1. Joel says

    He’s hotter than ever. Yum yum. I know, ew, but you know you agree with me.

    He can be my puppet any time.

  2. Paul R says

    The related website is very odd. What is the point of calling out bad songs, most from another era? Who cares?

    Plus, A-ha is on the list for Take on Me. That’s not fair! Morten, Mags, and Pal did their best, and the video was awesome.

  3. Marky Merk says

    How is it bad music if 40 million copies sold? Is everything old supposed to be bad? WTH?

  4. Victor says

    Dammit Sean, you beat me to it! I was considering steps 5 and 8 as well, but I guess you would know better than me. 😉

  5. echovic says

    of course he’s joking, right? where would the late 20 somethings be if it wasn’t for ice ice baby? it was a moment – and frankly, the music – and the vanilla himself – seems to have aged well… better than rico suave (tho he did have a killer bod)…

  6. Brandon says

    Did anyone happen to go to the related site besides Paul?

    This whole thing is marketing, to get people to buy products with the Virgin stamp on it. The advertising and spot I saw in the bottom right hand corner of a page says it all.

    Despicable and not entertaining in the least.

  7. meloveyalongtime says

    Apologige for what? That song is hot, besides it made him a fortune. Let’s do the math 40 million sold…………………….

  8. Dairyqueen says

    And we care why? Towleroad hit a low today. What are you Queerty with this crap?

  9. Luke says

    Am I the only one that found this amusing . . . . tongue in cheek, smart, and a mockery of all of these ridiculous ‘apologies’ that are put out following events that celebrities should be sorry for. If it’s marketing, then it’s good marketing – in my humble opinion.

  10. troschne says

    That douche is a parody of himself, and he doesn’t even get that. I’m guessing that, even with 40 million copies sold, he ran through the proceeds a LONG time ago. I’m sorry for him, because he is, indeed one sorry MF. (I did like that song, though.)

  11. Sean says

    Actually Victor, I looked it up. But it just sounded like someone was making amends. If you’ve ever heard that old wheeze from an addict or alcoholic, “I’m so SOOOrry.” It’s just easier to forgive them than let them torture you the rest of your life.

    And Mr Van Winkle may be as hot as ever, but I’m not incline to forgive his homophobia. After he sucks MY dick, maybe I’ll be in a more forgiving mood.

  12. mike shackleford says

    Wasn’t he successfully sued for having stolen the riff? Did he ever make any $$ from the recording?

  13. kev says

    I believe David Bowie sued him, not sure how that turned out.

    Yeah, OK, but I would love to give him a cock slapping too but I get the Step 9 stuff.

  14. kev says

    Ok, wait a minute, I was young, manipulated, and a puppet. That is not taking responsibility for your wrongs, twit.

  15. Marco says

    Why is this even here, except that we’d all like to see his face slapped with cocks.

    Posted by: Fausto Fernos | Mar 5, 2009 3:20:58 AM

    LOL. I admit, I would like to see that or do the slapping.

  16. KJ says

    Uh, kids — The only ones not getting the parody are some of the readers here, and it’s posted, because it’s funny. Thanks Andy!

  17. DB says

    You know, battling drug abuse would be much better served if we made drugs legal then showed people like Vanilla Ice and Mickey Roarke to show the damaging effects on people.