1. paul c says

    Oh great…all of the “cured” gays can have a new theme song. Just kiss a girl and you’ll like it.

    If there’s a punchline at the end that I missed, sorry, but I couldn’t make it through the whole thing. 30 seconds of a whiner moaning on the bathroom floor at Sushi Samba is just about my limit.

  2. says

    Paul, I think the punchline is that it is an openly gay pop star singing this, and he has stayed that way. I mean hell, I’ve kissed a girl, and it wasn’t bad. It’s the ladybits that I don’t care for.

  3. says

    I’ve kissed a girl, and I liked it. I just like kissing boys more. A gay boy performing this song doesn’t make him “cured” or “ex-gay” anymore than the original made Katy Perry ex-straight. (Tho you never know with those girls!) I wasn’t crazy about Katy’s version (even if it got lodged in my head for weeks), but I like this version, and thanks to WETCNT for the other one, which is very cool.

  4. says

    this cover was a snooze. i know the “irony” of a man singing this song, but neither this or the original is as daring as it pretends to be.

    Katy Perry basically pretends to be some sort of c*ck tease,playing on hetero fantasies of girl on girl action, and then in the video not a single girl on girl kiss. She played it safe with some slight provocation, but wont go the the entire distance.

    Could you imagine Fall Out Boy singing “I kissed a Boy” would have been a hella more provocative and interesting….and chart suicide… Or katie singing I kissed a black/jew/arab etc.

  5. I Too Kissed A Boy... says

    Parodying Katy Perry with “I kissed a boy” isn’t exactly original.

    The Southpark Stan+Kyle version is particularly funny.

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