1. David D. says

    Oh, Ed–put that poor hustler’s dick back in your mouth and shut up. Seriously. You have nothing to say at this late date that anyone wants to hear.

  2. Myackie says

    I was living in NYC when Koch was mayor and I worked with PWA’s at the time…it was a very sad and scary time for us.

    I don’t remember Koch doing much…but I do remember the Federal government under Reagan/BushI doing LESS…and I blame them a LOT more for the spread of AIDS and lack of research than I blame Koch.

  3. anon says

    His primary response was to step up plainclothes entrapment of gay men, close down bars, nightclubs and bath houses and court the Catholic Church.

  4. Tyrone says

    I watch outrage and was disapointed that there was no mention of WHITE and GAY! If blacks where in the same number that program would have been about BLACK and GAY! The real program would be about WHITE and RACIST in government! White in government in law enforcement in entertainment LIE! And are liar hate and discrimination of other while they are gay racist etc… Next white child molestor JUDGES that let white off and have sex white many men!

  5. Tyrone says

    Racist white and gay white in authority are the same !I remember watching the Dr.Phil Show there was a episole about racist white police shooting unarmed black Americans. The white officer after shooting the unarmed black man put a gun of his in the dead black man right hand. Turns out the black man from birth NEVER could use that right hand it was impossible to handle that gun let along shoot at the police officer! Today white cops don’t even bother planting guns on unarmed black Americans they know the mostly white judges will give them a pass. They just claim they thought he or she had a gun so they had to fire 41 or 50 bullets at the unarmed Americans. To today whites that make the stupid comment”That race relationship are better today then in the pass. Hell no! It is getting worse in some cases the country is going backwards. Anytime a 92 year old black woman home along is murder by white racist cops 39 bullets to end her life. Then handcuff left to die on the floor of her home while the racist lowlife cops put weed in her home . To try and justify the murder of a 92 year old black woman! Or Sean Bell 23 year old unarmed American shot dead in the back in a car. His passeger shot18 time and lived UNARMED and the other passeger shoot 4 times UNARMED!Where is the white leadership why is it that only black Americans see the evil in these incidents? Given the fact that black Americans are fighting and dying in two wars protecting the rights of all Americans! Liberating Iraqi and restoring their civil rights in their country only to keep being disrespected in America is WRONG! President Obama reasonlly commented on the incident of the black Professor that was arrested in his home after the officer confrimed it was his resident. The President stated that the officer acted stupidly and he was RIGHT ! This is the leadership needed to idenify wrong behavoir in law enforcement! NO MORE PASSES!!! The President was right to call the act of police STUPID….. Gates was WRONG to call the incident RACIST! There should have not been a arrest . The stupid cop knew that ! That is why the charge was dropped before the President made his comments! Somebody other then the President deam the incident STUPID! With both black and white fighting and dying in Iraq for Iraq liberation it is disrespectful to all Americans to foolessly arrest a American at his home after finding out the reason for your call was WRONG!!!! The problem for me was the stupid cop comments that the President disrespect all polices! Remember .Boston police was very stupid when just because a white man stated his wife was murder by a black man.! Disrespected any and all black men in Boston … Only to find out later the white man murder his wife and unborn child! ….So this incident shows the Boston Police are still stupid! It also tells me that the Cheif of Police lack the leadership needed to stop the stupid! Now the world knows the tape didn’t show Mr. Gates yelling like the STUPID Police Sgt. stated. Also the caller did mention race HISPANIC so the idiot Sgt. was color blind and STUPID!

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