NYC News Reporter Murdered by 16-Year-old Craigslist Hustler

George Weber, a news radio reporter for WABC whose body was found stabbed to death in his Brooklyn apartment on Saturday, was killed by a teen he met in a $60 Craigslist sex transaction, the NYDN reports:

"The emotionally disturbed teenager was arrested early Wednesday morning
after he admitted to cops that he had answered an ad Weber placed on
the Internet looking for a partner in rough sex, police and law
enforcements sources said…The teen admitted he stabbed Weber, but
couldn't remember how many times because he 'blanked out' during the
violent, drug-fuelled assault. The teen was in custody this morning at Brooklyn's 76th Precinct. Cops
found the suspect by combing through Weber's e-mail and Web browser
history and tracking calls he made from his cell phone,  sources said. The teen answered Weber's ad on craigslist, an Internet Web site. The two met in Brooklyn early Friday evening and then returned to the newsman's Carroll Gardens brownstone apartment under the premise of engaging in sadomasochistic acts, sources said."

Weber fought back, police say, because the teen's blood was found throughout the apartment along with the newsman's.

Weber's family released a statement on Tuesday: "We are devastated by the loss of George – Jordy to us. He was truly a caring
person who loved and was loved by all he met. Jordy loved New York
and its people, particularly his Carroll Gardens neighborhood. The
outpouring of support by his friends and neighbors is a blessing to us
and a testimony to his character."

George Weber murder work of 16-year-old – confession [new york daily news]
Teen Confesses in Newsman Slay [ny post]


  1. Anthony in Nashville says

    Stories like this are the main reason I’ve stopped looking for online hookups, and especially hosting. You never really know what you’re getting into.

    At least in a bathhouse there was a low probability of getting robbed or killed.

  2. Leo says

    Kinda weird how everyone can still have nice words for him when he basically just tried to have sex with a 16 yr old. Fucking pervert… Men need use the head more that’s above their shoulders than the head that’s found in their pants and then maybe they wouldn’t end up in situations like these.

  3. says

    Why is he a “pervert”? Our bodies are wired to be attracted to youth. Back in the day, we lived until about 20, not 80. No, 16 is not legal in New York, but it is in some states, including my home state. So yes, yes, what a “pervert” for being biologically-driven instead of following arbitrary age limits that will get you locked up in one state and laid in the next. Unethical and smarmy? Yeah. Perverted? Not so much.

  4. Jon says

    Wow, Leo, I hope people show you more compassion than you can find in yourself. No one deserves to die like that.

    Clearly it’s unwise to open your door to a random stranger, especially for something as intimate as sex, but people do every day.

    16 is the age of consent in many countries. And I don’t actually think that it overrules the tragedy of what just happened.

    I’m actually more disgusted when people use such details to excuse their own blatant inhumanity.

  5. says

    Fuck off, Leo, you idiot. There is no indication the man was looking for a 16-year-old, or that he even knew the kid was 16. He just got murdered, are you happy? Was justice served? “Pervert” is a term that could just as easily be said of ALL gay people. You sound like the Church Lady—and we all know what she needed.

  6. says

    I’m with Anthony in Nashville. This underscores the danger of online hook-ups. Nothing’s ever foolproof, but it’s a lot easier to gauge who people are and what they really want in a public setting.

    Bring back the bars!

  7. says

    This is incredibly unfortunate. :(

    However, looking for S&M on Craigslist seems to be the epitome of foolish. I would think you need to really trust someone if you’re going to let them tie you up and do crazy shit to you.

  8. elg says

    “There is no indication that he was looking for a 16 year old.”

    And there is no indication that he was NOT looking for a 16 year old boy either. I’m sure the fact that the 47 year old victim was engaging in “kinky” sex with a 16 year boy for money will be featured prominently by the defense at the trial.

  9. says

    I’m assuming everyone criticizing this man for being “so dumb” has never ONCE in their life hooked up with anyone on the fly or had a one-night stand. It only takes one time, and just because you might have met yours in a bar instead of online doesn’t make one goddamn bit of difference. Hypocrites. If only it could have been you…

  10. says

    Ugh, there’s a world of difference between a run of the mill hookup and looking for S&M. Granted, there’s no guarantee that vanilla sex won’t lead to murder, but I think asking a total stranger to come over and tie you up is very very risky.

  11. Christian says

    I saw a picture of the murderer in the NY Post. He doesn’t look 16 per se, but I doubt he could pass for more than 21. Regardless, it is not an excuse for killing, and no justice was served. I’m sure that Craig’s List doesn’t allow underage kids to troll for sex, paid or not.

    While certain aspects of this story are personally icky to me, I find it more repugnant to see a bunch of gay men calling another a pervert.

  12. stuart says

    The world is filled with unstable people. “Looking For Mr. Goodbar”-ques murders happen all the time. The fraternity of sexually active adults admits all those who seek entry, the crazy and the sane. Secrecy in sex is not your friend. If you’re doing things you’re ashamed of other people knowing about, don’t do them. Secrecy aides the criminal in a hook up crime. There is no shame in adults seeking sexual encounters. There is no shame in being a victim of crime. Live your life with discretion but live it honestly, openly and know what you’re doing and who you are doing it with.

  13. says

    Actually Alex, not really. Just as many practitioners of S&M are safe, caring people, many people who engage in vanilla sex are sick, depraved murderers. Goddamn, with all the hysteric sex-negative comments here I’d think this was The dangerous part is the “stranger” part, not the S&M part…and that is the same whether it’s a stranger in the bar or off the Internet. Again…it only takes one time. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to you, or else we might all have to come on here and express our superiority by talking about what WE would have done differently because WE know better. Ugh.

  14. says

    Ugh, I am not doubting that practicioners of S&M are safe, caring people. But there is no way of knowing what you’re going to get with Craigslist and if someone’s going to tie you up, you’re immediately defenseless (not a good situation to be in with a stranger). At least in a vanilla situation, if one is not tied up one can attempt to defend oneself.

    If you read my post carefully, you’d see I was saying murder could happen in ANY random situation, but really inviting some strange person into your home and allowing them to bind you up is not smart.

  15. mrmnyc says

    What I see in this story is one thing: “drug-fueled”. End of story. That’s not excusing the murder, but that right there is the end connection to reality which can allow such tragedies to occur. And I’m not even an anti-drug person. I just think it’s obvious when and where it’s safe to partake. What a sad story this is!

  16. Christian says

    I have to agree with Leo, some men need a much better sense of judgement about how they live their lives.

    While this is clearly a tragedy, this was a tragedy the victim invited into his home – he wasn’t accosted on the street or had his home broken into; this wasn’t acquaintance rape or a crime of passion.

    The fact that the murderer was 16 isn’t the biggest issue here, but I do take offense at men (gay and straight) who insist on justifying the pursuit of teenagers for sexual relations, regardless of the age of consent. Just because it might be legal where you live doesn’t make it right. Clearly, this young man was not capable of handling what he agreed to online and a rational adult would have sussed that out before proceeding.

    George didn’t and now he’s dead.

  17. Matty says

    I’ve told my friends a million times to be careful of online dating and hook up sites. It may be easy, quick and anonymous, but it’s like playing Russian Roulette, you never know what you’re going to get. I’m saying it because an acquaintance of mine met the same fate a few years back, I suspect it happens more than we hear about.

  18. Stan says

    A 47 year old trolling for sex with a 16 year old boy and then adding drugs to the mix is just asking for trouble. Yes, I feel compassion and all that, but sometimes you just gotta say “what the hell were you thinking”. In my mind he is perverted. Just because I am gay does not mean I condone “anything goes” which appears to be the subtext of many of the comments here (you can’t judge, you’re gay!). Sorry, we’re all not doing these types of behaviors and whether straights lump us all together is not the issue. Sometimes you have to have boundaries. This is a prime example.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    “….but I do take offense at men (gay and straight) who insist on justifying the pursuit of teenagers for sexual relations, regardless of the age of consent.”

    Well, the gay ones certainly do get punished, don’t they? The straight ones get a pat on the back.

  20. says

    Ugh, nobody is justifying that 50-year-olds all go out and look for sex with teens. It’s just ridiculous to see the word “perverted” thrown around so easily by people who themselves are considered to be “perverted” by half our population…especially when it is not “perverted” to have natural, biological impulses (which has nothing to do with acting on them, necessarily). It doesn’t do anything for anybody. God, is this a Southern Baptist convention? Nobody is saying this was the classiest situation in the world. You guys are either being disingenuous or are retarded. Do you even read these comments before you post what you THINK you’re reading? Get over yourselves. For real.

  21. TANK says

    That’s not true. Our bodies aren’t “wired” for such a thing. That’s another relic/meme of pop evo psych (like that rape’s hardwired in men, too), which has no EVIDENCE to support it. Not even clade analysis considering we’re the only hominid extant, and clues about early man’s social interactions are basically nonexistent. Does it have its own discrete genetic basis, too?

    Anyway, this guy was playing with fire…and a 16 year old rentboy? HOLY DAMN that’s nasty.

  22. says

    Hey everyone, pay attention! TANK used the word “meme.” That must mean he knows stuff.

    Gee, I guess our bodies aren’t wired for sex at 13 either, we just go through puberty then so God can test us, right? Lol. You are too much sometimes, Tank.

  23. TANK says

    Capable of reproduction and hardwired to be attracted to youth are two separate things. One isn’t based on a bunch of just so stories WITHOUT any SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, and the other (latter) is.

  24. area51 says

    According to this story on Gawker, the killer didn’t always say he was 16. They show his Myspace page, where he does, but then says that he claimed to be 18 on a hook-up site called Xtube. From the pictures accompanying the article, the guy looks to me like 19 or 20.

    I googled George Weber and found his two blogs:

    Both of them are adjunct to his radio personality. Apparently, he was closeted professionally. He writes about an ex-girlfriend, and a hypothetical girlfriend. But there’s this ironic quote from his March 14 post (“Random, Wandering Thoughts,Part 2″)

    “I found out someone close to me is gay and guess what, I never knew.”

  25. another matt says

    If not being attracted to a 16 year-old makes me a prude, then by all means get me my chastity belt. Sorry, I’m not “hardwired” to be attracted to children.

    As my late grandmother would say, it just. ain’t. right.

  26. says

    Yes, our bodies are generally wired to find youth attractive, because youth = fertile. The fact that you can find examples to the contrayry (aesexuals, gay men, people with daddy fetishes) doesn’t change a fundamental biological imperative. I’m not saying his genes forced him to fuck 16-year-olds by any means, but good lord, how many straight men do you think are out there lusting after 16-year-old girls? This is not a new phenomenon. I don’t know George, and I’m not commenting on the morality of whatever in this story, I am merely arguing that he was not “perverted” just because he thought a 16-year-old was physically attractive. Jesus.

  27. Joren says

    Why can’t some people read? “Trolling for sex with a 16 year old”? I have read NOTHING that states this. I have read that the teen ANSWERED his ad. No one knows how old he claimed to be. If most peoples experience with on-line “stats” is any indication, he probably represented himself as being older. To me he looks like he could pass for 18 but who knows? None of us!

    Hooking up with any stranger on line is dangerous. There are plenty of whackos out there. Thank god theres one less out there now.

  28. Mark says

    I’d hate to know the amount of photos you have of underage boys on your computer.
    You’re pretty transparent in your defense of activities with minors. You do not represent the majority of decent gay men.

  29. Derrick from Philly says

    I’d hate to know the amount of photos you have of underage boys on your computer.
    You’re pretty transparent in your defense of activities with minors. You do not represent the majority of decent gay men.”

    Now, that’s the same kind of thinking that religious homophobes use against gay people who try to explain the scientific evidence of “sexual orientation vs choice”…

    “oh, you fags are just trying to give an excuse for your filthy perversion” they say.

  30. TANK says

    “Yes, our bodies are generally wired to find youth attractive, because youth = fertile.”

    No, that’s not true. You can repeat this JUST SO story all you’d like, but the age at which girls become fertile is NOT the age it is optimal to have children given infant mortality rates of girls that age. Further, it seems only to cover heterosexual sexual attraction. In any event, you can’t say that it’s hardwired, for you simply don’t have evidence that YOUTH as a sign of fertility was the driving force behind mate selection that made it to a hardwired psychological trait in our ancestors. There’s simply NO proof of this. They didn’t live as long as we do, PERHAPS, and thus mated earlier, but then YOUTH was not what it is today, and has changed meaning and look. That change in meaning in look makes it impossible to test whether or not it’s hardwired to to conferring a biological benefit.

    “The fact that you can find examples to the contrayry (aesexuals, gay men, people with daddy fetishes) doesn’t change a fundamental biological imperative.”

    This is just empty rhetoric. You’re merely repeating yourself. You haven’t a shred of evidence to go on. This is another pseudo scientific just SO fairytale.

    “I’m not saying his genes forced him to fuck 16-year-olds by any means,”

    You’re not providing an argument or evidence to substantiate your repeated claim that attraction to youth is a hardwired trait. Fertility does not equal 16, either–not synonyms.

    “but good lord, how many straight men do you think are out there lusting after 16-year-old girls?”

    I’d argue that has a lot more to do with cultural forces than genetic ones, as the sexualization of “youth” is a recent phenomena in the creation of “youth,” too.

    “This is not a new phenomenon.”

    Yes it is. You greatly underestimate the significance of cultural forces in shaping attraction–or, it would seem, are ignorant of them– favoring, instead, a pseudo scientific, UNFALSIFIABLE claim.

  31. TANK says

    That’s because I am not making the untestable assertion that attraction to youth (16) is an evolved, hardwired trait… I keep having to remind myself that most people aren’t educated and further, aren’t very intelligent…it helps.

    There is nothing going for it, and there’s actual evidence against it, e.g., sexual selection.

  32. says

    Yeah, good god Tank. Shut the fuck up. We’re pretty much the same (obnoxious, cunty, and vociferous), with the core difference of my being right and you’re being retarded.

    Mark, shut the fuck up. Please. I barely want to hold a conversation with a teenager, let alone fuck one. But yes, when all else fails, throw out the “Childfucker!” thing in lieu of, you know, an actual argument. It’s a lot easier than actually using your brain. I’ll leave it at that, since I really have nothing to defend.

  33. cinderella says

    well gaY PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE PARTICIPATING WITH MINORS why…its look likegay people like young guys thats disgusting and makes gay people look bad….thats nasty disgusting hewwww
    now i dont feel sorry for him getting killed

  34. Rico says

    Sixteen is an arbitrary age. There was nothing innocent about this sixteen year old, and nothing perverted about Weber.

    It is best to follow the laws of the land, but it is absurd to think that sixteen is not old enough to consent to sex. One could as easily prey upon someone who is eighteen, or twenty-eight.

    I am not going to trust the same government who does not respect the civil rights of all its peoples to decide what is and isn’t moral.

    It is a pity that Mr. Weber made the choices he did, that he died a violent death. He deserves our pity. If anyone thinks he is not deserving of our pity, that his actions got him what he derved, then your not very different from straight people who think gay men with AIDS get what they deserve.

    Seriously . . . think about it. Compassion should not have boundaries.


  35. Rico says

    Those who lack compassion for Mr. Webber, who would judge him, look at yourself. Who knows what stupid things you have done, have yet to do. Give it time, maybe you could be a headliner too, and we could be blithely discussing your death, and your life as if we had any idea what we were talking about.


  36. Rico says

    I have a hard time understanding why any self-respecting gay man or woman would be concerned what straight society would think about gay people based on the actions of an individual or small group of people.

    Maybe you need to go back to your dictionaries and look up sexism and racism. No one is justified making blanket assumptions about a whole group of people based on the actions of individuals.

    Remember, gay people are a small percentage of the overall population, which means the majority of serial killers, pedophiles , rapists, murderers, and overall assholes are much – much greater.

    Mr. Weber does not represent me as a gay man, so is only deserving of my pity . . . just as the retards who are posting here are not representative of me either . . . and I pray that such as you will never have to be the object of my pity, only my scorn.

  37. Rico says

    my previous posting my sentence was incomplete . . . I meant to say: Remember, gay people are a small percentage of the overall population, which means the majority of serial killers, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and overall assholes are much-much greater on the heterosexual side than the gay side . . . and still I have never assumed with all the decadent, evil, small-minded, mean spirited, and just spiteful, ugly little straight people out there that all straight people were the same.

    If anyone wants to judge gay people, they won’t need poor Mr. Weber to do so.

    Seriously . . . grow a brain . . . better yet, a heart.


  38. In a Nutshell says

    well, if one day I find myself a 47 year old closet case, plying a 16 year old with cocaine and liquor so I can have rough sex with him and pay him 60 bucks after picking him up on an anonymous website, then, by all means, withhold compassion…after all, I’ll likely be dead, so what will it matter?..

  39. Bubb says

    The guy said he was 18 in his emails, so it doesn’t look like Weber knew his real age. Lots of underage ppl say they’re 18 or older. Some sites you can’t select an age under 18 if you’re trying to set up a profile so you’re stuck saying you’re older. And I hear some old people fake their ages on profiles, too! So I guess what comes around, goes around.

  40. says

    Mathew shepard actually met his killer in a drug deal.

    from abc 20-20Did Matthew Shepard Know His Killers?
    Another widely held belief about the case is that McKinney and Shepard had never met before their fateful encounter at the Fireside Lounge. But a number of sources tell “20/20″ the two were not strangers.

    “Everybody knew Matt Shepard was a partier just like Aaron, just like the rest of us,” said Bopp.

    In fact, Bopp said he had seen Shepard and McKinney together at parties. “Aaron was selling [drugs] and him and Matt would go off to the side and they’d come back. And Matt would be doing some meth then,” he said.

    Though they frequented the same party scene, McKinney maintains he had never met Shepard before the night of the crime and wonders why people might say he had. “I’ve never met him. … Maybe they seen us somewhere in the same spot or something. I don’t know,” McKinney said.

    A bartender familiar with the local drug scene, who asked to be identified only as “Jean,” says she was friendly with Shepard. She also says McKinney and Shepard knew each other.

    When she learned of the beating, she said, she recalls thinking, “It’s either money or dope, yeah. He’d be the perfect target especially because Aaron knew him.”

  41. tish laproca says

    did abc know that george weber was such a pervert? oh wait what am i saying, he is a liberal, an obamatron… seems like satan brought 2 of his deciples together

  42. TANK says

    Where did this trash come from? Nothing to do with the post, either…but a desperate attempt to link and dismiss the crimes and victim blame. But why not deal with the tragically stupid…

    That 20/20 piece you’re referencing was a hit job on matthew shepard. It’s garbage full of idle speculation, rampant homophobia, leading manipulative questions, telling editing and hearsay from known junkie lying trash. It’s not beyond imagination to speculate about their motivations (the lying junkie trash) to lie to 20/20 when first, they were expected to for the piece (a piece that’s narrative had been deteremined prior to any interviews or so faux journalism), and second, possible remuneration and an extension of their three seconds of fame. The whole piece was a transparent ratings grab.

    Fuck off, fundie garbage. You’ve got nothing.

  43. Insideguy says

    This is something gone very awry. The kid looks like no 16 year old. From the language of his MySpace Page he doesn’t sound like a kid either. Murder is murder and this kid is a sicko. No question.

    Did Weber take advantage of him? I don’t think so. And no matter what you think of him, no one ever deserves to die.

    The villians in this case, and in all such cases, are the homophobes that encourage hatred in the name of good citizenship. Weber made a mistake, he paid the extreme price for it, don’t not castigate him now.

  44. JC says

    On-line anyone can say anything, be anything and lie about almost everything. I am sure the “16” lied about his age and the “47” also lied about his age among other things. There is no justification for either one of their behaviors but this should be a warning for all. I for one met a guy on-line(Craigslist too)appeared nice, had a good time when I went to take money out of my wallet the next day, $50.00 were gone (luckily I do not carry debit/credit cards with me.) So you never know and, honestly, no more on-line “hookups” for me!!!

  45. Glenn says

    Stop judging and stop blaming the victim!! He was not asking for it (to get mudered). I have heard the same argument when women get raped “she was asking for it by wearing what she was wearing”. Comments like those are ridiculous and insensive. He could have just as easily been murdered by someone he met at Starbucks!!! Many people straight and gay hook up via websites. It doesn’t make them all perverts. Have some compassion!!

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