1. PistolPete says

    Yeah, I had abs when I was 27 too. Big deal. Check in when he’s 40, then we’ll talk.

  2. kansastock says

    ‘Fuck a Republican but don’t let him cum’ has always been a motto for me. Now, I may have to take that plaque off the wall.

  3. Marcel says

    Andy, it is schock-ing that this is your first post about Aaron Schock, so I beg you to please include this video to this blog post from CBS News/Early. It’s a segment that introduced him just two weeks before he took the oath of office in January. I was in the gym watching the Early Show and nearly fell off the treadmill when the segment came on. Watch it and you’ll see why.

    There is a lot of chatter on the Net that he is gay, and it apparently is well-known around his district in Illinois. Hopefully he’ll come out soon (on his own terms of course, if he is) so that he may bring new life to a dying party, and to the community and overall perceptions of it.

  4. Michael says

    Can you say “staged?” Anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, he does just about as much for me as Jesse Helms ever did. Blech!

  5. Robert says

    Shock is an anti gay-marriage “social traditionalist” and the last we thing we need is to be supporting him by cross-promoting his bullshit publicity efforts. C’mon Andy, you are better than that!

  6. Sam says

    This douchebag supports gays and lesbians being second class citizens. I’d rather look at a naked Margaret Thatcher than this piece of shit.

  7. Tread says

    What’s going to be extra hilarious is when people find out how big of a ‘mo Aaron Schock really is. Schock is the typical poster gay boy from Peoria: conservative, hetero-normative cowards. Trust me, I grew up there and can recognize them just by glancing.

    Every mannerism, every word, every facial expression screams “closeted-homosexual”. Oh, Aaron, it’ll be really embarassing when those pictures of you from surface, won’t it?

  8. Nick says

    Where the hell did TMZ find that picture?

    And I heard he’s in a (straight) relationship, but…

  9. rudy says

    He is quite clearly a Big Ol ‘Mo but, contrary to his statements, he is bringing the same old closeted perspective to DC draped in “compassionate conservative” drag. He has already been seen out and about in the usual down low venues. Give me a bigot any day rather than these gay men who hide who they are and, worse yet, work against our interests.

  10. TANK says

    He needs to get married to a woman quickly. If he’s gay, I sincerely hope he spends the next fifty years locked away in the closet, only to have his political career ruined by scandals and allegations. Another unethical socially conservative republican fuckhead… The goldwater republicans need to reclaim their party, and clean house. Oh wait, they don’t exist anymore.

  11. alex in boston says

    Time to hear from the district! But my Gaydar is ringing off the hook!! Is he or isn’t he? We can also just wait for Mike Rogers to do the deed! What we need in DC are young gay leaders who can move our causes forward not backward! If he is a social conservative then he does not serve our needs and in that case Out the bugger!!

  12. Stan says

    He is smoking hot and I would do him in a second. I’m an independent so I can say that!

  13. Marcel says

    I really do hope that you guys are not writing him off only because he’s a Republican. (Robert and Sam, do you have any resources to support your claims?) I do not pretend to know anything more about him beyond what I’ve learned from the CNN and CBS interviews. If indeed he is gay and chooses to hurt the community and our case for equal rights and all, then by all means, I hope he is outed in the worst possible way and it ruins his political career. However, he is slightly less than 3 months into his new job, and hopefully he has intentions of changing the dynamics of his party and congress by being the first young, Republican and outspoken (if not ‘out”) congressman FOR gay rights and equality.

  14. TANK says

    A guy who bucks polls to have Dubya campaign for him is not going to change the dynamics of his party. And given the margin he won by, it doesn’t seem like he’s got any incentive to (limbaugh country).

  15. Sam says


    Political parties are a sham mostly.
    I googled him and found several articles quoting his anti marriage equality voting record. It doesn’t give specifics on the voting, but unless theres a netwide conspiracy to paint him as anti-gay, then its probably true.

    “Despite having a solidly conservative philosophy and voting record on abortion, gun rights, gay marriage and other bread-and-butter conservative issues, Schock won 59 percent of the vote in the 92nd House District in 2006. The election, like his previous efforts, was a testament to his ability as a campaigner, one of his advantages over Callahan in this year’s election.”

  16. tallrobert says

    So much for my hot fantasies of a sweaty, shirtless Barney Frank!! Woof!!
    {Sorry, kids..but I’m a buffet Democrat myself}

  17. Marcel says

    Thank you Sam. Wow, I’m .. erm not schocked, just speechless. I might just have to prepare my popcorn and watch what appears to be a trainwreck-in-the-making for what potentially could have been a page-turner in Republican politics. (Heh, I’m so naive!) ..

    And, not that it makes things any better, he actually won his district by 69% — according to CBS News/Early Show, — not 59%. Limbaugh Country, it sure seems to be. Bleah.

  18. Paul R says

    I was completely ready to loathe this guy and pronounce him a queen when I watched the CBS clip. But I also had to fight to skip grades, and also won. So while I hate his smarmy attitude, I have a grudging respect for him.

    Then again, maybe he just wanted to be out of high school for the same reason I did—it wasn’t a fun place for gay boys. Going to college at 16 was way more fun.

  19. John in CA says

    Definitely anti-gay as a lawmaker in the Illinois General Assembly (2004-2008). Definitely still a right-winger now.

    In the 111th Congress, Mr. Schock is co-sponsoring a constitutional amendment to define “life” as fertilized egg and sperm. Although there’s no chance of such a radical amendment getting out of the House of Representatives, it would: (1) overturn Roe v. Wade ***AND*** (2) empower Congress to make it illegal for the states to allow abortion.

    I guess this what passes for so-called Republican moderation these days. As long as he’s not plundering and raping villages with Attila the Hun, we should put him as a “nice” guy?

  20. David B. 2 says

    LMAO at Sam and David E. —

    as far as I can see in this picture — he has a wide stance 😉

  21. Sam says

    Republican’s that think Obama won only on his celebrity, youth persona (it did probably help) think that this is the only change they need to follow.

    Hopefully it is the issues that caused people to swing to the left in the last 2 elections.

    However people like this asswipe will answer the question. He’s young, and apparently dynamic (so says the media) but his beliefs are as wingnutty as they come.

    Lets hope in the next few years, the superficial republican makeover does not change the ballot box results.

  22. says

    “As with any GOP operative, I’d sooner fuck DEREK WASHINGTON’s troll ass.

    Posted by: Roberto | Mar 23, 2009 4:42:36 PM”

    1/ LMFAO!
    2/ I’M A TOP. NOT “VERS TOP” , A TOP.
    3/ TROLL? Really LMFAO! It’s my understanding that means a Republican who posts while posing as a Democrat or liberal or gay, etc.. Google me: Derek Washington Democrat.
    4/ What’s your damage Heather?
    5/ Feel free to tune in to my upcoming radio show : “IN THE LV” starting Wed 01 April or if you’re Las Vegas 1230am From 9-10pm 10-11 is my co-host Chris Miller hosting “LOVE IN THE LV”. The whole reason for the show is to talk about issues affecting the LGBT community from my liberal, take no shit off of Bitchasses like you, Roberto, point of view. Feel free to call in.
    6/If you need more evidence of my being a “troll” , Roberto, feel free to read (you do read don’t you,
    7/ Thanks for the mention Biatch.

  23. BC says

    Explain to me again why a conservative cannot be physically attractive? Explain to me why a gay man cannot be friends/associates with a conservative. Give the kid a chance. Its a better chance to convince him we’re equal than to convince a 70+ man who has been in congress for 40 years. This guy likely has gay friends. Let them work their magic. I wish a lot of people would realize that politicans are politicians. Very rarely to ANY at the state or national level express their own personal viewpoints – on the right OR the left. They say what their financial backers want them to say.

  24. BC says

    With all that said. He is gorgeous AND he is clearly gay. I came out at 27. Maybe he will too!!

  25. John in CA says

    If the rumors around Washington are accurate, then I’m sure Rahm Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi are looking forward to “more coverage” on Congressman Schock too.

    He should be careful about what he wishes for. More than a few Congress critters have been the instrument of their own demise by being media whores.

    Newt Gingrich. David Livingstone. Gary Condit. James Traficant. Mark Foley. Larry Craig.

  26. paul c says

    “38 comments!!! Andy rarely gets more than 8″

    Frank, you must have mistaken Andy’s site for Kenneth in the 212 or any of a number of the braindead blogs listed on the right side of this page.

  27. A.S. says

    “Yeah, I had abs when I was 27 too. Big deal. Check in when he’s 40, then we’ll talk.”
    I’m 45 and still have those abs.

  28. Sam says


    If you are comfortable being friends with someone who personally feels you are less than other humans because of your sexual orientation, than by all means, go right ahead. His feelings towards gays and lesbians can be shown by his voting record, so its just not people lumping all conservatives together.

    Lets not give him the benefit of hypothetical homo pals, or the easiness of swaying his opinion because of his youth. The facts are that he does not support us being equal citizens. And thats all there is to it.

    I personally hope he never comes out. I don’t want him. We don’t need him. Its one thing to be in the closet. Its quite another to be in the closet, and be hurting those who’ve had the courage to be who they are.

  29. Jim says

    Just another closet case that will be outed and resign when his e-mail pop up on male congressional aids computers.

  30. ANON IN SOCAL says

    I’m thinking he likes “the Britney Spears.” Ha! Now I’m going to be saying that all day. “The Britney Spears.”

  31. Jeff says

    Can Andy or any of the commenters let us know where this photo was taken/published?

    If it was taken as a personal pic posted on a friend’s blog, that’s one thing. If it’s for any photo shoot, it explains why he was asked about his abs and says something about his agenda.

    One thing to remember: while the guy may “read” as a closet case, any anti-gay views he has will make him a target of rumors from those with an axe to grind, whether or not there’s any truth to them. Anyone can say anything on or offline.

  32. Yowza says

    Every time I look at that photo I start getting a boner. Sometimes you really have to put politics aside. This is clearly one of those times….

  33. chrisfish says

    he hates you, and all of us. or, even if he doesn’t, will vote for his brothern who do,

    so, andy, stop giving him pub because he’s not a fat blob congressman.

  34. Contrarian says

    @Tread: “Every mannerism, every word, every facial expression screams ‘closeted homosexual'”. Oh Boy, I got slammed on this site not long ago for standing up for a 19 yr. old TV contestant who disliked stereotypical representations of ‘Mo’s by producers of “reality” shows. So if you attack the Repugs, it’s OK to traffic in stereotypes ,huh? (BTW, I’m no GOP’er!)

    This man comes across as just a nerdy midwest congressman of no special ability. I’d also note that the chaise pool photo has a busty woman in the background lovingly holding on to his chair, though it’s not surprising some of you were blind to her presence.

  35. Chad says

    Stan nobody cares if you are an independent,but they do care that you are an asshole that backs republican homophobes,thats the bigger picture isn’t it?

  36. James says

    I’ve been liberal since before I knew what liberal was. I’d argue with my parents as devil’s advocate about religion and (before I came out to them) homosexuality. I was doing that at age 9. That said, my partner is a staunch conservative and somehow we’ve been making it work for five years. I’ll say it’s the most interesting and exciting relationship I’ve been in, and all because we didn’t write each other off the moment we found out our respective political affiliations we found our soulmate.

  37. Yowza says

    calm down chad. Nobody said they would go campaign for the man, just that they would have sex with him (althougth begrudgingly) lol.

    thanks james, sometimes people take it waaaay too seriously. If I liked someone and they were conservative, it would not be a deal breaker. You are right, sometimes it adds a little spice.

  38. clint says

    So…cute and single = gay? This one ain’t gay, sorry. I’m kinda glad he isn’t, nothing more yucky than a bunch of homos turning into cats in heat over someone like this.

  39. Yowza says

    calm down chad. Nobody said they would go campaign for the man, just that they would have sex with him (although begrudgingly) lol.

    I don’t think someone being a conservative republican is a dealbreaker. It certainly would spice things up, like James said….

    imagine the make up sex!!

  40. tony the tiger says

    What is hilarious to me is not that is is screamingly gay but that he represents “an inner city neighborhood of Peoria”.

    Inner city Peoria is big enough to have its own representative in Congress?!?!

    Apparently his competitor made a big deal out of the fact he never had a girlfriend but noone cared.

  41. says


    not that cute. and conservatives instantly lose sex appeal to me (even though I was conflicted over Andrew Sullivan when he got bearish. One friend of mine got very angry with me when I mentioned Sullivan got hot . . . so maybe conservative bears are more tempting to me than conservative twinks).

  42. tony the tiger says

    Schock should prove he is straight by getting Meghan McCain knocked up. That always works … for a while.

  43. Geronimo says

    Big feet, nice legs and body…but invisible penis. Maybe he’s transgender! The latest GOP scandal!!

    Or maybe he’s just overcompensating for something. Or maybe he’s just an ass. That picture looks like the cover from an 80s movie about college kids on spring break.

  44. pia says

    This guy is a Republican golden boy and being groomed to rise. He looks good, and yes he’s 27, his resume can be (and has been) spun as that of a prodigy. He says all the right things for social, foreign policy, and economic conservatives, and from the meager voting record he has, backs it up. Bush flew in to do a fund raiser for him last summer when no other Republican would touch him, going as far to cancel events to avoid being associated with Dubya.

    And yes, he is gay. It’s widely known in the political class in Peoria, the big city in his district. It wasn’t a well-kept secret in his high school or college, either. This guy is a bad news conservative and is probably going to rise until he crashes. It’s only a matter of time and what. He may or may not survive the gay thing, but given how many people know in his home area, it’s inevitable to come out some way or another.

    He’s not just on the right, he is far right. And don’t let the school performance and resume fool you, he is naive combined with ambitious and totally self-serving, which is very dangerous should he attain real power. The naivete and ego may be his downfall.

  45. BC says


    “If you are comfortable being friends with someone who personally feels you are less than other humans because of your sexual orientation, than by all means, go right ahead”

    I never said that. My conservative friends do not in any way feel that i am less than other humans. They have made that very clear. They voted against gay marriage bans in Ohio. That is SUCH a stereotype and aren’t we the ones trying to get people to STOP using stereotypes? There is a difference between ultra-right wing Christians and conservatives. In all actuality, a true conservative should not care about who we marry b/c the government should stay out of our personal lives.

    My point, simply put is that he is young, likely has some gay friends. See what they can do.

  46. GOPartyQueen says

    I love the bitchy queens who hate Rep. Schock because he is a Republican. He is adorable and you all know that you would jump at the chance to sleep with him.

  47. TANK says

    Just a stereotype? Well, that stereotype (like many, many others) happens to have more than just a ring of truth to it. The vast majority of self identified conservatives do vote against gay rights and reproductive rights.

  48. peterparker says

    Actually, GOPARTYQUEEN, I find him physically attractive, but due to his anti-gay voting record I most definitely would NOT sleep with him. There are some levels to which I simply will not stoop.

  49. Timothy says

    Why, exactly, are folks claiming that he’s a social conservative or traditionalist that is opposed to gay marriage? I’ve searched his voting record and his public statements and I can’t find it.

    Is is just speculation (or pure hatred) that is behind the claim, or does someone have something they can point to?

  50. Bruce says

    Did he actually say he’d like people see him take a position and that he’d like them to roll with it? One wonders what that position might be….top? bottom? Hmmmmm….

  51. says

    I don’t know about you guys but I think he’s super hot. I don’t care about his politics, he’s sexy.

    Conservatism is a farce anyway, why take it seriously?

  52. mike says

    He won his district with, um, 69 percent of the vote. I saw this report on CBS, caught it after it started, and I was expecting the report to say something like “and as an openly gay man…” and was shocked (Schocked?) when it turned out he is “straight”? My gaydar isn’t what it used to be because I don’t practice my homosexuality much, but if this guy ISN’T then I’m not, either. And the chance that I’m not gay is next to zippo.

  53. Ed2 says

    “…listen to what I have to say.”-
    No thanks!! Just reading this excerpted duplicitous quote makes me wanna hurl. Seeing his tacky fratty loser pic just confirms it.


  54. Bob says

    BIG OL’ MO? Of course, no doubt. He got 69% of the vote, lol.

    But the closet is a real killer — so who knows what is in his head, or what lucky Republican girl might become his wife.

    If he comes out for anti-gay crap, I will have to fuck him so hard he yells, “Call me Alice.”

    I love the line about sucking on a firehose, or whatever, in the CBS clip posted by Kansastock.

  55. Jay Croce says

    He’s adorable! He may be a total douchebag. But you have to give him credit for being cute. In fact, thinking back, some of the best sex I’ve ever had was with guys who couldn’t hold an intelligent conversation!

    Come on! You know how it is. When they’re face down and begging for it, who really cares about their political affiliations!