1. Eric says

    i just saw twilight this past weekend. what a snooze-fest. i’m glad i didn’t pay to see it. could the director spin the camera around any more? ugh. as for pattinson, he’s just so-so… towleroad should give him a rest.

  2. DireFates says

    I can’t tell if I’ll like Little Ashes (my track record with art films is hit or miss), but Pattinson is making an effort. At time index 45-48 secs, he is emoting with his nostrils that throb with Lorca’s voiceover. It’s the first time I’ve seen an actor use his nostrils to act. His portrayal of Dali is a little forced though.

  3. Nonitico says

    If you have space only for two names, it is Federico García, this being the father’s last name. Many Spanish writers when they have a very common last name like García choose to also use their mother’s last name (v. the Colombian Nobelist/novelist), which is after all one’s full legal name in most if not all Spanish-speaking countries. Sometimes, a Spanish writer may use his/her middle name, so if you’re not sure, it’s best to always use all three names in order to avoid a faux pas, as you say in Anglo-Saxon.

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