1. Rick says

    That headline accompanying this piece is both stupid and self-righteous. Anne Heche has never claimed to be a member of the “ex-gay” movement, and that movement has never claimed her as one of their own. Heche has never denounced or condemned GLBT’s. And this might be news for Towleroad, but guess what? Women are WAY more fluid and flexible in their sexual preferences than men. Why is that so upsetting to Andy Towle? He’s NEVER met a dyke who opted to start dating men? What college did he go to?

  2. John says

    Dear Rick. She was “gay” and then she was NOT gay, I assume thats what Andy menat by ex-gay. Stupid and self-righteous, I do not think those words (ex-gay, stuopid and self-righteous) mean what you think they mean.

  3. scar2 says

    I agree w/ Rick. The headline ‘ex-gay’ makes it seem she’s involved with that ‘movement.’ Also, she may be a nut-job at times, but she’s a good actress. That’s why she has continually worked despite the negative press. She’s been nominated for a Tony & an Emmy since the whole Ellen debacle.

  4. Rick says

    Actually, I do like Anne Heche, but I am more president of the “get a grip on reality” club. If only I had a nickel for every woman I knew, from my undergraduate days forward, who went from being a dyke to dating and even marrying a guy. We’ve all seen this, so why are we coming down on Anne Heche over this?

  5. peterparker says

    This film was shot in an acquaintance’s house here in the Hollywood Hills. The house is a stunning architectural statement, and the film will be worth a look simply to see the house. The fact that Ashton Kutcher will be accessorizing the house only makes it that much more interesting.

  6. says

    Not a big Ann Heche fan anymore, but I do recall once in an interview with her and Ellen (at the time of their relationship) her saying she didn’t identify herself as a gay. She just happened to be in love with a woman. She didn’t like labels. Perhaps the woman is just bi-sexual? Anyway…the term ex-gay clearly identifies with the ex-gay movement, so it’s probably unfair to tie her to that.

  7. Todd says

    I would have to agree with the comments about Anne Heche not identifing with or endorsing the ex-gay movement. I remember a few years ago that her mother (who is a conservative Christian, and from whom she is estranged) tried to claim her daughter as a success story of the ex-gay movement, and Anne publicly denied it and distanced herself from her mother’s views.

  8. noah says

    Why do people persist in calling Heche a “nut”? The woman suffered from a mental illness. Would you make fun of someone who had cancer?

    Heche has explained on numerous occasions that her father raped her as a child over a long period of time. It’s appalling that people still have so little sensitivity to those who deal with mental illness.

    Victims/survivors of mental illness are no more deserving of derision than anyone else who recovering from or enduring a horrible illness. Would you make fun of an HIV/AIDS sufferer?

    Finally, why bother calling Heche “ex-gay”? What’s the use of the label? Heche stood up for gay rights. Her open affair with Ellen Degeneres did hurt her career. The affair ended. Big deal. Why not respect the fluidity of Heche’s sexuality?

  9. rex says

    wow ashton will try anything to get his “career” back – did he really have one in the first place though? he looks good shirtless and not talking…

  10. RYRY says

    Anne Heche is a FRAUD, always has been, always will be! Steve Martin specifically wrote the character Daisy in Bowfinger based on his experience w/ Anne. Basically Anne will do or say anything to remain relevant or advance in Hollywood. That frequently includes sleeping around (non-gender discriminant) with anyone who she thinks can further her career. She was basically gay for pay with poor Ellen…and others. Check out Bowfinger again, if not just to get the jist of Ms. Heche’s methods, but b/c it’s a damn funny movie!

  11. Joanne says

    “She was basically gay for pay with poor Ellen” …

    Actually, it is well known that Ellen did not like Anne working when they were a couple … It was a major source of conflict between the two. Ellen wanted to be the provider.

    Ellen has obviously learned from that experience, as her attitude towards Portia’s acting career is totally different.

    P.S. The reason so many gay/lesbian actors in Hollywood won’t embrace the label and come out, is because of the UNFAIR way Anne Heche was treated … and is STILL being treated. SAD.

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