News: Adam Lambert, Utah, Tony Kushner, Peru, Microsoft

 roadUtah largest consumer of porn in the nation: "Eight of the top 10 pornography consuming states gave their electoral
votes to John McCain in last year's presidential election – Florida and
Hawaii were the exceptions. While six out of the lowest 10 favoured
Barack Obama."

 roadAmerican Idol finalist Adam Lambert's "flamboyant" past, in pictures.

 roadMayor Dean Grose of Los Alamitos, California, who sent out an email with a photo I posted last week saying that this year's White House Easter Egg roll would instead be a Watermelon Hunt, is resigning: "Grose says he accepts that the e-mail was in poor taste and has
affected his ability to lead the city. Grose said he didn't mean to
offend anyone and claimed he was unaware of the racial stereotype
linking black people with eating watermelons."

 roadIsrael debates civil marriages.

 roadInternational Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission demands Peru government investigate attack on trans woman posted to YouTube.

 roadReadings from Bobby Jindal's Exorcism: "The paper is a first person account of how Jindal, a new Catholic
convert at the time, helped get the devil out of his poor, possessed
friend Susan."

 roadMarge Simpson has her first same-sex smooch.

 roadCalifornians Against Hate drops boycott of Utah car dealer Ken Garff: "Californians Against
Hate had called for a boycott of Ken Garff Automotive Group's 53
dealerships in six states in retaliation for a $100,000 donation made
by Garff family matriarch Katharine Garff in support of Proposition 8,
California's same-sex marriage ban, part of a total of $3.8 million
donated for and against Prop 8 by Utahns…Fred Karger, director of Californians Against Hate, said Friday the
two-week boycott of Ken Garff Automotive Group was being called off
immediately, following a series of meetings that included face-to-face
discussions between company principals John and Robert Garff and Utah
philanthropist Bruce Bastian, a leading gay-rights advocate."

 roadKathleen Chalfant and Stephen Spinella to star in Tony Kushner's The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures, to premiere this spring at the Guthrie in Minneapolis.

 roadCIA under Bush/Cheney destroyed hundreds of videotaped terror interrogations.

 roadJesus and Madonna step out in New York snowstorm.

 roadLiberty Counsel files lawsuit demanding Florida Bar remain neutral in same-sex adoption case.

 roadRihanna and Chris Brown reunite in Miami.

 roadMicrosoft apologizes for policies after outrage over suspension of lesbian gamer on Xbox Live: "The company's policy was to disallow any
statement of relationship preference in their profile or Gamertags,
heterosexual, homosexual, or otherwise. However, as Stephen Toulouse,
program manager for policy and enforcement on Xbox Live, told Totilo,
after seeing issues arise like in the cases of Teresa and Mr. Gaywood,
the company was 'looking into that policy.'" 

 roadAcademy of Friends holds 29th annual Oscar Party AIDS benefit in San Francisco.

 roadUK teachers face disciplinary action after calling 16-year-old student "gay" and "retard" in the classroom: "He said he felt 'bullied' by the pair during workshops, eventually filing seven official complaints against them. He
now has to travel all the way to Cornwall College Saltash after
enrolling on a construction course focused on bricklaying, plumbing and
electrical installation."


  1. Paul R says

    The mayor who made the watermelon “joke” certainly sounds credible in his resignation.

    Jesus needs to cut his hair. It looks like a weird toupee. He and Madge are the only image above where the two people shown aren’t kissing, so I guess that completely, totally proves he’s gay.

  2. David C says

    About Michelangelo Signorile’s mocking of Jindal’s exorcism story, I left the following comment on his blog:

    “So you’re shocked, truly shocked, that believing Christians go into politics in this country? Or is this mocking disdain only for those who are Republicans?

    “Tell me Michelangelo, do you care to ask all the professing-Christian Democrats out there — like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi — if they think exorcisms are nonsense? Why don’t you go ahead and try that? I’m sure America would be most interested in their answers.”

    Of course I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to ask this of any Democrats.

  3. ALTONA says

    David C – point taken, but that doesn’t excuse Jindal’s belief in magic and sorcery. At least the Democrats tend to be less beholden to the nonsense. They should all be called out on it, starting with the worst offenders, i.e. the GOP.

  4. says

    Yes, the Marge kiss would seem funny – except that was part of yet another moment that had nothing to do with telling the stories involved in the episode. It really is shocking how FAR the quality of writing on The Simpsons has fallen!

    BRAD BIRD, WON’T YOU DO YOUR DUTY AS AN AMERICAN and come back to consult on, let’s say, just 10 measly episodes per season?


    …and thank you…

  5. says

    Mayor Dean Grose of Los Alamitos, California, who sent out an email with a photo I posted last week saying that this year’s White House Easter Egg roll would instead be a Watermelon Hunt, is resigning: “Grose says he accepts that the e-mail was in poor…

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