Jim McGreevey ‘Storms Out’ of Outrage Premiere? Watch Trailer


Last week I posted a review of Outrage, the new documentary by Kirby Dick which looks at the anti-gay hypocrisy in Washington D.C. and the media's complicity.

Outrage_small Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey "stormed out" of the premiere on Friday night, according to the Washington Blade's Kevin Naff, who also appears in the film.

Writes Naff: "McGreevey is reportedly upset that his ex-wife Dina was interviewed for the project. She’s still playing the wounded, naïve victim – supposedly unaware her husband was having sex with men at rest stops and cheating on her with male staffers. Dina, like her ex-husband, is a talented actor. In the film, she laments being duped and claims her life and that of her daughter were 'destroyed.' Not to be outdone, McGreevey manages crocodile tears while recounting how he prayed to his dead grandmother after coming out, relieved that he could finally live his 'truth.' Bravo! Oscars for both of them. McGreevey only came out and resigned to avoid prosecution for far worse offenses than being a lying closet case. The gay community must resist the urge to elevate this joker to hero status."

Signorile: There was no "storming out" by McGreevey.

Watch the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...