1. sparks says

    So much better without the emo hair. Not really sure he belongs in this sort of competition, though, as he was already singing professionally. The same is true of a few other AI contestants this year, one of whom got too full of himself and was voted off.

    “So You Think You Can Dance” started the trend; in fact the only people who have tended to make it into the top group each season have been extensively trained dancers. The X Factor (UK) has been a notable exception, as talent shows go.

    I guess these shows exist to entertain, more than to give unknown amateurs a shot at fame.

  2. johnny says

    The show has basically become a “next step” for people who need the push into contractual situations. And the rules are written to keep the Idol franchise at the top, so it’s only natural they’ll let in top talent at this point regardless of what else they’ve been doing. After this many seasons, they have to broaden the scope. Imagine all the over-thirty talents out there that could be better than any of these kids but were never given a chance like this.

    Adam looks much better without the Joey Heatherton hair. Does anyone else notice how much he resembles Elvis?

  3. rudy says

    Lovely! He is so handsome without the chunky baby diva semi-drag look. He did more than “do it justice” he nailed it with his own interpretation. Just sing baby; forget the theatrics.

  4. den says

    I won’t watch the show but a radio station played his Mowtown cover. Singing in a falsetto voice with minimal variation in the melody does NOT make a good singer. He won’t win.

  5. Mike says

    Wasn’t a big fan of Adam’s in the beginning but there is no doubting now that he has amazing talents. He has great instinct on what songs to pick and a voice that can cover just about anything.

  6. Jeffrey says

    I can’t believe that I’m the only one that thinks he is awful. His voice is not pleasant to listen to. This season is turning out to be such a drag with Adam screeching away and Danny Deadwife sure to continue through to the finale. The public won’t even get to say enough is enough because the judges are obviously saving their “judges save” for whichever one of these yahoos goes out “before their time”. Why can’t one of the actually good ones like Kris or Allison make it to the finale. Here’s to hoping.

  7. says

    I love his rocker emo with black nail polish look. Of course, I love this look, too. He turns me into a bit of a 12-year old schoolgirl. However, in the world of high definition television, the make-up artists should be cognizant about how thick they lay that foundation on. It was a bit more distracting without the bangs and eyeliner. Still, a beautiful guy with a beautiful voice, who (in my opinion) can do no wrong.

  8. says

    I love Adam, and love his slight chunk. He is very handsome and talented, I hope he goes far…but not win. The AI contract is notoriously shitty, and Carrie Underwood was the last winner before they changed the rules so that now the show basically owns a large percentage of their earnings…forever.

    Who was the professional contestant who got too cocky and has already been kicked off this season? Surely not Jorge, Jasmine, or Alexis….?

  9. says

    Adam is brilliant, and smart. He knew enough not to mess around with a Motown tune, particularly after the Ring of Fire on acid (which I also loved, but should not be repeated) performance last week. So, wisely, he played it “straight,” which the judges got excited about for reasons that went well beyond the singing, and got a standing-O from Smokey himself. He’s by far the best thing about AI this season.

  10. Jim says

    Boy, this is a tough crowd. “Danny Deadwife?” Sheesh. It’s just American Idol, guys, show a little mercy. YOU get up there week after week and do something fresh and new for 30 million judgmental assholes, and have the high definition camera 2 inches from YOUR face.

    Adam is the real thing and it’s been a genuine pleasure discovering him. The others are karaoke singers next to him. He would be interesting enough if he was just the gay contestant, but the fact that he’s staggeringly talented is a bonus and what will keep him till the end. He turns me into a 16 year old girl.

  11. says

    I was just telling people last night Danny Gokey looks like a lesbian Robert Downey Jr. He really creeps me the fuck out…especially when he dances with the backup singers. Um, no.

  12. sparks says

    “Who was the professional contestant who got too cocky and has already been kicked off this season? Surely not Jorge, Jasmine, or Alexis….? ”

    @UGH – the one who got too full of himself was Von Lee Smith. He really does have a phenomenal voice and incredible range, but he was trying to be impressive instead of simply singing songs.

    This clip shows him seeing two songs, the second of which shows a bit of his lower register and control:

    He appeared on The View over a year ago and was working on a record for the last half of ’08. The deal either fell through or he put it on hold to gain some pre-release exposure through Idol.

  13. Glennn says

    I’m surprised no one has compared him to George Michael! When I watch him I Totally see GM 25 years ago (but maybe even better).
    Adam is way beyond everyone else in this competiton, if he doesn’t win it’s because of outright homophobia, nothing else.

  14. says

    Ah yes Sparks, Von Smith. Good lord he liked to screech. I was aware of him before Idol too. I believe I saw a clip of him on Rosie or something singing “And I Am Telling You.” To be honest, he never really impressed me all that much, and I thought of it all as more of a gimmick than artistry or real talent. His appearance on the show pretty much confirmed that before me. I’m glad he’s gone, and…to be superficial for a moment (because I can)…I thought he was very strange-looking. He totally creeped me out.

  15. nic says

    AI is a joke. if it were always up to simon (who should consider wearing a manzier or looser fitting tops) people like janis joplin, joan baez, bob dylan, judy collins, joni mithchall, jimmy hendrix, carlos santana, norah jones, jeff buckley, eva cassidy, and on and on…. would be dismissed as not marketable.

    i have to say, though, that adam has some serious pipes, dawg. ha!

  16. GENE says


    When the original artist gives a performer a standing ovation after a performance of his song, how do you decide it wasn’t that good?


    Kris is dull comared to Adam and is not even in the same league in the singing and talent department.

    IMO the only ones with the “It” factor are Adam and Allison.

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