Towleroad Guide to the Tube #452

KILL BILL IN 1 MINUTE: I've never even seen Kill Bill, and this entertained me.

BEAR POLE DANCE: If it feels good do it.

RNC CHAIR MICHAEL STEELE: Clueless on the First Amendment.

BILL O'REILLY: People on the street react to O'Reillys audiobook.

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  1. paul c says

    So when Ludacris gets nasty, it’s the end of America, but when Bill does it it’s art? It sounds like he cowrote that little nugget with Pat O’Brien and Marv Albert.

    Also, can someone explain why Rachel Maddow’s ratings are lower than Olbermann’s? She’s lovely, sane and on top of her game and he’s off his fucking rocker. When’s his Harlequin romance coming out?

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