the same cloth as Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake. Let’s all act like grown ups and just say “who cares?”
    We can check back in 5 to 10 years. Them they might be worth commenting on.

  8. Paul R says

    Some of these comments border on the bizarre. Claims of kiddie porn and sexualization are patently absured for men (ages 19 and 21, according to someone above) who are doing nothing but briefly not wearing shirts. Go to any beach in any country. You will see teenagers not wearing shirts. Is that kiddie porn? Kiddie porn involves genitals and sex.

    Grow up. If it’s not your cup of tea, fine. If it is your cup of tea, fine. It’s an artificial band. Is it really worth casting aspersions?

    My ex has a body exactly like theirs. He has in the 18 years we’ve known each other. He doesn’t aspire to be a twink and is nearly 40. That’s his body type.

    Live and let live, even if you despise the music and are jealous that you didn’t create the most obvious, crappy songs ever to generate many millions.

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