Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Outraged over Outrage

KochEd Koch is steamed over the new Kirby Dick documentary Outrage, which exposes closeted politicians who work against gay rights. But he's not pissed because it says he's gay, but because he says the film defiles his record (the film claims his record on AIDS and gay rights was virtually nonexistent).

 Says Koch to Page 6: "It's a [bleep]ing outrage. Bella Abzug and I, in the early '70s, introduced in Congress a bill that would outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation...And when we later said the law applied to contractors doing business with the city, the Catholic Church and the Salvation Army sued me. In 1984, I was the first mayor to march in the Gay Pride Parade. I was the first mayor to appoint openly gay judges."

Koch recently told the NYT it's unacceptable to ask if he's gay, and still won't say if he is.

My thoughts on Outrage here. Outrage trailer AFTER THE JUMP...

(via pam's house blend)