Paul Donahoe on Gay-for-Pay Videos and a Return to Wrestling

Paul Donahoe, the nationally-ranked wrestler who with another teammate was dismissed by the University of Nebraska wrestling team after being discovered on a gay porn site last August, transferred to Edinboro University and is now again ranked #1 in his weight class nationally.

Donahoe talked to the Boston Globe about the scandal and its repercussions:

"It was very stressful. It was two weeks before school started. I didn't do anything illegal. I didn't hurt anyone. I don't think I did anything wrong. Who should I apologize to? Being dismissed motivated me a little bit. I'm a competitive
person. But, realistically, 32-0 doesn't matter. The regular season is
just preparation for the NCAA…They obviously gave me a second chance to wrestle again. I'm
thankful for that. It's everything to me. I think the new coaches and
new workout partners really helped me.

"I am straight, but on the forums people make a lot of gay jokes about
me. I'm not too concerned. They can talk about me all they
want, it doesn't matter. If a guy wants to be with a guy, who cares?

"Obviously, I did it for the money. We kept thinking no one
would ever find out because it was a gay website and we really wanted
that money. They left me a lot of messages, so I thought, 'What the heck?' People do worse for money, so… They were supposed to cover [the tattoo on his left thigh that says 'wrestling'] up but obviously they left it. Gay kids in Lincoln [Neb.] wrote, 'Hey, nice website. I saw you.' I
wrote back, 'Don't tell anyone,' but with word of mouth, people found
out. I believe it was unfair for Nebraska to dismiss me from the team. For
one, there's plenty of athletes throughout the University of Nebraska
who have had DUIs and who have been in fights and are still playing.
But I guess that's OK. Posing nude, I guess, is worse than someone
drinking and driving and risking someone's life, in their eyes."

Nationally Ranked Nebraska Wrestlers Pinned on Gay Porn Site [tr]


  1. dego says

    And being from western PA, I’m glad to hear that it was a local college that looked beyond the “scandal” and towards his abilities and took him on.

    Of course, edinboro wrestling has a history of trading off their wrestlers’ good looks and physiques for profits. I don’t know if they still do, but they used to yearly produce a calendar of the team shirtless in kilts as a fund raiser. somewhere I have a copy.. maybe I’ll scan it and send it along to Andy…

  2. says

    I agree with him, it is stupid and he should not have been kicked off the team. I am from Nebraska, and many, many teens/people in their early 20’s do have DUI’s (not everyone, but a lot more than you would expect on average). “Nerbaskan values” are screwed up. I’m guessing there would have been less of an uproar if it was on a straight porn site, too.

  3. says

    That was a remarkably mature way of looking at it. I mean yeah, not a lot of people understand it, but he didn’t do anything wrong, and his actions didn’t hurt anyone. Wonder if the school would have gone all super-totally-apeshit if they were doing straight porn?

  4. says

    Wow. Spot on interview! Good for him! And yes . . . DUI vs. gay porn? Really not a comparison. One is totally irresponsible and the other is . . . well, it’s making some people happy :)

    But I do want to impose a moratorium on the word heck. Please! Can we?

  5. jimmyboyo says

    “…there’s plenty of athletes throughout the University of Nebraska who have had DUIs and who have been in fights and are still playing. But I guess that’s OK. Posing nude, I guess, is worse than someone drinking and driving and risking someone’s life, in their eyes.”

    Excellent point

  6. bozemanmontana says

    wow – this guy is so mature and articulate – we need more straight allies like this! It doesn’t hurt that he’s cuter than a box of puppies, either.

  7. Brian says

    Clay, How can they sue the University of Nebraska? He broke a NCAA rule. If he would of done the porn for free, I think you would have a case.
    I am glad the NCAA and another university is giving him a second chance.

  8. Robert says

    Andy, I love your site, but once again you create your own headline that is dishonest with the truth of the story. He was never “gay-for-pay”… the video merely has him jacking off by himself for the camera. And the source that you link to for the story (the Boston Glove) is an honest enough news source not to call it that. You should know better.

  9. Ventura79 says

    Wow! My hero! Lol all kiddin aside, his situation is a perfect example of the hipocracy we live under, where a drunk driver poses no threat, and a person posing nude is an abomination, sad but true! And i agree, he should sue that university!

  10. Ventura79 says

    Wow! My hero! Lol all kiddin aside, his situation is a perfect example of the hipocracy we live under, where a drunk driver poses no threat, and a person posing nude is an abomination, sad but true! And i agree, he should sue that university!

  11. clint says

    Cute, articulate, thoughtful, smart, AND athletic…*sigh*. Life isn’t fair. Oh well, at least he has no problem showing us his wang every once in a while. WIN. I hope he has lots of babies and improves the gene pool a little bit. Maybe one of them will turn out gay >:-) Much success, Paul!

  12. Craig says

    Dego, most wrestling programs have to have fundraisers in order to survive. Football and/or basketball sucks up so much at most schools, the other athletic programs often struggle financially. If Edinboro can sell calendars with the beefcake, more power to them.

    As for breaking an NCAA rule…If Donahoe was on scholarship at NU, it almost certainly wasn’t a full scholarship as Wrestling is what is called an equivalency sports and is limited to so few scholarships under NCAA rules that most schools don’t give their wrestlers full scholarships in the interest of being able to give out partial scholarships to more students. Athletes on partial scholarships are allowed to be employed (under certain restrictions including hours per week). He obviously wasn’t on full scholarship given he needed the money from the website shoot; however, almost certainly did not violate the work rules that he would have been restricted by. If he violated a rule it would be not disclosing the work to the school’s NCAA compliance officer. If he had, I still find it highly probable they would have dismissed him though, but Donahoe would have better grounds for action against the university in that case.

  13. nic says

    oh, and judging from that nekked pitcher, this boy has absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. i wonder if the guy knows we’re talking about him. anyway, class act.

  14. Kyle Sullivan says

    Sounds like a sharp kid with a level head on his shoulders who makes a few good points — especially the one about it being okay to drink and drive in the eyes of Nebraska’s U heads, even though that’s endangering people’s lives, but it’s not okay to show off your body. Typical two-faced crap from those who claim a right to determine what is and isn’t right.

  15. paul c says

    Calling people out on their hypocrisy and bullshit…I love him!

    It’s awesome that all Nebraska managed to do was lose their best wrestler and call attention to their own stupidity and phoniness. Thank God this kid is still successful without those d-bags.

  16. Emmy says

    Whatever happened to Kenny Jordan, the other student athlete implicated in the scandal? Does it matter if he’s not as talented as Mr. Donahoe?

    And yes, I’d like to echo that the “gay-for-pay” headline is definitely misleading.

  17. Billy says

    Guys like him make me so happy I was born after 1975. A lot of people around his age and younger feel it’s ok to be gay. A new day is coming, just give it a few more years.

  18. gwyneth cornrow says

    Bill, that’s a good point, but the issue at hand is Paul Donahoe’s response, which is extremely articulate and confident. I think he will do great things in his life.

  19. Anonymous says

    I don’t have any sympathy for “straight” men who do “Gay for Pay”. Either be a part of our community or don’t, but don’t go running around on gay websites and then proclaim your heterosexuality as though being gay is something to be ashamed of and you were “Just doing it for the money” so that makes it ok. Asshole

  20. Nick says

    CJ said: “I agree Pender. Where most people would fall apart from it all, HE HELD HIS OWN, kept a GOOD HEAD on his shoulders and IN THE END CAME out ON TOP.”

    I see what you did there.

  21. Fuzzy says

    The University of Nebraska football team is one of the most notorious for players being accused of assault and other charges, and nothing ever happens, the game goes on. make no mistake about it, this wasn’t about “nudity” this was about “gay”. Nebraska can tolerate assault, murder, robbery but “gay” must not show it’s head, isn’t bigotry sppppeeeeecccccial.

  22. OncomingStorm says

    I agree with his comments about DUI and the dictotomy of his former school taking a stand against what he legally does on his own time.

    And Edinboro U. is a great school, although the weather change might make him homesick. The Lake-effect can really give you some snow and cold!

  23. btrmale says

    I saw this story on the website. Obviously, I am gay. And what’s the harm in what he did, straight or gay! He seems to be a remarkable man, and very cute too! He accepts people for who they are and this is a fantastic trait! You keep wrestling and show everyone YOU REALLY ARE NUMBER 1!! Beat all of your opponents!

  24. Ron says

    His persona apart from the eye candy video and photos rings with reasons why this kid deserves to move on from such injustice. And I am glad that he’s got that inner strength to turn his situation around and still emerge as the winner. All the best, Paul!

  25. Ethan says

    “No gay, No pay”. Why can’t it be as simple as that? I don’t think he deserves a cent for that video and all the trouble he’s gotten into because of it is well-deserved.

    People should just stick to making porn with their own sexually-preferred partners. Heterosexuals are already trying to take away our basic rights, are we going to let them take over our adult films as well?

    Honestly people, pay attention to what you’re watching. Even though most of these people are gay-friendly, or so they say, all they really care about is the money they’re getting. It’s not right.

    How often do we hear of GAY men/women doing STRAIGHT porn? I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard anything like this “scandal” in that sense.

    I say let Paul live the rest of his life the way it’s going now and maybe he’ll learn to stay out of our porn and go whack off for straight website.

  26. Chrissypoo says

    So yes, Paul seems very nice.

    Paul teaches wrestling camps to children.

    He seems to be smart enough to move on from this and try to get on with his life.

    However, now I hear that he’s going to be doing a live show on Fratmen in June. This show was supposed to happen the last two weeks, but kept on getting cancelled as Fratmens owner raked in the bucks of new subscriptions to see Paul jerk off again.

    I think all the empathy for his situation will go away if he returns to porn. I hope he understands that being in a porn will follow you around for many years to come. It will affect a regular career. His relationships with co-workers, friends, associates, neighbors, once its discovered, will be affected.

  27. Wassup says

    I really like the guy and i wish him luck with his wrestling career … but come on the guy is obviously gay or at least bisexual … which straight guy would go pose for a gay website even if its for the money come on … he’s hiding it cuz he’s trying to save his wrestling career … that’s it … but deep inside the guy is obviously gay or maybe bisexual … he will come out i’m sure after the end of his career … but good luck man … come out and you’ll see paul … you feel much better and people will accept you maybe it will take time but the faster you come out of the closet … the faster people will accept you and you’ll feel much better 😉 take care Paul ! ! !

  28. Trey says

    Another case of injustice toward gays in America, even if they are “straight” so what if they make a few bucks posing nude for a gay site. They need money for college and if I had a body like theirs I would pose for money too and it is not a crime so I am with the kids, let them off the hook, they did nothing wrong. I am sure God will forgive them. However the anti-gay Christians are most likely behind this one too, you know the ones who look at gay porn to make sure the young people are protected;)

  29. Michael says

    I only have to wonder where were people trolling to find info about another person? That says a lot about them personally. Perhaps we need to be more inquisitive about those that throw stones. I wager they’ve a lot to hide.

  30. Randy says

    Good article, great sounding guy, hope he gets to pin lots of Nebraska wrestlers and makes the coaches cringe at their screw up of letting him go. And Paul got lucky, for whatever the reason, to get the heck out of dreary boring Nebraska.

  31. says

    More power to you Paul Donohoe! And this is coming from the other side of the world (Asia). If Nebraska, population 2 million, was offended by your video, Asia, population 2 BILLION, was not! Video clips of your wrestling matches have become collectible, too!

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