Ewan McGregor: ‘Of Course’ Phillip Morris is a Gay Movie


Ewan McGregor knocks down discussion at Sundance (perhaps to try and sell it) that I Love You Phillip Morris isn't a gay movie:

"Y'know there was a lot of talk about it at Sundance about it not being
a 'gay movie.' Well, I think it is a gay movie. Of course it's a gay
movie. It's about two gay men or three gay men, y'know? And a man whose
relationships are with men. And although the humor isn't born out of
the fact it's about gay men, it's a funny movie.  Y'know, I never
wanted to be worried about the fact that it's a gay story because it
is.  I hope they locked it that way. You can imagine that the people
who deal with such things going, 'Oh, let's make sure people don't
think it's a gay movie and y'know that won't sell.' But of course it
is, and it's a good film."

The gay prison romance is set for release on Valentine's Day.