1. Christopher says

    I voted for Kris too…proudly gay…nothing against Adam (and certainly nothing against him being gay). First off…isn’t it possible that Kris was just better? Secondly, Christian or not, why assume that someone would vote based solely on that one fact. I don’t get you.

  2. Ralph says

    LOL — Christopher — you my friend are an idiot if you do not recognize Christianist as a Profession behavior.

    Why else is he supporting or even Twittering about Kris Allen except to get Christian Taliban support. Oh yeah it could be he wants the cute boy for some sexy time.

  3. Cadence says

    The majority of the people who vote are teenaged girls, and they don’t care who Ted is, or care what he has to say. The same goes for how they feel about this whole myth about Christians voting in mass. I still haven’t figured out how Adam managed to get so far or stay out of the bottom three for so many weeks if their is this conspiracy against him.

    There are people who are going to vote for Kris because of his faith, just as there are those who are going to vote for Adam because of his sexual orientation, but these people are a fraction of the people who actually vote in and watch this contest. And nobody in either of those camps was going to power vote for four plus hours, or put up with all of the busy signals.

  4. paul c says

    Ted Haggard loves him some Twitter. It figures. Since he’s an idiot and all.

    I’m sick of people using this “Christian Taliban” term. To compare a bunch of pasty whiners in Dockers who vote a certain way or hold up cardboard signs at an abortion clinic to murderers who destroyed an entire country, harbored Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda while they plotted to blow up the WTC, blew up and destroyed religious relics of opposing faiths and killed unknown numbers of women at will is such an insult to the suffering of the people have been seriously hurt by the actual Taliban. It just dismisses the severity of their experience and co-opts it to fill some pathetic martyr complex you must have. It’s like comparing an unpleasant bus ride across town to the holocaust. It’s assinine.

  5. Eric says

    Why are we trying to make American Idol a Gay v. Christian thing?

    I’m gay, and I prefer Kris.

    And why do we assume that Adam isn’t a Christian just because he’s gay?

  6. Joe says

    Please Andy stop giving this LIAR anymore time on this blog! He needs to fade off into the Sunset as he is only out to promote his sick and hidden agenda.. enough already

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