CT School Teacher Holds Job After Death Threats to Gay Lawmakers


The NYT looks at the recent threats in Connecticut to openly gay lawmakers Michael Lawlor and Andrew McDonald over their support of a bill that would have altered the legal, financial, and administrative
structure of local parishes, giving local parishioners more control. The bill enraged Connecticut's Catholic community, some of whom (using the bill as a convenient excuse to also demonize the lawmakers for the legalization of same-sex marriage in the state) sent Lawlor and McDonald death threats, and led to the arrest of 26-year-old Timothy Kane.

Kane's email read: "You better hope myself and other Catholics don't find out where you
live, cause there's hell to pay for your attack on the church. Fuck off. God hates gay sex."

The NYT reports: "During an interview in his office, Mr. Lawlor seemed stunned at how
he had fallen into a fight with the Catholic Conference, which has
supported other elements of the progressive agenda, including health
care reform and the abolition of the death penalty. 'This is a fight I don’t need to have,' Mr. Lawlor said. 'Only bad things happen when politicians wade into religious doctrine.' In
Mr. McDonald’s view, one of those bad things includes Bishop Lori
accusing him and Mr. Lawlor, who are both openly gay, of using the bill
to intimidate the bishops over their opposition to gay marriage. 'It’s inaccurate,' Mr. McDonald said. 'It is unfair. And it was
dangerous, because it engendered deep feelings of hostility and stirred
homophobic responses from many people that resulted in very serious
threats.' … In an interview, Bishop Lori said he
stood by his accusation. He also bristled at Mr. Lawlor’s suggestion
that the bishops 'hit the panic button' by quickly mobilizing thousands
of Catholics to rally in Hartford."

 Meanwhile, Kane still holds a job in the New Britain school system, and some are wondering why:

"I can tell you one thing, after reading his e-mail today in a Hartford
Courtroom, I wouldn’t want Kane teaching my child…A judge ordered the 26 year old teacher to undergo a mental evaluation
and anger management training.  I’d say!  His attorney says Kane
regrets what he did and is hoping to put this matter behind him and
move on with his life.  He says Kane will formally apologize to the
lawmakers if that’s what the Court wants."

The New Britain school system hasn't offered an answer.

Angry Catholic's Email Threat to Gay Connecticut Lawmakers Revealed [tr]
Man Arrested as Catholics Threaten Gay Lawmakers in Connecticut [tr]


  1. johnosahon says

    i agree that people make mistakes and should be given second, third chances, BUT this is DOUBLE STANDARD.

    if they found out that 6 years ago he was in a porn movie or he posed nude or semi-nude they would had sacked him immediately for the “kids safety”, so why not here?

  2. alex in boston says

    In light of what he wrote and the circumstances surrounding this email threat are there not federal laws which allow for persecution? Why is this man even walking around? we see tons of killings in which there are no visible threats and then too we see killings in which there are implicit threats! This man should be behind bars not teaching in schools!!!

  3. Leland Frances says

    26? This exposes the continuing self-delusion behind the myth of “It’s just older generations who hate us. The young will save us.” Which belongs in the same trash bin as “Nancy Reagan’s hairdresser told me she will save us”; Clinton will save us”; “Ellen will save us”; “Obama will save us”; blah blah fucking blah.

    We will only be “saved” when we stop putting the “fairy” in fairytale and start saving ourselves….just as blacks did after being smilefucked for decades by white politicians….and DISRUPT the status quo enough that those in power will be forced to change. Stonewall wasn’t a pathetic candlelight vigil or postcard campaign or community service to prove that we “deserve” equality but civil disobedience!

    And the first act doesn’t even require your putting on your shoes let alone marching, nor putting on your pants let alone illegally sitting in at the entrace to state houses and the White House.

    Simply write your local, state, and, most importantly, federal representatives and tell them you will not give another dime to the Democratic Party until they ACT on gay rights legislation.

    Obama has not yet kept a SINGLE promise to our community. Hell, he didn’t even repeat the same cheap trick in his inauguration speech that got him so many votes in the election: dropping the G-word. Yesterday, his Secretary of Defense confirmed, as we’ve heard before, that NOTHING has been doing nothing to prepare the military for dismantling DADT.

    And STOP with the bullshit about “give him time, give him time” when he he quickly acted on the economy, Quantanamo, stem cell research, equal pay for women, etc.
    There is NO EXCUSE for his not having AT LEAST publicly stated that those “goals” posted on the White House Website that only political junkies see are REAL.

  4. nic says

    not only is the guy a nut-job who made death threats, but he is a homophobe. if those aren’t reasons enough to can his ass, what about the fact that he can’t make a distinction between the use of the words “myself” and “I” and, probably, “me”.
    only idiots who don’t know the proper usage of the three words cling to the false hope that using the reflexive ‘myself’ will hide their ignorance.

    what a tool. any and all of the above reasons should make him ineligible to have access to children.

  5. John says

    I’m over Obama and the system. It has failed us time and time again and I’m tired of being used by others to obtain their goals while leaving us behind. FUCK them all. And as for Bishop Lori….please, look into his seminary behavior.

  6. Paul says

    Ooh Andy…You’re bad! I get more and more skeptical of what I read on Towleroad.

    These lawmakers are not simply ‘supporting’ this bill, and the bill would not simply ‘giving local parishioners more control’.

    Do you really think that is an accurate description of the bill and these legislators?

  7. ctprep says

    He should be fired from his teaching job! What a poor role model for kids!

    Sad thing is, this guy will come out of the closet in 10 years and only wish he came out sooner.

  8. Leland Frances says

    Myth #2: everyone who is against gay equality is secretly gay him/herself. Some are; most aren’t.

    Even if that nonsense were true, it’s NOT THE POINT! Doing something to STOP them is, and just speculating about his real motivation is the worst kind of lazy, self-satisfied, armchair activism.

  9. KevinM says

    I’d get my child out of that classroom and out of that school building, pronto! Consider: how many wacked-out out-of-control gun-enabled massacres does it take to discern a pattern? It seems this guy is unbalanced, doesn’t have a firm grip on the wheel, and could careen out of control at any minutes. If it was my kid, I’d vamoose, and the school district can pout if it cares to. Also, his judgment obviously is out of balance, and is looking at every policy proposal through the lense of whether it’s an attack on the Catholic church. Yikes.

  10. Will says

    “He says Kane will formally apologize to the lawmakers if that’s what the Court wants.”

    What a fucking little bitch. He should apologize no matter what. He can be anti-gay all he wants, one can protest anything one wants, but this threatening note was not the way.

  11. Larry says

    “He’ll apologize to the lawmakers if that’s what the court wants?” How about taking responsibility for your actions? Isn’t that the type of lesson we want teachers to teach our children? So he won’t apologize otherwise?

    It’s sad that an openly gay person teaching children is viewed by many as a more serious problem than someone making death threats. It’s absolutely ludicrous that this man is still teaching and wasn’t even suspended. Where is the line?

  12. KevinM says

    I called the school board, and they were cordial and polite. I suggest that anyone who call there suppress their outrage, and be equally polite. It won’t do us any good to yell at the people who answer the phones, now will it? Keep in mind that they are dealing with something they weren’t imagining when they showed up for work this morning. Neither were their bosses. This is a way that this hatred is to… hateful. It comes out of nowhere, and the unsuscepting have to deal with it. So, I’m suggesting we be as civil as possible, no matter how outraged one is. Dignity. Respect. If you don’t give it, you don’t get it.

  13. jimmyboy says

    Funny thing

    with so much of xtianity borrowed from Dionysus = water to wine, crucifixation, decending into underworld and coming back up, resurection, IHS being used to rep both Dionysus and later the jesus myth, a virgin birth depending on which of the 3 myths you prefer (my fave is virgin born of male zeus after zeus ate his grandfathers primordial egg to gain power to defeat the titans. LOL). Hell switch Dionysus crown of grapes and ivy for a crown of thorns and change his being crucified on an iron cross beamed anchor to a wooden cross = dionysus/ jesus = LOVE gay sex. Dionysus after ascending from the underworld kept a promise to his guide who didn’t make it to take him as his lover by carving a wooden phallus, plopping it on his grave, and then mounting it.


    anyway; it is all crazynees. xtianity being crazy because it doesn’t aknowledge let alone remember its pagan roots.

  14. says

    Teachers who write threatening e-mails to public officials should not be teaching.

    Re: gay face. If he’s a closet case, that doesn’t change the threat. And, news flash, a lot of homophobic zealots are actually straight. Either way, it doesn’t matter!

  15. TANK says

    Gay people aren’t considered human, obviously. Any other minority, and he’d be fired, no question. His continued employment is a symptom of that fact. He’s dangerous, and someone should show him what a meat hook can do to a person to prevent him from becoming another christian terrorist; or as they refer to them, martyrs.

    Some folks say that violence never stops violence, but that’s simply false when dealing with the immediate threat a terrorist like this poses. You take them out; you don’t have a conversation with them.

  16. nic says

    you are correct. a myth is a myth is a myth, as gertrude stein may have said. alice b. toklas may have added, “but nothing smells as sweet as my mythes,” provided she was a lethbian with a lithper.

    still, we don’t have to go as far back as the greek myths to understand the supplanting of pagan myths followed by the inculcating of x’tian myths. witness the commandeering of the early flood stories and, even, the more recent beowolf legend, and the legend of piers plowman, for cripes sake

    but, see? we went far afield of the point, the same thing i was going to accuse LELAND of doing: you know, the great stretch (equal to the best contortionists of the hatha yogis) of positing the 26 y.o. crazy school teacher as an exemplar of the “gay” misconception of the younger generation not being our friends at all, but the run of the mill homophobes of yesteryear.

    i suppose that using the six-degrees of separation idea, the demented, asshole teacher could as easily be tied to obama as bill clinton (hell, throw in hillary, for good measure). but if LELAND was looking for an appropriate forum, there were two other threads still open.

  17. Wheezy says

    Timothy Kane will not be fired from his job, not now nor ever. He represents the New Britain school district and community, I’ll wager. He’s likely regarded as a ‘hero’ who stood up to the wicked faggots who dared ask the Catholic Church to be transparent with their finances. If this actually goes to court, and I doubt it will, Timothy Kane will be tried by a jury of his peers or at least a judge. The same “peers” who likely feel exactly the same way he does: The Evil Fags Are Trying To Destroy Christianity! He will be given a light slap on the wrist (if that) and sent along home without ever spending a single day in jail. He’ll go back to his job without having stayed home a day as a hero to school administration, staff, students and parents.

  18. FlexSF says

    This is the hate and rage that remains to be the driving force behind prop8. This is the reckless hate that we’re expected to deal with at the ballot box?

    The courts should see straight through this and ban the bans!

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