1. JeffRob says

    Oh, well hello there, former Army Sergeant Darren Manzella. Aren’t you just cute as hell?

  2. Marco says

    I think Rev. Wright is a dick, but I can help but agree with him when I hear this bullshit disgrace.

    God Damn America? Yes. And a hearty fuck you to you also, USA. When is this fucking going to grow up and get its shit together?

  3. gayalltheway says

    oh you bitches, don’t you dare lay a finger on him cuz he’s ma man… Sir Yes Sir!

  4. says

    I touch on Manzella briefly in my YouTube video about Equality. If you are interested, click on my signature below.

  5. Brix says

    If you’re a hairless latin boy under 18 you might have a chance at Manzella, otherwise you won’t be a blip on his radar.

  6. Sargon Bighorn says

    WAIT, time for those big brave soldiers to come out of the closet. I do not, I will not, pull some one out of the closet.

    If soldiers want to serve OPENLY they should come out, get discharged and IF, IF, IF there are really SO many Gay and Lesbian service people serving, THEN we will see the impact. Until then I can’t be expected to force them out of the closet.

    Time to REALLY TRULY be brave and Come out!

  7. mike says

    What is the military’s attitude to bisexual men? Also, why does the military allow the sale of magazines like Playboy, which feature female homosexual pictorial spreads? If the military is serious about its opposition to homosexuality, why isn’t it banning magazines which feature the female-female scenes? One can only surmise that that military has a set of sleazy double standards which are designed to prop up patriarchy.

  8. RP says

    Hmmm… that’s awesome of Jim. I didn’t even know he had spoken on the issue (my partner used to work for his brother as a legaslative assistant). Usually Jim isn’t one that I would follow (in the news), but kudos to him for saying that. Hopefully if his brother Brian wins governor, he’ll be able to influence the Navy to be more open (VA is home to the largest Naval installation), but I doubt Brian would champion the cause. Anyway, McAuliffe seems better posed to win governor as of now.

  9. troschne says

    It’s really ironic to me, reading this. I have a friend, who is a military recruiter, and he and his partner relocated, and his partner is a hair stylist. Funny how the Military is willing to look the other way, when they’re trying to cull in unsuspecting dupes. Before I get slandered for that comment–I respect everyone who has gone to Iraq and Afghanistan–I’m just saying that apparenly, the Military is willing to look the other way in some cases, more than others…

  10. wren says

    Even if DODT is repealled, I would never join this country’s military and fight for it until I first become a full citizen of it with full civil rights. Right now, even though I was born and raised here, I don’t have a country.

  11. Disgusted American says

    Even tho I’m too old to join the military..49yrs old, I Totally agree with WREN…I’d NEVER Join the military for America, when WE aren’t Treated as Equal citizens…fuck that shit!

  12. Lucas says

    I know I will get bashed for this, but the military is just another job so blasting them over the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is BS. I am supposed to keep my sexuality to myself at my job as a retail store manager. But on the flip, I can’t be fired just for being gay, straight etc. this crap about ‘it makes men uncomfortable being with openly gay men in close quarters’ is just that. crap. people should have respect. if I was a gay man in the military and I knew that I was serving with non gay men then I should have the respect not to flaunt it around like I’m right and they are wrong and lets get it on. that’s just crude. but I would also expect them to respect that maybe even some of the straight men don’t want a bunch of girlie porn all over the place. some straight men are married and uncomfortable about tits and ass plastered everywhere. and if I act in a way that is sexually harassing to another man (hitting on him when he’s not interested etc) then I should be subject to the same rules in the military that I would get at home in retail or wherever.
    but if I am a gay man that acts like a man and not a gay, doesn’t spread my gay porn everywhere, doesn’t harass my fellow soldiers and just does my job, the fact that I happen to be should not be enough to get me fired and if that is what is happening then the military needs to be sued and sueable like any other company

  13. Brett says

    All the sexual comments here are the perfect example of why the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy is in place.