Jason Statham Serious About His Nipple Clamps


"Juice me."

I noticed on the one-sheet for Crank: High Voltage, which opened last Friday, that Statham was hooking up the black battery clip to his tongue, but I had no idea where that other one was going to end up. Anybody see it?


  1. jmdhsmiami says

    Not to be a debbie downer, but if you saw the first one you would know the premise for why he is doing that, and realize that the other end is connected to a car battery!

  2. buzz says

    Derrick –

    He is pure perfection. I heart him.

    Did you see him bone Amy Smart in the first Crank? holy smokes.

  3. bading says

    @ Critifur

    Yes, there are tons of them. But I didn’t mean ‘freaks’ in a disparaging manner. I should have used the more judgement-neutral ‘enthusiast’.

  4. Chuck says

    He looks like a down and dirty f**K. He would screw your brains out then leave you in puddle next to the nightstand.

  5. Bruce H. Ungry says

    aaaah Jason..he is too fucking sexy. A friend of mine worked on one of his movies and he said (maybe wishful thinking) that Jason was always flirting with him, knowing the power he had over the adoring gay masses. sigh.

  6. Em says

    He is hilarious as Chevy. I watched it a few nights ago and he was so juiced up trying not to die it was unreal. What a wild ride of a film. I thought I’d hate it but he really brings it alive and lives it. Strangely compelling stuff.