Gay Man Assaulted Outside Midtown Atlanta Bar

 A man was assaulted Sunday night after leaving Blake's on the Park bar in midtown Atlanta, while he was walking to the nearby MARTA (rapid transit) station, the Southern Voice reports:

"Details remain unclear, according to LGBT liaison Officer Dani Lee Harris, who is following the case. It appears the young man was attacked near 10th Street and Juniper Avenue in the heart of Midtown. The victim, 28, reportedly suffered broken teeth, damage to his nose and required several stitches. He was treated at Grady Hospital overnight and released Monday, according to his friend, Scott Horton.

… After leaving Blake's, the victim was walking to MARTA when two white men called him over, Horton said. The men allegedly asked the victim if he is gay, then beat him after he responded that he is. … 'He assumed the two guys were men he had met and they said ‘hi’ and called him over. He went over and said hi. They asked him if he was gay and when he said yes, they knocked him down and kicked him in the face,' Horton said.

The victim, who lives in Midtown, is currently staying with family members, Horton added. And, according to Horton, the victim, whose name is not yet being released, came out approximately two months ago and was enjoying being himself. He was not yet out to his family, according to Horton."

WSB Atlanta talks to Philip Rafshoon, owner of Outwrite bookstore, near where the attack took place, and has a video report on the incident.


  1. JD says

    Was wondering if you has already covered the shooting and death of the guy from Lexington KY. I have been out of town since it occured Thursday afternoon and did not see it when I scrolled back. Apparently the guys boyfriend shot him when he decided to break up with him. It happened in the parking lot of a very popular mainstream bookstore in town. And would you believe William Shatner was there at the time and had to wait until the police cleared the scene before he could leave.

  2. TANK says

    This is domestic terrorism, plain and simple. Time to adopt the israeli model, in which a comfortable distance between me and a violent homophobe is the distance the bullet of a rifle can travel.

    And he just came out. New to everything…

  3. TANK says

    Another method for clearing them out of a neighborhood or area that there have been reports of terrorism in is to set a trap…preferably one that they won’t be walking away from.

  4. Bill says

    What a horrible story. I hope this man recovers. Gay men, BE PREPARED. Every gay man when they accept their sexuality and come out needs to prepare himself and plan for such events. Take self-defense classes or buy a book or dvd about self-defense and learn at home. Two years ago in Colorado a gay man was attacked and fought back thanks to his boxing training. He held the man (who was bigger than him) until the police came. Gerald McCullouch, a gay man and trained boxer, fought off another (younger) man on a subway a few months ago.

    BE PREPARED GAY MEN. Do whatever it takes to ensure your safety.

  5. Kevin says

    First I’d like to thank you for continually posting news stories about the violence against the community you serve. I say this with a nauseating sense of irony, but I feel somewhat more connected knowing I can come here to read about the police cases that impact us yet seem to go under the mainstream media’s radar.

    Having said that, I haven’t even read this post to which I’m commenting. I merely had to see the headline and the tags to know that yet again, violence has been committed against someone I feel kinship with and it is here on Towleroad that i learn about it. I’ll read the post now, and the story it links to, sad on one hand that it’s just another day in America for us, but bolstered with hope that at least someone is spreading (and documenting) this depressing time in history.

    Thank you, and all of us, your readership stay safe.

  6. C. Foley says

    Out for two months and living in Midtown? What are the odds.

    I’m somewhat surprised at this attack as Midtown seems to be the gay mecca of Atlanta, if not all of GA.

  7. mikey d says

    Where are the race baiting trolls condemning the alleged attackers of this young man? Selective consciousness I presume.

    More to the point, this is very unfortunate. Whether gay bashing is more prevalent now or is reported more often than it was in the past, this is a very alarming time for out gay men and women. What do we do?

  8. Ben says

    We learn how to use a knife or gun in self-defense. We never travel alone after dark. When someone yells faggot or queer, give them the middle finger and say “Jealous?” When threatened with violence, assess your flight or fight capacity and make quick reasoned decisions.

    It’s not as if these attacks are random events – they are planned, articulated violence against US for a fundamental, existential fact about ourselves which we cannot alter and about which we should not live in fear.

  9. Matt says

    I live in this area. My first apartment was down the street. I feel so bad for this guy. I wish he knew the lesson I learned long ago that you don’t acknowledge people on the street ecspecially at night. You just keep moving. Midtown has always been a haven for Homeless. Piedmont park is across the street and is basically where most of the cities homeless sleep. Since the beginning of the recession these homeless and panhandlers have only increased their activities while the local police have been furlowed.

  10. Rich says

    This sounds like a very malicious attack and is somewhat unusual for the area, although it suffers from a dearth of pedestrian traffic and probably has its share of petty crime. The Marta station, itself, tends to attract loiterers and often has a creepy vibe. The SoVo article is sadly funny in that it has these silly quotes like “one of Atlanta’s premiere streets”, neither 10th nor Juniper would qualify for such a silly designation, but Atlanta boosterism never seems to stop.

  11. says

    This is a dangerous area for the attackers. For those not in the Atlanta, 10th and Piedmont is roughly equivalent to a mini-Castro. This is the same corner we had hundreds of people gathered with 24 hrs notice for a candlelight vigil against Prop 8.

    If you’re going to be visiting Atlanta, don’t be afraid of anything in this report repeating any time soon. We here in Atlanta get really protective of our friends and “family”. Any gaybasher in this area is taking a risk with his own safety.

  12. Timothy in Atlanta says

    Thank you SO MUCH for getting this story beyond the ineffectual bubble of Atlanta. The reaction to this has been tepid at best, both from local media outlets, and the gay community. Hopefully, this will change before the story fades to black. Do our brothers and sisters have to DIE before someone feels compelled to respond? *BLINK*

  13. James says

    I’m a bit surprised I hadn’t heard of this incident yet from friends in Atlanta. The area is like the gay mecca of the south or a mini-Castro district, which is why it draws me to visit often from Augusta.

  14. Derrick from Phillly says

    Ah, TANK, you didn’t like what MICAH J said? (Funny thing is, from past discussions I believe MICAH J may not be black). But anyway….

    I did not want to discuss race here, but since you mentioned it (deep, deep sigh)…

    This interracial gay-bashing where the pertrators are white does seem rare, but is it because it doesn’t happen as much as black on white, or is it that it just doesn’t make the news…OR, is it because the black GAY victim often is not “out” to his family, friends, co-workers–doesn’t want the police involved.

    Well, I might be tempted to make racial slurs against the attackers, but there are white southern gays who come regularly to this blog, some of whom I respect–why would I make a slur against all southern white folks when it might offend them.

  15. Gabe R L says

    I’m tired of this shit continually happening. This sort of thing will probably contribute to more gays being afraid of coming out, or not going to gay neighbourhoods. And the gay-bashers and supporters know this and have a good laugh about this. Too often when a gay-bashing happens the gay victim just takes it; stories about the victim running away or fighting back are rare. It makes me feel dangerously hostile to straight men, and it scares me. Gay-bashing would be no fun if the gay was doing the bashing.

  16. Bobby says

    Though this hate crime wasn’t covered by most press outlets in Atlanta (or elsewhere), it was covered by Cox’s ABC affiliate, WSB-TV and, with repeated broadcasts. I just think credit is due when we too often find our community ignored by MSM.

  17. Bryan says

    this is pretty ridiculous that anyone would go out of their way to do something like that, i’m surprised that even though i live in augusta, I have many friends in atlanta, some of whom are gay but have not heard anything about this. i’d love to give one of these bashers a nice bashing

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