Pope Benedict: Condom Distribution Will Fuel AIDS Epidemic

Pope Benedict is a very dangerous man setting policies that will be responsible for many, many deaths:

"Benedict said that the Roman Catholic Church is in the forefront of the battle against AIDS. 'You can't resolve it with the distribution of condoms,' the pope told reporters aboard the Alitalia plane headed to Yaounde. 'On the contrary, it increases the problem.'

The pope said that a responsible and moral attitude toward sex would help fight the disease.

About 22 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are infected with HIV, according to UNAIDS. In 2007, three-quarters of all AIDS deaths worldwide were there, as well as two-thirds of all people living with HIV."

How does the Catholic Church dare call itself "pro-life"?


  1. nic says

    why doesn’t this old fart dissipate like regular farts do. he is more dangerous to the world than anything he rails against.

  2. Ted says

    The responsible and moral approach is to distribute condoms to prevent the spread of a deadly disease, not to mention millions of unwanted pregnancies.

    The irresponsible and immoral approach is to jet around in ermine-lined capes pontificating [literally!] based on power hungry ruler’s interpretations of stories written 2,000 years ago by people who may or may not have witnessed events that may or may not have happened.

    The pope may be the leader of the Roman Catholic Church but that doesn’t make him a moral leader.

  3. CJ says

    Organized religion has done nothing but cause strife in humanity. Wars, discrimination, hatred in the name of “our father” and pure ignorance. People need to start thinking for themselves. Throw organized religion to the curb!

  4. johnny says

    I thought the Popes had to have some kind of intelligence to get the position…? This guy is a fucking idiot. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:


  5. PSA says

    What do you expect, the man is headed to Africa? These are the people who are trying to get homosexuality “outlawed” [and keep on trying to protect pedophiles.] They care neither for the dead or living. In this day and age what intelligent human being REALLY believes that abstinence only is the solution to the problem? Lump the man into the same category as AIDS denialists. Reason and science keep getting tossed out the window FAR too infrequently these days. Too bad an election can’t reverse this man’s policies.

  6. Henry says

    As an ex-Catholic I’m so glad to have rejected the morally bankrupt and anti-Christian teaching of the Catholic leadership. Looking at this picture on this blog, Ratzinger is clearly evil; not a single look of goodness in him.

    It’s a shame, as he has the authority to change the world for the better. Biblically speaking he’s in for the worst punishment of all, saved for those “leaders” who push their flock away from God.

  7. ButchSF says

    If there were a God, this act of moral cowardice and willful ignorance by the pope would surely earn his/her wrath…

    I think butt boils would be appropriate … or frogs. Yes, a plague of frogs in his underwear. That sounds about right :-)

  8. mrmnyc says

    I struggle to understand how someone who by definition is celibate can have any knowledge or authority on the subject. It’s absolutely ludicrous. (I hate to admit that I almost spelled that ludacris….curses pop culture!)

  9. BoxerDad says

    Okay, so “a responsible and moral attitude toward sex would help fight the disease.” Yeah it WOULD, but we don’t have that, do we? At least not the way you mean it, padre, so how about another plan? One that might actually fight the disease.

  10. Gregus says

    The more nonsensical crap that comes out of this asshats mouth, the more reasonable people will be driven away from the catholic church. It’s just a tragedy that in the meantime 100s of thousands, if not millions, will die.

    The church becomes more and more irrelevant by the day, leaving only the weak, deranged, and desperate as ‘followers’….and that’s equally sad.

  11. says

    The Pope should certainly be bashed for all these things, but let’s not bash all organized religion. There are peaceful, organized religions out there, like Unitarian Universalists (of which I consider myself one).

  12. Nick says

    The Catholic Church is morally bankrupt.
    The Prada- shorn little-man is so completely full of hypocrisy -it is difficult to reconcile on how many topics he and his brethren are just plain wrong. The little man’s missives are irrelevant and tedious.
    The belief that a celibate cabal can speak to any matters of human sexuality is laughable.

  13. Alex says

    Keep it up, I say! The more stupid he sounds, the better it will ultimately be for the world when organized religion disappears because people wise-up to the idiocy required in believing this hocus pocus.

  14. says

    Alex : you are spot on ! Hocus Pocus ! But aren’t you exhausted just listening to all this same old bullshit ? And yeah, morally bankrupt, Nick, with the whole sex abuse scandal and celibacy and women and gays being defective , I guess they have crawled up their own arse !

  15. nic says

    this deluded old queen will surely takes us down the road to perdition, if we let her. i closed the door to catholicism when i realized that it had closed the door on me.

    if this p.o.s. is god’s representative on earth, then all is lost, and there is no god worth respecting.

    right-wingers love to say, “there are no atheists in foxholes”. of course there are.
    what is true is that there are a lot of contrite conservatives who become humanists when faced by adversity. the choice has never been more clear: you follow Rush and the dope, er, pope and the sundry fear-mongers, or you come to the good side and help us build.

  16. beargulch says

    While “fuck the pope” is a phrase that lilts off the tongue so pleasingly, let us not forget that his power derives from many sources, not the least of which are the myriad people like my family, all of whom are varyingly supportive of me and my same-sex husband, and also regularly attend mass, go to confession, receive communion, and “just love that mumbo-jumbo.”

  17. DairyQueen says

    This pope is so out of touch with the real world. Anyone who follows this fool teaching and gives money to this cult is a useless sheep. I have zero respect for anyone who attends this cult. I have even loss a lot of respect to my liberal parent who still go every Sunday to listen to this bullshit.

  18. SFshawn says

    Bill Maher has a movie out in video stores/netflix called Religulous and it just reinforces in so many ways how God/Jesus/Organized religion is made up bullshit just like Santa Clause and the tooth fairy. This pope is evil incarnate and anybody who follows him is just as evil.

  19. Jersey says

    While its not quite as blatant as Jim Jones’ cool aid the poor dupes in Africa who are brainwashed by the religious dogma and will follow his “teachings” are just as fucked as if they were at camp in Guyana. People never learn.

  20. alex in boston says

    If there is one place the POPE ought to be visiting – it is DARFUR!! You can bet your last nickle in the collection plate that is the LAST Place he would ever think of going!! What and soil his white cassock, get the dust of the poor, hungry and dying on his red prada slippers??? No this man will as it was stated pontificate to his brethren on the evils of Condoms, birth control, and homosexuals!! The closest he will come to doing anything for the Africans who need help so desparately is to fly over the sudan and some lucky cardinal will flush his waste over the Sudan!!

  21. says

    Thanks to Nic above; Yeah, if the pope is god’s representative on earth, we’re all fucked ! Isn’t it amazing what power has done to the Catholic Church ? They just cannot pursue the greater good; only what serves their megalomania.

  22. Daniel says

    Jesus is free for everyone, no matter how much the Catholic Church imprisons and charges the ignorants to ‘feel’ Jesus.
    Would Jesus condemn condoms? I don’t think ‘The Homophobic Church’ should interfere, mainly because it’s human health concern.

  23. kj says

    If you sit in a pew every Sunday, you’re part of the problem: you lend this idiot your moral authority and give him credibility.

  24. Alex says

    Amen KJ (no pun intended)!

    And that’s any church, Catholic or otherwise. God has nothing to do with HIV/AIDS epidemic…mankind does. And only mankind can stop it.

  25. Robert says

    Guys, please refrain from INSULTING the Pope with the F…word I find it offensive and personally hurtful. Grew up abroad (God Bless America) in a conservative Catholic family that ultimately rejected me. However, there will always be a part of me that holds him in high esteem despite his outdated positions. That being said- I have to respectfully disagree with The Pope given that condoms are a life saver- is he seriously expecting all these people to reform their long standing cultural /sexual attitudes? Or will the Vatican support those countless kids in 3rd world countries as a result of unwanted pregnancies, of course not!

  26. bading says

    FUCK! FUCK! FUCK this Pope Benedict formerly known as Joseph Nazinger. Religion truly is the opium of the people.

  27. says


    Yous family is financing both the rape of children and the protection of those rapists if they support the Catholic Church. Two weeks ago the Vatican upheld the excommunication upheld the excommunication the mother and doctors of a Brazilian nine year girl because they gave her an abortion to save her life after he stepfather impregnated her with twins. Of course, the church took no action against the rapist and stated directly that those who saved the girl’s life were guilty of a greater sin than the man who raped her.

    There is no excuse for anyone who can read and access to international news to support Catholicism. None. Shame on you for making it easier for your family to help rape and murder children by claiming that their actions are not completely immoral.

  28. Lara says

    I. hate. that. aged. nazi. youth. so. much. Ugh! I’m proud to call myself ex-catholic. Can I get that on a t-shirt, like those “ex-masturbator” ones?
    He is the reason I’m against organized religion. It’s terrifying to think how much power and influence this nutcase has.

  29. nic says


    although wiki is not the best reference, i can attest to this quote:

    “Religion is, indeed, the self-consciousness and self-esteem of man who has either not yet won through to himself, or has already lost himself again. But man is no abstract being squatting outside the world. Man is the world of man—state, society. This state and this society produce religion, which is an inverted consciousness of the world, because they are an inverted world. Religion is the general theory of this world, its encyclopedic compendium, its logic in popular form, its spiritual point d’honneur, its enthusiasm, its moral sanction, its solemn complement, and its universal basis of consolation and justification. It is the fantastic realization of the human essence since the human essence has not acquired any true reality. The struggle against religion is, therefore, indirectly the struggle against that world whose spiritual aroma is religion. Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo.”

    in short, dude, you make a good point. religion is bunk. god is a zero, not a hero. the pope is a lap dog. we have nothing, if not ourselves. in the final analysis, we are what we bring to the world, whether good or bad. we help each other and struggle against the burdens that whatever-god-there-is has ruefully cast upon us, or we surrender to the evil that is at the obverse of the coin.

    in a way, indigenous or aboriginal people had a clue. god is niether good nor bad. we just flip it and we play — heads or tails. in that sense, the god of the old testament is dead. hence, there is no “new” testament. jesus is not dead, he just never existed. the “idea” of jesus the man, not the christ, is intriguing. i can imagine waking up to that man. i would luxuriate in his embrace; i could spoon with him till the cows came home. in the end, though, nothing replaces human kindness. and MY jesus would have it no other way, no how.

  30. ZERO says

    just think, a simple condom could have prevented existence of this archaic excuse of a man.
    Benedict is indeed a slice of Hell.

  31. troschne says

    I’m with NIC–count me out of the Catholic Club–I’m done with that crazy–if they don’t want me, I’m fine with not wanting them–saves me 10% every week, and I can spend that at Macy’s! He’s clearly an intolerant douche, and I hope more people come to that realization.

  32. says


    Please refrain from insulting every victim of sexual abuse in the world by suggesting that the Pope is entitled to more respect than a piece of dogshit. The facts prove otherwise.

  33. Tei says

    We all know how ridiculous this man is.
    Yes, abstinence would be ideal (in the eyes of the Catholics), however we all live in the real world and people have sex. Telling people not to have sex until they have found the right person is just unrealistic. Helping prevent further infections by getting people to use condoms when they have sex is the only sensible way forward, and condoms help protect against other nasty STD’s as well.

  34. Ian says

    you know, i agree with the pope to an extent, and do think people should stress monogamy and abstinence, but it should be equal to that of other birth control barrier methods/condoms in the fight against HIV and pregnancy.

    i also think pope benedict is looking at the HIV crisis in africa in a way that ONLY reflects his opinion on sexual immorality. 22 million people in africa don’t have HIV/AIDs just because of supposedly careless sexual habits. we forget about breast milk transferring the virus to children. we forget about high incidents of rape in africa. unfit hospitals. previous, folk thought.

    how the catholic church approaches HIV infection should start with prevention of possibly spreading the virus by informing HIV-positive mothers that they can pass on the virus to their children through their milk and by investing more energy in modernizing medical institutions, not condemning condoms and demeaning their significance in the fight against this epidemic.

  35. says


    Believe me, the Pope is not forgetting about the high incidence of rape in Africa.

    He’s pro-rape.

    The Catholic Church would have sold off all of its assets to take care of the children it raped if he were not. He would stop using the diplomatic power of the Vatican to shield serial child rapists from prosecution if he were not pro-rape. The Church would stop doing everything it can to avoid paying the few court-ordered settlements to victims it did its best to destroy that it has been unable to use its vast resources to avoid if it were not pro-rape.

  36. mike says

    As the joke goes: “you don’t play the game; you don’t make the rules”. Who is this dried-up, embittered closet queen who makes these idiotic, ridiculous statements? They call him The Pope. What he is is a self-hating hypocrite, a known pedophile and one of The Vatican’s resident Tea Room Queens. Girlfriend personally selects her Swiss Guard contingent and only accepts those who are uncut. The Popette is touring Africa, but trying very hard not to let too many “coloureds” touch those velvety-hands; unless, of course, it is some young, succulent, doe-eyed example of flowering African youth. Ms. Popette is actually tending to her homophobic thugs disguised as bishops and priests that she personally selected to ensure that at least amongst the great unwashed of Africa, Ms. Popette’s hateful, homophobic, un-Christian and despicable anti-gay agenda is carried out to the max. May her designer slippers cause her to trip on the red carpet and break her sniveling little neck.

  37. Mr. E says

    To Robert,

    FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK the Pope! Because of the things he has been saying of late: condoms exacerbate HIV/AIDS, the blurring of gender (from a guy in a dress) and homosexuality will destroy the ‘ecology of man.’ This fucktard deserves NO respect and I will tell him to fuck off all i can! You being an apologist for him makes you culpable.

  38. Attmay says

    The last Pope lived in a country ravaged by both Nazism and Communism. His successor was a member of the Hitler youth.

    Why can’t we just declare war on the Holy See and get it over with? They still haven’t been punished for the Spanish Inquisition or their complicity in the Holocaust.

  39. Lubin Odana says

    My father was raised Catholic and rejected it at the age of 10 when he realised what utter bullshit it all was. Catholicism has no place in modern society. The Pope’s comments would be laughable if they were not so disgusting. How many more people will listen to him, not use condoms and die of AIDS? He is committing murder by proxy.

  40. TANK says

    It’s the same old responses each time they do something worse. Not that they’re not important, of course: they should be as constant as the northern star. There’s no sense of decency, really. None. This is beyond the fiction of all religious faith and spirituality, of course, and exists to mire the poor in poverty and compound human suffering at inexcusable rates and magnitudes. That evil bastard will be around for another half decade to a decade, mark my words. Catholicism is a third world religion which doesn’t realize that in CIVILIZATION, the seeds of enlightenment are JUST BEGINNING to take root.

  41. nic says

    jebus, the fey old man is an easy target. he is like a fat pinata that we can all swing at, hopeful that we may get something sweet from the old bastard. but he will only spill his bile and vent his spleen at the world. fuck him. (the tired queen would probably like it.)

  42. says

    To fight against the use of condoms is the fight against common sense. To the extent that people already engage in sexual activitices, condoms can hardly be seeen as exascerbating the problem. I think the real issue is to teach responsible sexual behavior. Preaching abstinence is an anachronism that’s out of touch with reality. You can find more of this perspective at: http://www.ricoexplainsitall.com/politcs-economy/2009/3/20/sex-and-the-vatican-city.html

  43. CK says

    The old fart in in a frock should be tried for genocide… the amount of people that he is passively murdering by telling them not to protect themselves with condoms, is staggering! The Catholic dogma does NOBODY any favors, it just fuels the lies and bullshit that is fed to people easily swayed by their spiritual blackmail!

  44. says

    Considering the influence that the Pope’s words have on millions of helpless followers, it’s pretty safe to say that through a simple misstatement made while kicking it with reporters aboard his plane, he made sure that uncounted lives will be lost. As I’ve heard it said before, genocidal stupidity.