1. scar2 says

    Randy Travis must be living away from civilization. I have a 21-yr-old straight roommate who wears black nail-polish.

  2. crispy says

    I thought Adam Lambert was amazing last night. It was weird, wild, risky… but I could not take my eyes off him.

    I love how this season of Idol is shaping up to be milquetoast christianist retard Danny Gokey vs. freaky fabulous homo Adam Lambert. It’s like a metaphor for America. Who knew AI could be so poignant.

  3. Wayne says

    I can’t stand Lambert! He’s a glam reject and so far I haven’t heard anything out of him that I would listen to or buy. He sometimes sounds like Axl Rose and other times like a poser simply screaming into the microphone. I thought his performance last night was frightening, and certainly not in the country theme of the night. Idol should have thrown out the country night years ago, but if they continue to have it then the contestants should have to conform. He definitely stood out, but not for positive reasons. Give me more of Megan Joy… the girl has got it going on!

  4. dego says

    is it just me, or can you see Ryan Seacrest’s desire to lick Adam Lambert from head to toe radiating out of him?

  5. Marc says

    If Randy Travis is confused over this, I would have to wonder how he made it to this ripe old age of his?

    Now THAT is confusing!

  6. nic says

    oh, Randy, you old queer. i suppose you found a look and will be sticking to it.

    country “music” and rap are both stultifying — simple words from simple minds. any idiot can string a few words together and make them rhyme. only the near brain dead can appreciate that claptrap.

    just like ms davis, “i abhor cheap sentiment” and vulgarity.

  7. says

    Hahaha, I can understand how Adam might not be everyone’s cup of tea…but to say he can’t sing, and then praise the talents of Megan Joy is absolutely ridiculous, and clearly the attitude of someone who knows nothing about how to sing. Adam is over the top, but he is crazy good. Megan is a truck-stop dumpster ho with a pretty face, a middling, almost-adequate folksy twang, and penchant for blowing British reality-TV producers.

  8. MammaBear says

    Randy looks a LOT older than his 49 years, poor dear.

    Adam’s “Ring of Fire” was uncomfortable to say the least – couldn’t wait for it to be over.

  9. says

    Johnny Cash- who covered Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” late in his career, would have been very pleased with Adam’s performance.

  10. says

    How can anyone spend their life in any aspect of the music business and be confused by nail polish?


    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Adam’s Ring of Fire.
    It was so creative and exciting, the first performance of this season I had to watch on youtube the next day!
    Adam is a true artist and I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.
    Also, was really surprised at the judges (besides Randy), so weirdly conservative.

  11. rudy says

    “I [too] adore cheap sentiment!” (Michael “quoting” Bette Davis in “Boys in the Band”.) What I do not adore is the chunky baby diva vibe, the outer limits of which A.Lam is pushing. Nevertheless, at least A.Lam looks like who he is and does not parade around in a portable, though flimsy, closet, Randy. What I detest is a deeply closeted Country singer feigning a distaste for what he thinks the good ol’ boys would consider effeminate fashion.

  12. says

    @CHRISTOPHERM: “I think Randy Travis is more confused by a gay artist with no plans to marry his manager/beard.”

    I can’t wait to tell my mom that I’m going to marry a beautiful comment that makes me laugh.

  13. reddevilboy says

    first to urh, i think megan joy has a great voice, it’s just her performing that doesn’t work for me.

    as for adam lamdbert, i don’t buy it.
    i think his whole persona is just an act
    it’s like he figured out that if he wanted to be a star he was going to have to be somebody else so he created this character

    that isn’t to say he can’t sing or isn’t a terrific performer, but the whole hair farmer rock star thing seems pretty fabricated to me

  14. says

    Oh I don’t doubt that Adam Lambert’s persona is fabricated…it is obviously derivative and been done before. That still does not mean Megan can sing very well. She’s ok enough to churn out a sorta-decent performance every once in awhile, as long as she picks the right song to suit her limited voice…but let’s not pretend that she would have had any chance in HELL of still being here if she wasn’t as pretty as she is. Every season there is one girl who gets by completely on her looks, and this season it is Megan Joy. (Funny how, until this week, the show listed her as “Megan Joy Cockrell” or whatever. They are pushing this mediocre bitch way too hard.)

  15. qjersey says

    For a bunch of “music industry people” they cleared missed that Adam’s take on “Ring of Fire” was very reminiscent of Jim Morrison and the Doors.

    to Lil Rounds: You need to give it some RB flava

    to Adam: That wasn’t country

    More contradictions from the judges.

    But Adam does need to bring it down a notch, because it does come across as self indulgent.

  16. says

    I dont even watch the show and for once I heard something making complete sense coming out of Paula Abdul’s mouth. Simon is full of shit…and give me a break, I was wearing black fingernail polish in 1985. Boo.

    I don’t think Travis really said anything even remotely offensive. He was actually fairly collected about the whole thing. Sometimes you just really can’t teach an old dog new tricks, that’s all.

  17. nic says


    i think that it was teddy roosevelt that made a distinction between sentiment and sentimentality. the great bette did not get the memo. nevertheless, it makes for a great quote, don’t it?

    regarding adam: yeah, he is too cherubic for me, but that boy CAN sing. para que se le quita?

  18. Jim says

    Adam is the single greatest thing AI has ever seen. He gets a reaction – no middle ground. For someone who seems like such a nice guy, he’s incredibly sexually threatening. That “Ring Of Fire” gave more people a boner than anything ever performed on the show. And the voice is insane. That show just doesn’t know how to deal with anything other than a Six Flags Over Georgia entertainer. Adam ROCKS!!!!!!! I WANT HIM TO BE MY SLUT!!!!!!

  19. says

    Channeling my boyfriend, who’s not online today:

    The music biz folks apparently don’t know that Johnny Cash was a rebel himself. They mentioned Nine Inch Nails without saying that Cash himself did a NIN cover.

    I thought Adam’s version was fantastic. Very complex. Very hard to sing. And he nailed it. He’s on a totally different level than all the other competitors.

  20. says

    I’m a straight woman who loves Adam. Kudos to him for being himself! Randy Travis was more cool than that woman he was with. I don’t even think she applauded!

  21. nic says

    when does a fag get long enough in the tooth to stop wearing tee shirts in public? miss simon needs to get a clue. wtf is wrong w/her?

  22. Joe says

    I think Adam can really sing but he needs to modulate the look and some of his vocal gymnastics. Its all a bit too much. I would love it if, one week, he came out with un-flatironed hair that was his natural color and next-to-no makeup on just so we could see what he really looks like. I think it would be a revelation.

  23. AladinSane says

    Thanks KevinVT, was just about to post on Cash’s NIN cover (which is amazing). Mos def a fan of Lambert’s, he is the single most relevant artist AI has ever had on its show.

  24. Joe says

    The ironic thing is that Randy Travis has a gay son which he may or may not be aware of, but plenty of gay boys in Houston are aware.

  25. Wayne says

    Adam’s “original” version of Ring of Fire was actually stolen from the failed CBS series “Rock Star”… Dilana, a singer from Texas, did the same version and she did it much better… and she did it 3 years ago.

  26. paul c says

    It’s sad that some people are so bigotted as to deride Danny Gokey because he goes to church. When he makes an anti-gay statement, I’ll get on your bandwagon…until then, you’re ignorant.

    Blanket statements about country music and rap are also small minded and bigotted. Just dismissing the work of thousands or millions of people as crap because you haven’t taken the time to understand or appreciate what they’re doing is really fucking stupid and prejudicial.

    I think Simon was right about Adam’s performance last night. I’m voting for that nice Kelly Clarkson again this year.

  27. jakeinlove says

    Although it was a huge risk, I think it paid off. American Idol has NOT seen anything remotely original or artistic in it’s entire run up until that moment. I caught it by accident but gave up on this show after the 3rd season. All they’ve produced is a bunch of 2nd rate wanna-bes. Kelly Clarkson is alright and the country girl excluded.

  28. Manny says

    Adam is the not first to sing that arrangement of ‘Ring of Fire’ 2006’s ‘Rock Star Supernova’ favorite Dilana arranged it and sang it. I like her version alot better but much props to Adam for doing this. Cash would’ve loved it!

  29. nic says

    paul c,

    how does my dislike of country and rap music make me bigoted? name any country song after the time of patsy cline and hank williams that is not drivel. for that matter, name one rap song that is not contemptible in one way or another. moreover, sweets, inherent in the word “prejudice” is pre-judging. are you suggesting that after yers of listening to all types of music, i prejudged rap and country “music” as worthless? give me a break. it is worthless because there is very little to redeem either genre. they both play on our most base instincts. country music inspires the super-patriot, the my-country-right-or-wrong chauvinistic way of thinking that allowed the right wing to diminish our country. rap inspires the thugishness that allows the raping and diminishment of women and supports homo-hate.

    let us be honest, both are trash.

  30. nic says

    sorry for any misspellings. plus, i was probably hyper-critical and overly harsh. but, so it goes.

  31. C. Foley says

    I was not very into Adam; I thought he was another of those pop stars that’s all glam and no substance, and I don’t watch American Idol, but I’ve got to admit that this has made me a convert. I still think his wardrobe could look a little less cheap and flashy, and I’m not really fan of the look he’s going for, but I do believe now that he CAN sing and that he DOES have a stage presence.

    And while this song may not be country, it certainly was entertaining and he certainly brought us along on a ride. I’m sort of surprised he’s not out there in the real world already making good money.

  32. GENE says


    “When asked today what she thought of Adam Lambert’s performance from March
    17, 2009 of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire Dilana responded with, ” I am stoked
    that Adam Lambert from American Idol chose to use my version of Ring of fire
    on last night’s episode. It’s an honor knowing that my arrangement and
    “cashmere” version of the Johnny Cash classic “turned him on” to the point
    where he wanted to use it on the show.”

    The people in Dilana’s camp also stated that she would love a chance to meet
    with Adam on the show and do a duet with him.”

  33. Donna says

    Why is that I’m not surprised that amost of you guys are not supporting Adam Lambert?