1. sparks says

    I was expecting a longer segment than 7-8 minutes, and I bet if this had been an interview with Rush Limbaugh, it would’ve been allotted the better part of a half hour. In fairness, though, I didn’t see the whole show and maybe they had a really “big” guest on as well?

    Anyway, the video has been pulled already, so most folks reading this post won’t be able to watch it here. YouTube has been absolutely RABID about TV media copyright lately. Over the past few days, several times I’d watch a video and find it unavailable just minutes later.

  2. sparks says

    It seems to be back up, at least for the time being… hopefully anyone who cares to see it will get here soon.

  3. Ambrose says

    Rachel is one of my favorite people on TV. She acts professionally, and is one of the very few people on TV who can have civil discussions with people with differing viewpoints. She was also a Rhodes scholar, which is inspirational!

  4. paul c says

    She’s great. I think she’s adorably cute and really sharp and articulate, and like Ambrose said, she can converse with anyone and keep her cool.

    I really hope she never goes off the deep end like Olbermann.

    Obama ought to appoint her to something because she really seems to have her shit together.

  5. Alex says

    I just love her, but, I still don’t get why she always has to say she looks like a “boy” when she is quite an attractive woman not at all like any man or boy.

  6. johnny says

    I agree with Alex. The notion is old school. She’s strong, but not manly at all.

    Otherwise, she’s just about the best thing to happen to newscasting and MSNBC since it’s inception. And I love how she over-power-vocalized on top of Hasselbitch and didn’t let herself get railroaded. You GO, Maddow!

  7. says

    A great role model. She’s not only comfortable in her own prettily tomboyish skin, she’s comfortable talking publicly about being a lesbian, without worrying that it will somehow distract from her investigation of issues that have nothing to do with gayness. (Anderson could take a few lessons. Being a gay role model and a reporter, even a “neutral” one, isn’t mutually exclusive.) I love the straightforward (no pun intended) way she takes on the ladies’ questions. In some ways I appreciate her more in a setting like this than on her show, where the predictability and occasional smugness of her responses prevents her from being as interesting as she could be. Perhaps perversely, I wish she’d be less like Keith and more like Chris Wallace, without the spittle.

  8. alguien says

    i was personally acquainted with whoopie back in the early 80s, just before she began her collision course with fame & fortune, and we got to be pretty good friends for awhile. there was never any indication that she was interested sexually in anything but guys. she LOVED the gay boys and palled around with a lot of dykes but i only ever witnessed her showing an interest in men sexually.

  9. sam says

    Just ADORE Rachel! Seriously, she is one of the BEST things to come on tv is a long time. Thank g-d for her because her show is so needed right now.

    What’s with the Keith Olbermann dissing? We need his show too, imo. So what if he is more left leaning or snarky. He hasn’t gone off any deep end to me. He calls it like he sees it and many times he is right on the money. Also, how many straight male allies are there? Except for Jon Stewart calling out Mike Huckabee, it was Keith who did the brilliant special comment on Prop 8.

    We need more like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann!

  10. cd says

    two ways to play it, it’s old news so it doesn’t matter or she’s so old at 54, it doesn’t matter. She should talk, Babs is the one who was in a hottub with Judge Judy.

  11. Alan says

    I thought it was widely known that Whoopi is lesbian. Hasn’t she said that in the past several times? I was pretty sure that was known (perhaps not discussed in the mainstream, but still known through alternative forms of media).

  12. Dubwise says

    Who cares?! Her sexuality has no bearing on me. The person it should matter to is the person she is sleeping with.

    She needs to go back to making great movies…or her on woman shows…

  13. kerry says

    i’m pretty sure whoopi has been open about having had sex with women. she said something about it at a glaad media awards event in los angeles, many years ago.

  14. Lubin Odana says

    I love her. She is exactly what America needs. She is good humoured, respectful to her opponents, articulate, doesn’t shout or lose her temper, and talks sense.

    Rachel Maddow For President!!

  15. John in CA says

    Given the audience reaction, I thought Whoopi was making a little joke. But regardless, she has been 100% supportive of LGBT rights in the past, so does it matter whether she’s “out” or not?

    I was under the impression that we only care about other people’s sexual orientation when they’re anti-gay hypocrites.

  16. Nick says

    To people saying Rachel doesn’t look a little “mannish” I beg to differ. Please don’t see this as me insulting her, however. One time, I saw Rachel in a magazine (I think) and my first thought was, “Damn. That guy is hot!” and then I realized it was Rachel! Just sayin. I love her though!

  17. mike says

    We remember Whoopi years ago in NYC. The lady is straight. But she’s been a good friend to to the gay community.

  18. Patrick says

    I watched the clip over lunch. Love Rachel like everyone else, but on the Whoopi closet, they were clearly joking about Whoopi having blond hair as a kid.

  19. Dubwise says

    @ Nick – I TOTALLY agree…she is a super cute dyke, that would also make a super cute fag

  20. says

    As to whether Rachel Maddow is “boyish” or “manish” – my impression is that she wouldn’t be offended for someone stating that about her given her openness about her gender variance.

    Amongst some in the women’s community, Maddow might be considered “soft butch”.

    My experience is that women have fewer issues with gender variation than us guys.

  21. says

    Whoopi mentioned in an Advocate cover story in the mid 1990s that she got her start as a comedian in the 1970s in the lesbian coffeehouses of Cotati, a Sonoma County enclave North of San Francisco. I grew up in that area at that time and it was a mecca of sorts for hippie lesbians and straight women burned out by heterosexuality (aka my mom). She stated in the article that she even though she wasn’t a lesbian that she was very comfortable and at home there. Is it possible she fooled around a bit, and that is what was referenced in that piece and even this week on The View? Given the times, it wouldn’t surprise me. But I don’t think she is anything but straight and open-minded.

  22. Paul R says

    One thing that would suggest Whoopi is a lesbian is the outfit she wore at the Oscars, which was just awful.

  23. Steve Taravella says

    I’ve no idea if Whoopi is gay. But I remember well the interview she gave in about 1990 in which she talked movingly about her father’s identity as a gay man. It was in BLK, a wonderful but now-defunct Los Angeles-based magazine about black gay life.

  24. Brian Griffin says

    If Whoopi is coming out as anything, it would be as she did at the Fire Island Dance Festival that she hosts now annually, that being the coming out as a gay man.

    I think she is exactly that: a gay man in a woman’s body.

  25. TANK says

    Ugh. Rachel Maddow is so obnoxious. That smug condescension and sarcastic warble for “DUH!” editorializing is irritating. Nonetheless, I’d take her over that boiled potato with a wig chris matthews any day. Is she better than Keith Olbermann?

    as to speculating about whoopi’s sexual orientation…who wants to do that? Seriously, it’s wrong to think of whoopi having sex and being sexual with anyone. And baba wawa is turning into the grandmother from wedding crashers.

  26. Tim says

    My husband and I attended a Gay Pride Celebration in New York’s City Hall where Whoopi hosted the Ceremony to designate Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley as “Official New Yorkers”, and she was open and honest about it, clearly out at least as “Bi” to a crowd of 500 screaming jubilant queens and that was a good few years ago, so if you think she is not out you are quite wrong.

  27. says

    The joke was in reference to “long blonde hair.” In Whoopi’s Broadway show, on stage just before the release of THE COLOR PURPLE, Whoopi spoke of her childhood desire for long, blonde hair and how she would put a sheet on her head and brag about how long and how pretty her “blonde hair” was. In context, it was about internalized racism and how, at age five, she had already learned that “nappy” hair was “bad.”

    When she said, “That door has been open,” I interpreted it to mean that she admitted to being a victim of internalized racism a long, long time ago.

    “Out of the closet” is one of those terms with absolute gay overtones, but can refer to almost any public declaration of who a person is. Whoopi rocks, and I was actually pleased with all the ladies of THE VIEW yesterday. I can’t help but believe that Rachel had a calming influence on the group. I’d love to see Rachel as a permanent guest host on this show; I’d actually set my DVR for that!

  28. johnny says

    Tennis pro haircut, soft, sloping shoulders under a dainty v-neck sweater, thin tweezed eyebrows, a little blusher and some big ol’ Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.

    Huh… I guess that says “mannish” to some of you out there but it sure as hell doesn’t say it to me, LOL.

  29. says

    Oops, I meant Chris Matthews earlier–Chris Wallace would just be wrong! And what I meant was that Matthews’s viewpoint sometimes surprises me, whereas Keith’s and Rachel’s (although I usually agree with them) usually don’t, which can get boring. I’m not sure if Rachel still has that rabid loon Pat Buchanan on, but I found them surreally fun to watch together.

    Whoopi’s long blonde hair bit from years ago is a favorite moment. Maybe she’s bi, but she’s been married a few times, has kids and grandkids, and has had relationships with Frank Langella and Ted Danson(!); the remark certainly didn’t seem like a sexuality revelation, tho I’m sure Whoopi wouldn’t be much offended by the suggestion.

  30. Gander says

    Just to add a little bit to the Rachel Maddow masculine/feminine discussion . . .

    A of all I think she’s adorable (and if she had a little something between the legs I’d be totally into it!)
    B of all I think nobody is going to mistake her for a dude, particularly because of the makeover that MSNBC has given her since she started appearing on the teevee.
    C of all if you have *any* doubt as to the veracity of her claims at past butchness / looking like a dude, a simple Google Image search is all that is necessary. Just plug in “Rachel Maddow” and the first page of results will give you some *very* butch/geek/dude results, including one complete with shaved head, leather jacket, and Sinead O’Connor specs.

  31. paul c says

    I love Whoopi for the honest, open and down to earth person that she is…but it’s rather hard to tell when she’s joking because she’s uhh, not funny.

    She’s a better host than Rosie in a lot of ways, but Rosie actually made me laugh. A lot.

    Whoopi’s attempts at humor are generally almost as cringeworthy as Joy Behar’s lamely scripted “spontaneous” zingers.

    Valley girls = funny in 1982 for about the timespan of Frank Zappa’s song of the same name. Not so much in 2009 for Whoopi’s interminable and originalty-free ramblings.

  32. Aaron K says

    What an ASS HAT!!!

    A sharpei has wrinkles…not long curly locks.

    That dumb bitch looks more like a standard poodle – pun intended.

  33. Crystal says

    I think Whoopi doesn’t feel the need to annouce that she’s gay. It’s apparent that she is, that’s why she made that remark. How foolish would it bhe if she said she was a lesbian? Everyone would make fun and say “wow, we already knew”