1. says

    Did they put in all the stuff about Jim and Dina’s threesomes with that male staffer, which Jim and the staffer both admitted was true? ‘Cause uh, it would kinda prove she’s lying.

  2. CJ says

    I am so sick of these nasty political figures coming “out” for “us”. McGreevey is a tool, Christ even Sam Adams makes my skin crawl. It’s great that we’re finally getting a public voice, but do we really need these kinds of people speaking for us?

    “we know what you did last session” LOL even better, “We know who you BLEW last session”

  3. paul c says

    That’s a very National Enquirer headline. Say some shit that’s not true and then put a question mark at the end…WTF?

    They don’t have these people’s faces blurred through the whole movie, do they? That’s the impression the trailer gives.

    One of the big things that’s always been used against gays holding any sort of position in the governemnt that involved classified information was that they could be blackmailed. Well, if I’m out of the closet, with nothing to hide, I can hardly be blackmailed over it.

    These closet cases, on the other hand, are prime targets. They’re the ones who are a threat to national security. They really do need to be exposed.

  4. Allen says

    Saw it at Tribeca Fest yesterday. Bravo to the brilliant Kirby Dick for doing much more than out closeted elected officials. His analysis of their voting records on gay legislation spotlights the hypocrisy and the damage caused by people of power who can’t bear the idea of being suspected of having gay sex — instead they penalize the rest of us who do and are evolved enough to acknowledge that we do. Still on the fence about McGreevey but the segments on Charlie Crist and Ed Koch are especially enlightening (and infuriating). Just go see it when it comes to your market.

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