Towleroad Guide to the Tube #469

RUM DUMP: The recent Boycott Jamaica "rum dump" at the Stonewall Inn in NYC.

MICHELLE BACHMANN: "We would do well to humble ourselves before God." What happened to the separation of church and state, and how did this zealot get elected?

SUSAN BOYLE: Demo recording of "Killing Me Softly". Singer stalked by paparazzi.

MATT AND KIM: Brooklyn musical duo strip in Times Square for new video "Lessons Learned".

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  1. says

    Proving Susan can’t sing just anything to perfection…she sounds really awkward on this demo. But the other two songs were flawless, so it’s just about “choosing the right song”…God I sound like Randy Jackson agreeing with Simon Cowell or something.

  2. Paul R says

    So presumably the Matt and Kim video was staged? The police let them go without much of a fight.

    I saw two nude guys (separately) the other day when it was insanely hot in San Francisco, and one was actually someone you’d want to see naked. That happens so rarely.

  3. Greg says

    My opinions:

    — Jamaica boycott and protests are very worthy.
    — Bachmann should laughed out of office. She is free to be as churchy as she wants in church. But keep that crap out of MY government.
    — Boyle’s eyebrows are fine just the way they are, in their natural state. A great part of her charm is her lack of affectation.

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    Bachmann is an embarrassment to most of Minnesota. She is in one of the most gerrymandered congressional districts that I have ever seen.

  5. Iko says

    Never heard of Matt and Kim before, but I really enjoyed that. The dumb fundie cunt could use a good beating by her god-fearing husband to get back in the kitchen where she belongs.

  6. Karin says

    Bachmann mades me exceptionally happy to be a Canadian. She must not realize that part of America’s image problem is that there is a very vocal group of people who are trying to turn America into a theocracy. It’s ironic considering cons slam Iran for being an oppressive theocracy… oh but wait they’re not following Jesus Christ.

  7. Terry says

    Come on Ford: anyone with a passing knowledge of Christianity might be expected to KNOW that in the Catholic church, all images of Jesus are covered during the season of Lent (the cloaks are removed on Easter Sunday). The notion that Obama was somehow responsible for the Christly coverup is ludicrous — the tradition is centuries old. Really, shame on Bachmann not just for her general ignorance, but for trying to stir a tempest in her smugly oblivious teapot.

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