1. says

    There is really nothing funny, clever, or interesting about this video. It’s just the same old “gay sex is funny” crap. When will people realize that straight guys pretending to be gay at our expense is not comedy?

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    Yeah this is really lame, but at least Israel affords Gay citizens the right to legal civil marriage, I think it allows them to serve in the Military, and generally treats them as equals. So this dumb ass group of str8 guys “Acting Gay” just shows that it’s a stupid as Gay guys “Acting Straight”.

  3. Midland says

    Like some people have mentioned, the Israeli army (like most modern states) allows gays to openly serve. There is no indication whether these soldiers are straight or not, and they could be gay.

  4. says

    Um, doesn’t the Israeli army have much more important things to do? Like dealing with suicide bombers and missiles and rockets and road bombs and car bombs and stuff? They don’t look so combat-ready.

    (Plus I agree with the post above, this video was just dumb, not funny or witty, just dumb.)

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “@Derrick from Philly – the Palestinians couldn’t make it to the video shoot. They were out killing homosexuals at the time.”

    Yes, PAUL C, misery loves to create misery.

  6. Ashley says

    Oh please I couldn’t see any other country in the Middle East doing something like this.

    Love it.

    At least they’re progressive and they looked like they were having fun. For the poster who said they didn’t look serious, maybe they needed something to break up the monotony of bombs and gunfire. They can’t joke around?

  7. Frank says

    no way is this homophobic. it is really innocent fun … they put a lot of time into it and none of it had an edge…i think some of them are gay…

  8. G says

    It’s apparent some on here have never served active duty military. Not all units in the armed forces are combat units.That took a lot of unit cohesion to do this video.It’s done to relieve the daily grind of dessert military life.

  9. Sam says

    Israel, overall, isn’t as homophobic as the U.S. (or other parts of the world). Not saying it’s Gay Heaven (though in a way it is, cause Israeli men are hot), but it’s pretty friendly. With that in mind, I don’t think this was made to be offensive. Even if they are all straight, pretending to have gay sex isn’t always mockery of homosexuality.

    And they are really cute.

  10. lilo says

    Guys … who ever below me said gays are allowed to marry in Israel is dead wrong. There is only religious marriage in Israel. Jews can marry Jews and Christians can marry Christians (etc…) . Not even straight mixed couples allowed are allowed to marry in Israel!

  11. AdamN says

    The “Palestianian-looking” Israelis are just as likely to be Jews. Some of us are pretty dark and look more semitic. Even some Ashkenazi Jews look more semitic, like me.

  12. GlenInBrooklyn says

    I’ll go with Ashley here. They looked like they were having fun. Not, “they looked horrified when they realized how it looked, therefore it was funny.” Big difference.

    And if they knew (as I’m sure they did, YouTube being what it is) that this would be seen in uptight, easily horrified countries around the world (that would be us), it made it more funny for them. Which circles back to the “having fun” thing.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “The “Palestianian-looking” Israelis are just as likely to be Jews. Some of us are pretty dark and look more semitic. Even some Ashkenazi Jews look more semitic, like me.”

    Absolutely, ADAMN. Many Isreali Jews are native to Palestine or North Africa, right? But that’s one of MY more shallow reasons why the Isreali/Palestinian Conflict is so difficult for me. Besides the politics, violence and history–there is so much human physical beauty….being destroyed.

  14. Beef and Fur says

    OK, I’ve spent 10 years in the military (2 enlistments active and 2 years on active reserve and honorable discharge, thank you very much) and while as “cute” as this was, yes, I agree with those who say it’s really just another form of homophobia. Playing gay in the barracks, while breaking up the monotony, is just that – playing. Don’t think for a minute that it shows solidarity or acceptance. It is a mockery and an offensive portrayal of a commonly accepted stereotype.

    Remember when white people performed as black people in “black face”. Yeah, that was cute and adorable too? Enough said.

    Oh, and good job to those who posted all the gushy “they are cute” comments. Yes, that really gives credit to our cause.

    “Hey Mr. Gay Basher – you’re cute! Can I blow you later?” Fools.

  15. nic says


    what more can you say about yourself than your nom-de-bloque does not already say? was that also you nom-de-guerre? asshole.

    the soldiers were adorable.

  16. AdamN says

    “Many Isreali Jews are native to Palestine or North Africa, right? ”
    Yes but even some Ashkenazi can look dark, possibly through relations with Sephardic Jews over the centuries.

  17. pablo says

    I’d think it was cute if I didn’t imagine that after the soldiers made this video they forced a bunch of Palestinian families out of their homes to build a settlement.

  18. Barry says

    first of all, these are obviously straight guys with lots of time on their hands in a remote outpost. and funny enough, some of them are Arab. one third of the combat forces in IDF are Muslim Arab citizens of Israel (they know a good state; many have died in service). and yes, gays are tolerated in IDF and Israel (unlike any other Arab society).

  19. jimjim says

    Saying they are cute they way some of you put it, it’s like talking about little kids. These guys have a lot on their shoulders and just found sometime to unwind… Come on guys Chill… it’s a bunch of guys having fun… Now even in the Marines FYI there is down time and time to joke around and make funny video’s such as this one.
    just watch this one

    Israel is progressive in many ways when it comes to Gay people but it’s not as open, as some may think. Out side of Tel Aviv it’s still as homophobic as anywhere else. Trust me I know what I’m taking about

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