1. Mike says

    To quote a line from the movie Fargo which seems so appropriate:
    “And for what? For a little bit of money. There’s more to life than a little money, you know. Don’tcha know that? And here ya are, and it’s a beautiful day. Well. I just don’t understand it.”

  2. Jeff says

    oooooo gurrllll, you gonna get it good with that pretty face. you gonna be serving wine out a toilet with short shorts and looking forward to your refills of extra streath Peperation H…..your going to be raped, is what you can take away from this comment I guess…

  3. dc8stretch says

    Someone help me understand. These 2 gay boys get life sentences for killing a bareback porn producer, yet Dan White got 5 years for assassinating Harvey Milk.


  4. says

    Good riddens, but glad nonetheless he didn’t get the death penalty. That’s just barbaric.

    And before the log cabin brigade comes around to speak its merits and proclaim I’ve never dealt with such a tragedy in my life, the day my cousin was shot in the head was the worst day of my life, and I was seriously fucked up in *my* head because of it for a seriously long time. Still oppose the death penalty. My cousin, Laura, was just 18 at the time.

  5. Wally Gator says

    This is a dream come true for little Harlow. He’s going to be getting fucked every night by big, black, well-endowed men. What a lucky little faggot!

  6. Markus Varo says

    Kocis liked to play with little boys. He offered the chance for kids who were still adolescents to make “bare-back” porn – thus inviting them to risk a horrid death.

    Kocis got precisely what he deserved.

  7. solari says

    Story goes Kocis said no when Cuadra and Kerekes wanted to have sex with one of Kocis young stars Cameron Lane..Cameron refused so they wanted Kocis to help them force the issue…he said absolutely not and that is why he was if that’s how it really went down then you believe Kocis deserved to die for placing himself between those two monsters and a boys right to say.. no…now, who is the monster??

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