Towleroad Guide to the Tube #450

JUDGE JUDY: On Prop 8 and the Arkansas gay adoption and foster parent ban – "It's just plain wrong."

JIM CRAMER: Speaks out for the first time since Jon Stewart's lashing of CNBC.

SUBWAY ART GALLERY OPENING: Improv Everywhere's latest stunt. "How much is it worth?"

UN DECLARATION: Rachel Maddow on the Obama administration's decision to support a declaration calling for the global decriminalization of homosexuality.


  1. christopher says

    Cramer=FAIL. He didn’t learn a thing from his drubbing on the Daily Show and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. These megalomaniacs can never see their own shortcomings, I hope he loses his show or better yet gets caught up in some financial shenanigans and is completely discredited as I think he was on the Daily Show. Anyone who listens to this fool deserves to lose their money.

  2. says

    Re: Cramer: yes, I guess it’s just naïve to expect the media to be a watchdog.

    Re: Judge Judy: I love the way she can barely talk when she brings up the Arkansas law, it’s just so heinous. We’re with you doll.

  3. TANK says

    I was at a restaurant with Cramer and his “girlfriend,” and he was such a loud prick. He wanted everyone near and far to hear what he was saying.

    Judge judy=yenta drek.

  4. Mr. E says

    Judy’s is great. I think in a way the Arkansas proposition is way worse then 8 is here in Ca. She’s right to be speechless about it.

    And Rachel, well, not sure why her use of ‘having the gay’ bothers me but she’s all right.

  5. Paul says

    I could be wrong Mr. E, but I think she was mocking people who support criminalizing homosexuality by saying “having the gay,” as they would probably say that.

  6. says

    I love Rachel Maddow, but in this case IU think she`s accidentally confusing the issue for the dumber viewers by feeding into exaggerations. i.e. She suggests the Bushies link the declaration to issues “like marriage“(without correcting that erroneous suggestion} and suggests it means“It`s okay to have the gay.“
    In reality, all the US has FINALLY signed onto is a bill that admits about the lowest denominator imaginable about gay human beings (that being gay should not be a crime worthy of torture, imprisonment or death.}
    The declaration does not in any way suggest that gay women and men deserve equal rights or that being gay is “okay.“
    This glosses over the outrage of the fact that the Bush administration ever stood in the way of even agreeing to a statement against this violence.

  7. John in CA says

    I love Judge Judy. She’s a creature of pure logic.

    But that very quality makes her a pretty lousy analyst when it comes to constitutional law (which is often overly academic, illogical, and doesn’t abide by common sense).

    Prop. 8 and the Arkansas adoption amendment cannot be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Both deal exclusively with their respective state constitutions. And I don’t think she realizes just how unlikely it is these amendments are going to be overturned. Appellate and high courts deal with process. They don’t care whether it makes sense or not.

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