Towleroad Guide to the Tube #441

TINKER DECISION: ACLU marks 40th anniversary of landmark public schools free speech case with video highlighting Florida T-shirt case.

BIZKIT: Doggie dream sends Bizkit crashing into wall.

THE OFFICE: The musical.

MICHAEL STEELE: Republican party leader calls Rush Limbaugh "ugly and incendiary." Limbaugh fires back.

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  1. Sam says

    The dog is actually having seizures, according to a vet commenting on another video of the same dog:

    “The behavior and symptom of this dog indicates Generalized Seizure, Gran mal. The paddling and clonic movements of the limbs is not a sleepwalking behavior when in this extent. The dog also shows symptom of consciousness when laying down. I would say that this dog is suffering from Primary epilepsy (Idiopathic/genetic epilepsy)”

  2. Micah J. says

    That spineless, minstrel show of a coward Michael Steele already apologized to Rush.

    The elected chairman of the RNC can’t say a critical word about Rush Limbaugh.

  3. David C says


    Michael Steele did not call Rush Limbaugh anything. He called what Limbaugh said “incendiary” and “ugly.” I should hope that the distinction between criticising a person and criticising a person’s words isn’t lost on you.

  4. David C says

    Micah J,

    Way to go with the racialist and racist comment about Steele! You are a class act.

    Why shouldn’t Steele apologize? What he said was deeply stupid. Saying you want the President’s agenda to fail isn’t ugly and isn’t anything like the Bush = Hitler crap the Left dished out.

  5. Marc says

    The whole Steele/Limbaugh episode was for show anyway. They want you to believe that they are imploding but collectively they are gearing up for the next fight in 2012.

    Mark my words, if you let your guards down and don’t get out there and vote, you will see a return to the corporate socialism and fascist humanitarian policies of the previous regime.

    It’s a classic bait and switch tactic to get you to drop your defenses.


  6. paul c says

    How is Michael Steele a “minstrel show”? I’m surprised you didn’t call him an “Uncle Tom” or the N word.

    The thing that bothers me about Steele is that he is another typical politician who says what he thinks his given audience at that time wants to hear.

    That’s considered lying where I come from.

    I don’t know who that third guy was, but Hughley was wrong when he said that he and Steele had different points of view…they at least seem to share their discrimination against gays.

  7. Glenn Rivera says

    “How is this different from calling George Bush an idiot or wanting his policies to fail?”


    This is not even an argument. Bush proved many times over as he stepped over the proper channels to get what he wanted that he was lying doing for his party or himself. And the hard facts are, were we wrong?

    Look where are country is! Republicans need to take responsibility for what their President did. Let’s never let them forget! They act as if they had no part in this. They backed their President up! And now they want to criticize Obama who is trying to clean up 8 years of crooked policies and bad decisions in only 3 or 4 months.

    GIVE IT A BREAK – you bad, bad Republican trash!

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