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Footage: Robert Pattinson and Javier Beltran Foreplay in Little Ashes


Access Hollywood presented some new footage last Friday of the Salvador Dali - Federico Lorca romance Little Ashes starring Robert Pattinson and Javier Beltran. None of the rumored sex scenes, but a bit of beachside romance and some awkward acting with a stuffed bear.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

And for you Pattinson fans who just want another bite there's a new skin-baring one-sheet floating around (though it's not been confirmed if it's official or fan-made).


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  1. Paging Buffy. Please bring stakes.

    Posted by: crispy | Mar 30, 2009 2:51:32 PM

  2. Did not appreciate his "It was soooo hard to play gay, you guys," interviews. Do not appreciate him.

    Posted by: FASTLAD | Mar 30, 2009 3:00:56 PM



    but they might as well be real as that is the quality of art coming out of summit lately.

    Still not impressed with Pattinson in any of his acting endeavors.

    Posted by: nick | Mar 30, 2009 3:06:59 PM

  4. i just saw twilight this past weekend. what a snooze-fest. i'm glad i didn't pay to see it. could the director spin the camera around any more? ugh. as for pattinson, he's just so-so... towleroad should give him a rest.

    Posted by: Eric | Mar 30, 2009 3:12:42 PM

  5. I can't tell if I'll like Little Ashes (my track record with art films is hit or miss), but Pattinson is making an effort. At time index 45-48 secs, he is emoting with his nostrils that throb with Lorca's voiceover. It's the first time I've seen an actor use his nostrils to act. His portrayal of Dali is a little forced though.

    Posted by: DireFates | Mar 30, 2009 5:14:16 PM

  6. R.Patti, the latest "it" twit. Flaring nostrils, a perpetual petulant pout, and greasy visage do not an actor make. Next.

    Posted by: rudy | Mar 31, 2009 9:30:58 AM

  7. If you have space only for two names, it is Federico García, this being the father's last name. Many Spanish writers when they have a very common last name like García choose to also use their mother's last name (v. the Colombian Nobelist/novelist), which is after all one's full legal name in most if not all Spanish-speaking countries. Sometimes, a Spanish writer may use his/her middle name, so if you're not sure, it's best to always use all three names in order to avoid a faux pas, as you say in Anglo-Saxon.

    Posted by: Nonitico | Mar 31, 2009 11:44:28 AM

  8. RPatz is HOTTTT!!!

    Posted by: daveynyc | Mar 31, 2009 12:50:24 PM

  9. damn! he's so hot!!! i want that picture in the wall next to my bed!
    so... sweet dreams

    Posted by: ludmila | Mar 31, 2009 6:10:38 PM

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