1. samwise says

    It actually makes me sad that a singing competition will be used as a metric for our civil rights struggle. Plus I don’t think he’s going to win, so we shouldn’t be trying to help further than connection.

    I don’t watch the show.. but have read several articles about it on towleroad. If that gokey person was really getting the christian vote, who do you think they’ll all support next since he’s gone…. I’d bet not the gay.

    I’d be happy to be wrong though on all points.

  2. TBEEZ says

    What angers me is that Adam being “allegedly” gay automatically means he’s not a Christian. Whether Adam is or is not a Christian, I am sure that Bill O’Reilly understands that there are many gay Christians. Could he really be so ignorant [insert insult here].

    I am gay and I have been voting for Kris all along. But, in light of this new controversy, why do I suddenly feel that my allegiance needs to switch to Adam Lambert.

  3. GayConservative says

    Kris has my vote. I simply prefer his style. O’Reilly is trying to turn this into a christians v. gay thing, but the truth is that Kris is gay-friendly. Also, we don’t know Adam’s religion. It’d be a hoot if Adam said that he was a gay Christian. Bill’s head might explode.

  4. says

    The straightly adorable element is probably more influential than the religious element where Kris is concerned, yet they don’t address that cause it won’t inflame faux culture wars. It’s really Kris’s cuteness appeal that might win voters away from Adam not the fact he sports a cross. He has the tween girls (and more than a few gay boys of all ages) swooning. Personally, I hope Adam’s swaggering queer talent and charisma win out, but as long as Danny is gone and it’s down to the nail-polish brothers, both of whom seem genuinely sweet and sweet on each other (only in a godly way, of course), I’m good.

  5. Jason says

    This is the fallout from the Miss USA controversy. I hate how politics must contaminate everything……..

  6. PhDude says

    Adam should win AI. He is the most talented and has entertained us all season long. If he does not win it will be based on the “hate vote”. I would hate to see Kris wear that badge of honor for the rest of his career. Vote ADAM!

  7. Bruce says

    Will tonight be one of the last times we see them together?
    Let’s hope not. ..

  8. Bob West says

    Will vote tonight, (the first time I’ve cast a vote on Idol) for Adam, and not because he may be Gay.
    I think Kris is more attractive, but I’m voting for Adam based on talent.

  9. BC says

    I like both of them, a lot. I’ll be happy with whomever wins. However, I just really really hope that if Kris wins, the gay blogosphere does not run to the “HOMOPHOBIC” side of things. If Kris wins, its because he’s a great singer, not because Adam is gay. And if Adam wins, its because he is a great singer, not because he is gay.

    I can see Perez Hilton already getting his homophobic blog post all ready for Wednesday night to start another controversey.

  10. Wes says

    The runner up will be the real winner.

    The folks who win American Idol always fade into irrelevance (with the exception of the first AI winner, Kelly Clarkson). Once they win, no one cares. For some reason, America likes to give the runner ups an actual shot at a career.

  11. YM says

    I don’t know. Carrie Underwood has sold over 6 million albums and Jordin Sparks is also a platinum seller. Winning counts. The winner gets all of the promotion of 19E.

  12. alex in boston says

    leave it to oreilly to make this a gay vs us issue! what a friggin doucebag! Love to watch him have a stroke one day on his show!!

  13. Cadence says

    Actually, it’s not just Bill who’s done the usual bigoted routine, there’s been plenty of garbage tossed at Kris and his supporters, as well as bigotry directed at Adam and his supporters.

    I’ve been a fan of AI since the second season, and one of the reasons why is the diversity of the winners. None of these people fit into any one type, none of them fall into the Brittany Spears category, all of them are talneted, and they are all different. All of them won’t sell millions of cds, but voters knew that when they voted for them, but that didn’t stop people from supporting them. They were voted in based on their talent, and how they performed on the show.

    Frankly, I love both Kris and Adam, and think both will succeed.

  14. says

    I hate what I know will come if Adam loses. Just like some f my people who swear EVERY Black loss is racism, we have plenty of ‘mos who will swear its a Christian thing if Adam loses.

    Personally, I agree that Adam would be better off to lose. If he wins he will be forced into a gawdawful album that will fail and people will blame that on him being Gay. If he comes in second I think he will be the male Vanessa Williams and have a steady long career on Broadway, music and acting.

    O’Reilly is REALLY reaching by trying to stir up a controversy. He’s also built a perfect place for himself. If Adam wins the judges were typical libs forcing their choices on traditional Americans. If he loses it’s a victory for the good Christian majority.

    He should be ashamed as he has no true feelings either way.

  15. ophu says

    “but as long as Danny is gone and it’s down to the nail-polish brothers, both of whom seem genuinely sweet and sweet on each other (only in a godly way, of course), I’m good.”

    Oh, EYE ROLL… 😀
    It’s all good.

  16. MIKE in Houston says

    daughtry and clay aiken didn’t win but both are as successful as clarkson/underwood.

  17. 2gay4me says

    Kris is multi-talented performer with an incredible talent for creating unique, intelligent arrangements with broad appeal. Lambert is an embarrassing, meth-faced, one-trick-pony and Steven Tyler wannabe. A wannabe who will get my vote because I do not want to see Kris’s talent to be crushed by the soul-killing Idol machine.

  18. says

    The reporter stated on Bill Oreilly show that Kris Allen wears a cross.

    Yet this photo slideshow of Kris Allen of 118 photos shows “No Cross.”

    So why did this reporter mis lead the NO SPIN ZONE?

    see link and you will see the reporter lied since Kris Allen has no cross.

    see link

  19. Lexxvs says

    The only thing that I want as a token (just a token) of peace is that if Kris is the winner (very likely he could be, not because he is better but because of his conventional image) they seal the winning moment with a kiss. ON THE LIPS. That would swoon all the christians in their homes, lol. Ok, It won’t happen, lol.

  20. says

    Haha. I can understand that Kris has fans, but it’s a bit embarassing if they actually think he’s an ‘amazing’ singer. He sounds uncomfortable and strained in the upper range he tries to sing in all the time, and his ‘arrangements’ are more like 4th-rate Jason Mraz-inspired covers. He is cute, that’s about it. If he was average-looking people would not be giving his vocals NEARLY as much leeway. Yeah, Adam’s shrieking gets annoying, but there is really no comparison. Neither is really my style, and I’m not voting, just sayin’.

  21. adamsluvjnes says

    First of all, Adam is Jewish. Secondly, all this Christian vs. Gay is a farcr. Bill O’Reilly you should be ashamed. You mean to tell me that you could not find another subject in the whole world to talk about? But, its all about money with you, huh? Had to find someway to boost your ratings. All at the expense of a fine young man who has done nothing but sing his heart out. Here’s voting for Adam. ADAM BOMB FOR THE WIN. Glambert 1475

  22. Mancru says

    From watching the whole video, I don’t think O’Reilly was making this a gay v. Christian thing, I think his guest was. Actually I think his guest was bothered by the so-called Christian driven votes. Idk…maybe Christians did come together and say we can’t vote for the allegedly gay guy (i don’t really believe that), but I prefer Kris Allen’s style of music more than Adam Lambert. The guest was certainly biased stating that Adam Lambert is clearly the better singer. I understand that it is his opinion but it bugs me that he presents it as if its fact, when individuals’ preferences may differ on what is better or not.