Gay Man Beaten by Gang of People at Ohio Bar Over His Sexuality


After a night of provocation and taunting, a 31-year-old Maineville, Ohio man was brutally attacked by at least four people during a night out at Tabby's American Bar and Grill, Local 12 reports:

Hatecrime "Ronnie Robertson's nose is broken, he has deep cuts and scratches
around his eyes and cheeks. The 31 year old Mainville man is openly
gay, his friends saying he's regretting not going to a gay bar Tuesday
night…A criminal investigation is underway, looking for
everyone involved in the attack. Two women were arrested on the spot:
Sarah Goldsberry, and Tammy Lingle. They are charged with felony
assault, and disrupting police business…Kelly Coffey says her friends, a mix of gay and straight people chose
Tabby's to play sand volleyball – but were harassed by a man who
continued to ask who in the group was gay and who wasn't & her
brother finally answered. 'When he admitted that he was, they lost it,
went crazy and started attacking my brother and pushing him out of the

Police are looking for at least two men involved in the attack, and Local 12 has not been able to reach the bar's owner.

Watch their report, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. says

    What planet are these people from? I thought the days of assaulting people because they were different than you were over, guess I am just naive…so sad that people are so ignorant!

  2. says

    @ JONLEE

    Not rocket science, these people S-P-E-C-I-F-I-C-A-L-L-Y target gay men.

    So they go into gay clubs OR hang around there, to specifically beat the crap out of a gay man. That’s their kick. Thier jinx. Thier endormorphine high.

  3. Ryan says

    Sarah Goldsberry’s About Me section on her MySpace says, “Women who behave well rarely go down in history” with a smiley face behind it. People like this should be sterilized. This world is full of the wrong kind of people.

  4. ib4e says

    Well, according to her MySpace page, that festering twat SARAH GOLDSBERRY is a “Bar Tender” at Tabby’s, where this incident occurred.

  5. Disgusted says

    They should prosecute this as a hate crime and the victim should sue the bar owners– Sarah Goldsberry’s My Space page says she WORKS at Tabby’s as a bartender. The bar would be liable for their employees behavior.

    Goldsberry’s My Space page also has a picture posted from a friend of a church message monument sign from someplace called Havens Corner Church with these words as the christian message: “I kissed a girl and I liked it then I went to hell” posted Feb. 24, 2009 at 4:32am.

    And her favorite quote: Women who behave well rarely go down in history.

    Someone should archive that whole page and ket the victim know that the bar is liable. I hope they all go to jail.

  6. MikeMick says


    You raise good points. To Jonlee’s, I often wonder when reading stories like this, where the gay men’s friends are while they’re getting assaulted. I’m going to guess that the attacks are so fast that the damage is done before anyone can react. One punch can do a lot of damage, and unless you’re within arm’s length, you can’t do much to stop someone getting hit. In this case, it sounds like they ran the poor guy out the door before anyone could help him.

  7. CK says

    I love the way the guys got the hell outta there and left the girls behind. I am sure they feel really macho today, right? What chickenshit cowardly asswipes! When they are in jail for hate crimes assault, and their asses are being plundered daily by ‘Big Joe’, I wonder if they would imagine what it would be like not to be such hateful homophobes and have respect for others instead, so they would not have gotten into that kind of situation in the first place?

    Don’t know what responsibility the girls have in it, but if they were arrested too, then I guess they took part in the assault too?

    These cowards are so fucking sickening!

  8. woodroad34 says

    Ah, yes, heterosexual females….the “fairer sex”. The only thing “fair” about them is their carnival sideshow freakability.

    And the quote from Ryan’s post: “Women who behave well rarely go down in history” shows how ignorant that nasty drunken cow is– how about Marie Curie, Queen Elizabeth, JK Rowling, Michelle Obama, or Madeline Albright? I can just see her responding–all snarly and cross-eyed–“whuu?” like Toots from Drawn Together. She’s just another ignorant “Sarah” — no talent or education, just bile and beligerence. I see a broomstick playing prominently in her stay in jail wielded by her social equals.

  9. woodroad34 says

    Oh, and I forgot the excellent example of Rachel Maddow as a well-behaved, well-respected woman who will be remembered in the history books more than Missy sad-ass Sarah.

  10. Jersey says

    And I think the last 25 or so of these attack crimes on gay people have had the hate crime aspect dismissed. Makes you fucking hate straight america.

  11. JeffRob says

    “Well behaved women rarely make history” is a quote from the famous historian, feminist and Harvard professor Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Although interpretations vary, it’s been a feminist catchphrase for decades, and I would hardly think less of Mizz Goldsberry for quoting it on her myspace.

    Instead, think less of her for being an ignorant shitpile.

  12. Yalie says

    wait, why are people so against the feminist quote?
    for the record, the quote is actually “”Well behaved women seldom make history” and comes from Harvard prof Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.
    i thought queer people would be /for/ a little feminism.

  13. JoeTynan says

    I can almost guarantee that when the other attackers are arrested they’ll turn out to be guys with police records already. Gay bashers always seem to be criminals to begin with.

  14. LUMOS1313 says

    I live in the Cincinnati area. Maineville is about 30 minutes or more from downtown Cincinnati and is really a rural community. It isn’t far from King’s Island amusement park, but nothing else is nearby.

    Attitudes in the city of Cincinnati have a long way to go toward acceptance, but they are way ahead of Maineville. Unfortunately, I can’t say I was surprised that it happened there. There are a lot of rednecks in that area.

  15. Bill says

    Haterosexuals are troublemakers.

    The reason multiple haterosexuals (unusually males) attrack a single gay person is because they always want to win. The same mindset happened on Wall Street where haterosexual males got big bonuses even if they did a horrible job. Haterosexuals want a playing field that always benefits them.

  16. Uncle Herman says

    Thanks Towle for reporting on this.

    @ JONLEE “Why is it that in most these hate crime cases there is one gay vs two, three, or four other people?”

    It’s an interesting question. I’d posit that the answer can be found in primate behavior. Humans, like chimpanzees, generally avoid conflict unless there’s a significant advantage. If two hostile and evenly matched groups meet, then there’s a lot of shouting and jumping around, but it rarely descends into open conflict. When one chimp meets eight or nine chimps, then the larger group will just kill the lone chimp.

    There’s also some psychological reasons, I imagine. The group of straight men (and straight women too it seems) use the gay man as a way to build their own group up. By brutalizing the gay man, the group affirms their own sense of identity, etc. and increase their survival advantage — group cohesion. It’s why, as a gay man, I probably have little to fear from one guy, but when he’s in a group then the chance of me being attacked is MUCH higher.

    Makes me wonder if there are steps groups can take to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening. Now, there’s no way of knowing how this really unfolded: It happened so quickly, the victim’s group was unaware of what was happening until it was too late, and so on.

    We can’t expect anyone to go back into the closet at the sight of danger. That’s exactly what these bastards want. Probably should come to an understanding with our straight comrades that if there’s danger, then we must present a united front. In other words, we have to stop being so naive about people who want to hurt us. We don’t need to be militants, but we need to be aware and prepared to put aside our differences and come together at the slightest provocation like a group of wild chimps, basically.

  17. Wheezy says

    @ JT,

    Yes, but in San Francisco and New York they have hate crime legislation and cops are actually required to treat it as a real crime…..unlike Ohio which doesn’t.

  18. Ben says

    One of the local queer groups – IMPACT Cincinnati – was planning a protest at the bar tonight…but the tornado sirens and subsequent warnings thwarted those plans. The peaceful protest will occur at Tabby’s on Tuesday night.

    Maineville is in Republican stronghold Warren Co…about 30-40 min northeast of the city of Cincinnati. That guy was ballsy to go there in the first place and extra ballsy to own his gayness when called out as described by his sister in the television news report.

    I hope the IMPACT Cincy kids don’t go out there and get shot at….

  19. Bayley says

    Don’t let this story die out, folks. I sincerely hope Andy keeps us posted on this story, and ways we can help the victim.

    The fat monster of a cunt smiling in that mug shot IS indeed an employee of that bar and he has himself an amazing case in court, I just sincerely hope he follows through with it.

    The protest sounds like a terrific idea. It’s time the gay community stop being so complacent and dreaming about moving to L.A and club hopping, and trying to lend a helping hand to our gay brothers & sisters not as fortunate to be living in accepting parts of the nation.

    Also, email this gem pictured above via her mysepace and give her a piece of your mind. It’s about time these people realize you won’t get away with attacking another human being for fun. The rest of us won’t allow that treatment any longer.

    By the way, I do believe a manager at the bar just myspaced her telling her if she needs anything he’s there to help with his myspace page reading “annoyed”….it’s vital to be on top of all this for the victim.

  20. JESSICA says

    As a heterosexual female, I am completely appalled with what these people did. It’s so sad and so disgusting. And I can agree with some of the comments on this site in thinking that I too thought we were past hate crimes. Hate is never fun. As my mother (and grandmother) told me, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. In my opinion, it should be used towards actions too. This sort of violence is so very overrated.

    On a lighter note, I wish the victim a speedy recovery. May he be aware of the support he has :) And you are all wonderful for supporting him (as well as other victims) and speaking out against hate and violence.

    — Also, we’re not all ‘haterosexuals’ ;p

  21. chocolatebear says

    Well I guess this unfortunate situation goes to show you that not just African Americans are HOMOPHOBIC.

    I hope they lock these embeciles up and throw away the key. But then again they guy was gay. The jury will find a BULLSHIT excuse to give them a lesser charge of aggravated assault.


  22. gregorybrown says

    Movies from the recent and less enlightened past that showed White men captured by Indians (and sometimes other Others) and tortured frequently included the particularly chill-laden line,that went something like “Let the women have him”. There may have been a meaningful shot of “squaws’ clutching knives or shells or sharp sticks. A shot of a terror ravaged face was common. Fade to black.

  23. j10corvey says

    On the contrary to what Lumo had to say…Tabbys in Maineville is located in a very populated part of Greater Cincinnati…I live in Mason, a few miles up the road. I am friends with the victims sister, Kelly. It was very surprising and upsetting that this would go on in a regular community. In this area we have whites, blacks, mexicans, gays and straights and anyone else who is out there! There my not be any well known landmarks in the area…but this is your average suburb off a big city…a middle class neighborhood. Some may expect this to happen in a small “redneck” town…which this area is far from…but I am outraged and sickend that this took place ANYWHERE in 2009!!!!!!

  24. Jessica says

    I’ve lived in this area my whole life. I went to school with Tammy Lingle and even was one of her “friends” in high school. She used to be a sweet studious girl, it’s sad to see her at age 25, hanging out at bars and beating up innocent people. Especially since one of our friends in high school was openly gay.

    To say something about the area, most of it isn’t “a little redneck town.” Sure the area is rural, but we’re tolerant. There’s only one small town about 10 minutes from there that could be construed any other way. It has a history with the KKK and most of the minorities know to stay away from it. Those guys could probably come from there, I’ve heard a lot of people from there will go to Tabby’s.

  25. robert says

    These cowards! They can only take us on in packs! I was gay bashed when I was in my early twenties, it was a similar situation I was out with a couple of straight friends and we went to a sports bar. While there this guy recognized me from high school, and started in with the fag comments. When I went to my car six guys w/ beer guts surrounded me and began beating the crap out of me. I did manage to get a couple of licks in- today one of them is sporting two false teeth in the front of his mouth. These people can only attack in packs. I hope they get the ass whaling they deserve in jail.

  26. thirteenburn says

    “…he had deep scratches around the eyes…” uh, no he didn’t and the FUCKING PICTURE proves as much.

    So, question: when gays beat up straights for being straight – and it does happen, why isn’t that a “hate crime”. Matthew Sheppard did far worse for your cause than he did good, you know, especially when it came out IN COURT that they DID NOT TARGET SHEPPARD FOR BEING GAY.

    But of course that didn’t, and still doesn’t stop you from continuing to use him, long after death, as a rallying cry for the rest of the country to feel sorry for you.

    Also, how do we know what REALLY went down since you’ve chosen to print only ONE side to this story? While I hate ANY unfair fight and this kid was probably the victim, but I’m far less likly to believe nor feel sorry for you when you spin the story with such one sided venom. It never serves the purpose you hope it would.

    Bottom line is this: I understand the whole gay issue – I’ve got friends who are gay, but I’ve been told by them that because they’re more conservative and are far from “flamers” (their words), they are outcast because gays “need to be in everyone’s face”.

    Why? Why do you insist on making a fucking issue out of everything? You can’t LEGALLY get married. So fucking what? Move on with your lives. The marriage part isn’t what’s important to you, it’s the act of “civil disobedience, not to mention that the Democrat Pary is all too willing to show off their latest token gay on all the news shows but have let you all down as a group when they broke all their promises.

    But who cares, right? Who cares if the Democrat Party runs you out as the latest cute “pet” whenever they’re trying to score political points, just as long as you get on television and scream out all their talking points handed to you seconds before going on air.

    Pathetic. Sad. But oh so very, VERY true.

    Be yourselves. Be happy with who you are as a person and the rest of life’s bullshit really doesn’t matter and you’d be surprised at how many straights would be far more receptable to your message and far more friendly. Give it a try sometime, because after all – right or wrong, no one likes a spoiled, snot-nosed brat who won’t stop screaming until he gets what he wants. Trust me on this, because, it’s not working out so well you guys doing it the way you’re doing it, huh?

    I’m just saying.

    “A man who reads nothing is far smarter than a man who reads nothing but newspapers.” — T. Jefferson; 1789

  27. John in Boston says

    Fucking hick savages. And let’s talk turkey: ANY cop, security team, bouncer, teacher, will tell you trouble really starts when the ‘Ladies’ show up, guys get defensive, insecure and try to show off, and chicks egg them on for the drama. I’m not misogynistic or anti-female by any stretch, but the ‘Fairer’ sex my ass. Chicks can be more brutal bullies than guys.

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