1. Bruno says

    Expected, but great news nonetheless. Almost 2/3rds.

    @Wes: I can’t see any other possibility than a referendum. With the backing of organizations like NOM, who would LOVE to see another “will of the people” expression, they’ll get the signatures required for the People’s Veto. But I have a sneaky feeling if that happens, the vote may not go as Maggie wants.

  2. homogeniushomogenius says


    LD 1020 is already in concurrence with the Senate. It has been passed and signed by the Speaker and is being sent to the Senate for signature before going to the Governor. There isn’t another vote. It’s done!

  3. JT says

    I love the way these other American states are whacking the asses of California and New York. (No more superiority-complexes for the gays in NY/CA).

  4. occono says


    Maine has a “People’s Veto” Ballot system where a petition can be filed to put any bill up to public vote. Even if the Gov. signs it there’s still that problem to go through.

  5. Adam says

    I’m a little confused by the shadenfreude evident in JT’s reaction. As a New York gay, I’m thrilled to see marriage equality come to Vermont, Iowa, etc., and more than a little ashamed that my state has fallen so behind.

  6. Rafael says

    Come November the Nation will be in a different place. We don’t have to fear a possible referendum. Even the worse case scenario would empower our movement and serve to decry social injustice.

  7. MT says

    Maybe JT should remember exactly where this revolution started. I certainly do every time I walk past the Stonewall Inn. We are all doing our part.

  8. SFshawn says

    Maybe JT should also remember that without Gavin Newsom and us gays in California the rest of the US(and the world) wouldn’t even be having the conversation about marriage equality. We are ALL striving for equality.

  9. says

    SFSHAWN, you just put the “gays in California” before “we are all.” That is what JT is talking about. It’s not about which areas of the country are better or more progressive.

    California has had little part in the conversation here in Maine. In the words of Prejean, no offense but I doubt even a small part of Maine would like to take steps towards becoming like California.

    And that’s not even the point. You are right, we are all striving for equality, but what I think what JT was saying is that you don’t have to go to NYC or California to find it. Instead, you can stick around in your home state and find it just the same, this bill proves that.

  10. John in CA says


    “Enlightened” Californians voted to ban same-sex marriage in 2000. And they did it again in 2008. When Gavin Newsom started issuing same-sex marriage licenses in 2004, the Netherlands, the Canadian provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, and Belgium had already legalized same-sex marriage.

    California and New York aren’t always first in everything. We only think we are because, frankly, we live in the land of self-centered smugness. I think a little humility is in order. The good people of Maine don’t need any advice from us on how to secure their rights. After all, we’re the losers who blew it. Not once, but twice.

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