1. Bill says

    I think it’s going to pass. Everytime a ballot initiative is up for a public vote no matter what it is HATEROSEXUALS decide to take away gay people’s rights. With that said every gay person in Gainesville should do what they can to help defeat this measure.

  2. Zeph says

    This is even worse than it appears to be. The amendment would actually prohibit the city from adopting ANY ordinances protecting its gay and lesbian citizens. I live in Gainesville, and you can’t turn around lately without bumping into some idiot standing on the street corner with a sign that says “Keep men out of women’s restrooms” or something to that effect. But the actual wording of the vote is thus:

    “Shall the city charter be amended to prohibit the adoption or enforcement of ordinances, regulations, rules or policies that provide protected status, preferences or discrimination claims based on classifications, characteristics or orientations not recognized by the Florida Civil Rights Act? The act recognizes race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, age, handicap, marital and familial status. Additionally, this amendment voids existing ordinances concerning sexual orientation, gender identity, and other ordinances inconsistent with this amendment.”

    Basically, if Gainesville tries to enact any laws, now or in the future, protecting LGBT citizens from discrimination, in housing, employment, or whatever, this amendment would prohibit it. The opponents are using a hot button issue (the restroom thing) to divert the attention from the actual intention of the amendment, which is to legalize discrimination.

  3. Taro says

    Oh my golly! That Yes on 1 ad is soooo wrong! It sent chills up my spine that they could twist it that way and its even more frustrating that folks would believe that s#it! It’s just like the Yes on 8 ads where they use fear and children! Agghhh!

  4. Paul McDonough says

    Well.. with over half the precincts reporting, the city seems to be soundly rejecting the homophobes. voting right now (8:30PM or so) has the vote at about 31% yes, and 62% against repeal of the amendment. Suddenly, I am kinda proud of my city :)

  5. says

    It’s true. Gainesville said NO to the liars and homophobes — and to the nasty tactics of these right-wing wackos and their unhealthy obsession with public restrooms. We owe a lot to our friends, and to our local leaders. Openly gay City Commissioner Craig Lowe is among our heros. Thanks, everybody!

    Go to equalitygainesville. com to see now it’s done. Equality is Gainesville’s Business!

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