1. sparks says

    interactive ad? the MOST ANNOYING EVER.

    Something else to block. If that’s the cost of watching a video on this site, I’d find a new site.

  2. Swellster says

    You can’t “out” someone who is not closeted.

    I don’t understand all of the disdain for Kara. I wasn’t that fond of her on Idol this year (but much of that could be her following the path the producers set for her), but I listen to her when she is a guest on Larry Flick’s Sirius OutQ Morning Show and I think she is great. She is clearly an ally.

  3. Sean says

    I was put off initially by Kara’s confrontation with Bikini Girl during the auditions. I thought Kara’s success in the industry would bring a new edge to the show. Instead, she came off as insecure when she initiated the sing-off with BG. And she didn’t sing it any better.

    While I grew to like Kara during the run of the show, I was sad to see this misstep replayed during the finale. My only hope during that trainwreck was that Mariah herself descend the stairs and finish the song, showing both of them how it’s really done.

    And now this interview confirms she really really really needs attention.

  4. gabriel says

    SPARKS – The interactive ad is from the Us Mag player, not because Andy put it there. And since the interview was an Us Mag interview, I don’t know how many other places he could find that clip.

  5. GregV says

    Kara only outed him as “out” but didn’t say what he was out as. He could be out among his friends and family as gay or out as bisexual (one of those two is likley, of course) or even out as a straight guy who just likes having fun with stupid evasive questions instead of answering them. To get really hypothetical, he could even be out as some identity category the American public never even thinks of.
    I can imagine the surprise if he were to come out as an XYY person or as a male lesbian or something like that.

  6. Peggy says

    I do not care for Kara..the other judges does not go out to hurt anyone and I think Adam is a great guy and the most talented and wish they would leave him alone…Does it really matter, it don’t to me and I am a 70 year old woman who just think he is talented, and very handsome and love his rock look and the elvis look….Kris is a sweet guy but no great entertainer like Adam…Leave him alone and let him make music…….

  7. Anita Wood says

    What is Kara’s problem? Does she think it
    is her “job” to OUT people? I did not think
    much of her as a judge,and I think even less of her as a person. IF Adam is gay of
    bi who cares,it is not her place to say any
    thing about it. It is totally up to Adam. Not Kara,You really have your head up your

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