1. Jason says

    Xtube is going to get shut down. This kid had (and still does, I think) an explicit video of himself posted up. There’s no telling how many other lying underaged teens have posted clips.

  2. TANK says

    I already know what’s going to happen. He’s either going to be acquitted or will get a slap on the wrist. This is a defense attorney’s dream case…it has all of the classic elements for our broken, bigoted legal system to render yet another unjust verdict and sentence.

    And $60.00 is way, way too much money.

  3. Bill says

    WTF???!!! Second-degree murder!!!! He planned the murder and brought his weapons with him. This is the anti-gay justice system in America. Something has got to be done about this.

  4. Lexxvs says

    This kid is a spycho, don’t know about the law in N.Y. for an underage murderer.
    The victim was the foolest and meanest degenerate I can imagine.
    Sad in both ways.

  5. Anthony in Nashville says

    Yesterday I kept reading that he had confessed to the crime.

    Now he’s copping a not guilty plea? Maybe he’s now willing to listen to his parents. This story gets stranger by the minute.

  6. liz templin says

    huh? i thought he had confessed to the crime. how the hell can he plead not guilty?

  7. Eric says

    He likely plead not guilty so he can present his defense. It will probably be that he killed the guy in self-defense.

  8. nic says

    what a waste. when i was his age, i just wanted a guy to hold me, to love me for sure, to hold me so tight that he and i would become a blending of souls. i know that i will never recapture those achingly beautiful moments. age inevitably makes one a cynic.

    whence does that kind of evil spring? a child putting two bullets into a a classmate’s skull? a drug-crazed teen who can as easily cozy up to you as put a knife to your throat? when crazness is rampant why would anyone want to be rational? where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise.

  9. says

    This is no boy… he’s a 16 year old young man. And he knew what he was doing. I feel confident that when the facts are revealed at trial, a jury will find it difficult to acquit this fail of a human being.

    I’m also getting tired of hearing so much derision toward the deceased. He made a bad choice, particularly given the young age of the accused. However, his meeting of the soon-to-be-murderer in a public location before returning to his home speaks to a level of responsibility that is all too often not seen among the very many who meet sex partners online. It doesn’t matter whether one shares the fantasies of the deceased… he shouldn’t have had to die for it.

  10. nic says



  11. stabdapussds says


  12. DR says

    Ok, as a lawyer, quick crim law 101…

    A) He probably just had a preliminary arraignment. The “not guilty” plea at this stage is meaningless. It’s just for paper-pushing.

    B) I said in one of the other blog posts here, there will probably be allegations of some sort of abuse. Even with a full confession, no defense lawyer will plead this kid to anything without investigating every possible fact. We’re ethically obligated to.

    C) Second-degree murder in NY is the equivalent of 1st degree murder in most states; for some reason, 1st in NY is reserved for protected classes. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    D) The degree of murder is largely irrelevant anyway. He is 16 years old and cannot be put to death, so the most he can get is life.

    E) I have to disagree with self-defense. From what I’ve read thus far, kid is claiming the vic gave him coke and booze. And that he blacked out. I’m betting diminished capacity of some sort, myself.

  13. TANK says

    A jury will find it difficult to acquit? Not if his defense attorney sounds anything like foghorn leghorn.

  14. DW says

    I’m waiting for the info on the parents. I’m fascinated by how kids develop their personalities, especially personalities like this kid’s. Early reports suggest the parents are equally out of control.

  15. nic says


    and so it goes…. yet, gay couples can’t adopt in many states.

    just look at the kid from vermont. his parents did a good job. a kid can be raised to do good or he or she can be raised to do bad.

  16. anon says

    He didn’t confess to any crimes. He admitted stabbing the victim, and the police ran with that to put the defense on the defensive. He’s guilty of something, but the courts will have to determine what.

  17. TANK says

    and some are just plain rotten from cradle to grave no matter what their parents did. Evil can be innate.

  18. nic says


    yes, there are things beyond human control, sociopathology among them. but there should have been someone to mitigate this type of violence rather than exacerbate it. where is the support system? a man was slashed to death and a kid is going to jail. there is something just wrong about this sordidness. but, we should not try to affix blame. somewhere, somehow there is a solution.

  19. TANK says

    Right, no one’s disagreeing that what will be will be, nic…but there doesn’t seem like any light at the end of this tunnel, however it’s resolved. Kid’s beyond repair. I saw a photo of his dad on his myspace, and he seemed like a real involved parent…not that that’s an excuse.

  20. nic says


    so, then we just go out in the front yard to pick up the newspaper as usual while saying “c’est la vie”, throwing our arms up in disgust or hopelessness or despair while making our way back to the front door to our comfortable abodes while picking up stray pieces of paper or plastic grocery bags let loose to the prevailing winds upon the neighborhood by people who could not care less about their neighbors, let alone the environment.

    i have been shaken to the core. i learned much earlier today that a friend for 18 years was found brutally beaten to death at his home. he worked with special ed kids during school time and worked as a masseur in his spare time. i cannot simply say “such is life” and go on about my bussiness. the story above and my personal experience as it concerns my friend makes me feel unsafe.

  21. TANK says

    What’s the solution to this, then? Seems like it’s a little late for a solution. This is a warning.