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Desperation in WA as Domestic Partner House Vote Nears


Dominic Holden of Slog reports on the rally held by anti-gay religious folks on the steps of Washington's Capitol Building in Olympia yesterday in anticipation of the House taking up a Domestic Partner bill that has already been approved by the state senate and has more co-sponsors in the House than it needs to pass.

Said state senator Ed Murray, the bill's sponsor in the senate, of the rally: "I think the rally is probably more of an attempt by certain organizations to find a reason for being, to fill their own coffers and keep their own organization going. They are down in polls and down in the legislature. It is not a happy time for them."

The measure would provide virtually every right of marriage but the name. That, Murray has hoped, would be the next step.

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Murray talks about the bill, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Most theologians agree that based on biblical examples, Jesus would NEVER be involved in demonstrations like this one:

    1. He repeatedly clarified to his followers that it was not his purpose to be involved in politics or overthrow any governments.

    2. He specifically said to "render unto Caesar" – not just an instruction to pay taxes, but another indication that he didn't seek to use his position to strong-arm government.

    3. He always sought to meet the needs of people – showing his greatest compassion toward those deemed as 'sinners.' Never did he seek to 'punish' them or take their rights away.

    4. The entire message of Jesus was about love, forgiveness, mercy, compassion... all the 'Fruits of the Spirit' – NOT hatred, disdain, judgment, etc.

    5. Jesus instructed that his followers "turn the other cheek" instead of picking fights. "Forgive... Bless and do not curse."

    In fact, the ONLY examples we have of Jesus 'standing up' to people are the confrontations he had with the Pharisees – those church-going, self-righteous zealots who were known for picking fights with those they deemed 'sinful' or 'unequal' to their self-proclaimed perfection (sound familiar?).

    There is NOTHING in the bible that instructs or even suggests to followers of Jesus that they behave in the manner that we see here or across the country (and the world). To picket, demonstrate, collect petitions, demonize, seek legislation and pour money into campaigns that would take away the rights of others is not only bigoted – it is COMPLETELY contradictory to the message and example of Jesus.

    And it is TIME for these Christians to be CALLED on it.

    Posted by: Jon | Mar 20, 2009 12:34:31 PM


    "Christians" who show up on my doorstep to "protect marriage" will be shot first and saved later.

    Posted by: John Bisceglia | Mar 20, 2009 1:35:25 PM

  3. DON'T take anything for granted. WRITE Washington congresspeople NOW to encourage them to pass this legislation! DO IT NOW!

    Posted by: Bill | Mar 20, 2009 5:54:03 PM

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