Adam Lambert and Kris Allen Talk Nail Polish


American Idol contestants Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, who are reportedly roommates in the Idol mansion, talk nails.

No doubt the conversation went something like this:

Cristal Connors: You like my nails? Not as nice as yours.
Nomi Malone: Maybe I could help you with yours… If you like.
Cristal Connors: Why you'd do that for me?
Nomi Malone: What are friends for?
Cristal Connors: On second thought… I'm not so sure I want you to be doin' mine. I'm getting a little too old for that 'whorey' look.

They do make a fine set of roommates.



  1. Eric says

    I like Kris. He seems like a really sweet guy and I love the tone of his voice. Not as vocally talented as Adam, but I would probably love the music he made.

    Adam is just amazing. What a performer!

  2. Dan says

    I wonder if the producers are going to make them the “Chris Richardson & Blake Lewis” of the season… hmmm…

  3. Josh says

    oh my god andy, i would sleep with you just for quoting showgirls so appropriately.

    “I am not a whore”

  4. tonedef says

    If they’re going to be proper Showgirls roommates, one of them needs to beat on the other’s car, throw up on it, and then run into traffic.

  5. LA*SURFPUNK says


    That is so SCHWEET how you referenced, “SHOWGIRLS” darlin.

    i loved it. I love you.

    You can go from high brow to camp brow on a dime.

    I love your work, cutie.

  6. Sugar Plum Ferry says

    Adam likes short CUTE guys and Kris is really hot-cute and sensitive. Actually Kris is 5’8. Which is not Archuleta short and normal height. Adam is just one of those very tall girls, lol

  7. nic says


    lol. adam is a big-boned gal with a big ass voice. 5’8″ is not average, Shuge. all the men in my family are 5’10” to 6’5″. i think the average in the US is 5’10”, no?

  8. says

    The medium height for men in the United States is 5′ 8 “. This means that half
    of all men are taller than this height and half are shorter. 69.5% of men in US are 5’10 or shorter, 30.4 are taller.

  9. nic says


    shouldn’t that be “median”? the average for white males is closer to 5’9″. it depends on the formulae. why are we even discussing this? the men in denmark are more robust than we are. of course, we must take into account the number of hispanics and asians who tend to be shorter and black men who trend toward the tall. not to mention the fact that most of us are mongrels. we are not a homogenious society. but, that makes us stonger and better. i can as easily fuck a short guy as a tall one. i just dig the peen and huevos — in all the different colors.

    btw, my family is of mexican origin, and we are all tall. go figger.

  10. Cole says

    I don’t meet the height requirements, but the things I would do for Adam…that man is beautiful!

  11. Jim says

    Yeah, yeah, Kris is adorable. He would probably be the first one to cast in a “Brady Bunch” movie or a Bel Ami porno. But he ain’t no Idol – he would be a good entertainer at Six Flags. Adam is the one who’s going to be selling out the Garden one day. That guy’s talent is like fucking Streisand meets Axl Rose. Offstage in interviews, he’s a cute and charming theater queen. In performance he’s a hurricane. His performance of “Ring Of Fire” was the most sexually threatening thing that show has ever seen. It was like he was coming all over the audience. No wonder Simon hated it.

  12. Jason Young says

    Well I’m from Little Rock and Kris just looks and acts like so many closet cases that live here and how I used to act before I grew a set. Ironically I act straighter since coming out because I don’t give a damn anymore. Oh well it’s his life.

  13. Sexy Beeotch says

    I have had many, many ‘tristes’ with closted church going guys. I think Kris is the cutest, plus he has a smoking bod. If you bitches think a hot cute guy, who is 5’8, is too short…then pass them to me, cuz I will take them, lol
    Better to have a cute sexy boyish 5’8 guy than an ugly fat 6’6 tall man.

  14. ahem says

    I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH. Have done since the start. Can’t wait for next week. That is all.

  15. Jenny says

    Nobody really cares about height except men who are insecure about who they really are: they use height to compensate for the fact that they are small INSIDE!