News: Tori Spelling: Lambda Literary Awards, Fred Hochberg, PSB


Lambda Literary Awards handed out in New York.



Quincy, Massachusetts Church of the Presidents has its rainbow flag stolen for the fourth time in nine months: "The flag was stolen last August, and again last September. Two
months later it was burned, and this week it was stolen yet again. It’s a symbol of the congregation’s
support for equal rights for [GLBT]


Candy Spelling: Tori Spelling killed my husband.


Mixner: On becoming a civil rights movement.


Get a new free Pet Shop Boys song here.


St. Petersburg, Florida vetoes unmessaged rainbow flag: "They say the flag does not meet St. Petersburg's street banner policy, which states all banners must carry a written message."


Orlando Bloom celebrates Burberry Day!


New Yorkers plan weekend rally to pressure state senator George Onorato, who continues to refuse to meet with his constitutents on same-sex marriage.


T.R. Knight done with Grey's Anatomy? Looks that way.



Mom saves the day.


British soap EastEnders to feature gay Muslim storyline.


Gay Times: Cristiano Ronaldo is the sexiest man alive.


Pennsylvania court rules in favor of an accountant whose license was revoked following a hate crime conviction: "The panel, in a 2-1 ruling, ordered the board to impose a lessor
punishment on Kevin Allen Ake, who was convicted of a felony in Chicago
for leaving messages on the answering machine of a lesbian he believed
had him kicked out of the YMCA for trying to start a Bible program."


Fred Hochberg sworn in as 23rd president of the Export-Import Bank of the United States.



Porn actors Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho get married.


Senator David Vitter does not support the Uniting American Families Act.


Once Upon a Time: A significant Keith Haring mural turned 20 this week.


7 unanswered questions in the Angie Zapata murder case.


Harrah's Casino hopes you don't boycott Nevada because of its Domestic Partner bill-vetoing governor.


Schwarzenegger parole board appointee rejected for anti-gay comments: "Douglas Drummond, a former Long Beach City Council member, had been
censured by the council for voicing support of Fidel Castro's
sequestering of gays in Cuba, applauding the fact that same-sex couples
don't reproduce and saying about gay political activity: 'How do we
deal with it short of killing them?'"


  1. JohnInManhattan says

    Good news, boys! Kevin Allen Ake, the accountant “who was convicted of a felony in Chicago for leaving messages on the answering machine of a lesbian he believed had him kicked out of the YMCA for trying to start a Bible program.” is single!:

    “Hello, I’m Kevin would love to get together a play a round of cards. Please e-mail me at Look forward to it!”

  2. 24play says

    Over the years I’ve managed to beat my gag reflex almost entirely into submission. Yet somehow the sight of David Mixner, the fundraiser who was perhaps President Clinton’s closest advisers on gay issues, calling for a grassroots LGBT civil rights movement in 2009, free of interference from our national groups—and making all these analogies to the heroic pioneers of the black civil rights movement in the 1960s—has me retching uncontrollably.

  3. peterparker says

    I’m just curious. Do Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho’s red ties indicate that there will be plenty of fisting going on during their honeymoon?

  4. Michael @ says

    @ 24PLAY re Mixner…

    what you might actually be choking on is your totally dishonest history of making a career of saying anything, distorting anything, denying anything, demonizing anyone who dares whiff doubt let alone actually criticize Obama. The latest tactics [they change every couple of days as each one is shot down with facts, reason, and common sense] for those who’ve missed them has been to label Obama’s gay critics as “professional victims” and claiming that DADT discharges are, yawn, no big deal.

    Now, simply because David Mixner….who’s played a major role in more social change than you could dream of, including being one of the organizers for Eugene McCarthy whose antiwar candidacy forced President Lyndon Johnson to withdraw from his reelection race to working on the McGovern Commission to liberalize DEM delegate rules, to being one of the players in the successful grassroots movement to end our involvement in Vietnam, and convincing Ronald Reagan to oppose Prop 6/the Briggs Initative—the event given the most credit for turning the polls around and defeating it… now one of the MANY calling for a march on Washington to protest Obama’s broken promises and the inertia in Congress, you’ve decided to try to demonize him, too. And this time because, well, he might be guilty simply for having been married to Bill the AntiChrist but HE WAS FRIENDS WITH HIM!!! Faster, Pussycat, Kill, Kill, KILL!!!

    Of course, like most of your cherry picking of facts, when you’re not distorting them, the problem is you left out a few things.

    1. When Bill caved to the homohaters in the military and Congress, despite threats from Bill advisor Rahm Emmanuel [now OBAMA’s Chief of Staff, BTW], Mixner publicly condemned him on “Nightline” and everywhere else anyone would listen which was a lot of places both because of his credentials and because the mainstream media love a fight. Thus, he became known as the most famous FFOB, Former Friend of Bill.

    2. Mixner was arrested protesting DADT in front of the White House, and Emmanuel succeeded in getting him barred from the inside for a long time, and many Dem friends treated him like a pariah.

    3. Mixner was a HUGE, GIGANTIC, TIRELESS PROMOTER of Obama over Hillary for the nomination, and ultimately didn’t spare his caustic comments about both Clintons to justify it:

    “In many ways Obama is what I thought Bill Clinton was going to be in 1992. Obama is a person with a transcendent vision of post-partisan politics, who might heal this nation and bring us together. … This nation desperately needs to be healed and Obama is the person to do it.”

    “My heart broke as Massachusetts went for Hillary but then soared as Barack came from behind to take Missouri.”

    And, he STILL forcefully praises some aspects of Obama, but, having been burned so badly once, there’s no other gay person alive with a better sense of when to wake up and smell the coffee.

    Seriously, are you on Obama’s payroll to ceaselessly scream and smear or does pathological behavior like this run in your family?

  5. Strepsi says

    CONGRATS FRANCESCO AND DAMIEN — a true supercouple. And artistic, and entrepreneurial, and — from all I’ve seen of them in “off-stage” videos — gentlemen as well. Cheers.

  6. John says

    Thanks, Strepsi, for that eloquent note that put “24play” well into his/her’s place of disrepute.

    Mixner, albeit a bit more reserved and laid back at times than I would like, is a man whose “second act” may now be starting. And I welcome it.

    Because Mixner is so reasoned and intellectually passionate in a quiet way, he is precisely one of the men to which we should look for guidance at this moment.

  7. Salome says

    DAVEY? What are you trying to say? People who love each other got married what does it matter what they’re profession is?

    Congrats Damien and Francisco, I didn’t even know they were dating.

  8. peterparker says

    I once had a roommate who was a bit of a whore. He and his boyfriend had an open relationship and fucked around with other people constantly. Our neighbor never could understand their relationship, saying “They are like best friends who occasionally have sex. Why bother calling themselves boyfriends?” Ten years down the road my former roommate and his boyfriend are still together, still in love and still (I suspect) fucking everyone else as much as they fuck each other. The neighbor who never could understand the relationship?: still single.

    Happiness comes in many different packages.

  9. John says

    I find it interesting Gibbons thinks going up against the casino bosses on gay rights will actually help his re-election chances next year. Isn’t Nevada kind of a one industry state?

  10. Blake says

    “is supposed to be a celebration of what exactly???”

    who the hell knows. hotness? all I know is this is the first time I’ve ever fapped to wedding pictures……….. fap. fap. fap. yuuuum

  11. jimmyboyo says


    I’ll bet 3 months



    One assumes that you are not fully aware of the inner workings of your former room mates sex buddy relationship. You yourself say “I suspect” .

    Lets be honest , logic and simple psych 101 points out that their set up is most likely one more of convenience and a deep fear of and inability to be alone.

    I would make a bet that both are holding on to the other till the next best thing comes along and if it doesn’t then they at least have a security blanket in each other. WEAK!

    If one wishes to sleep around then sleep around. If one wants an intimate relationship then have an intimate relationship. One can not have both. Sleeping around limits true intimacy.


    porn stars can marry and have a great relationship but only if they switch to a different job.

    Lets not pretend here. The majority of male porn stars whether supposed straight or gay do not make the bulk of their money off of the movies. In Fact THE top notch!!!!!!!! male porn stars are lucky to get from 1-3 thousand 1 time payment for the film and NO royalties. The majority of porn stars make $300- %500 with some pushing $1,000 per movie. like I said only the top top top notch ones maybe pulling in $1,000+

    Having done 2 porn movies in my youth for “shits and giggles” every single male porn star on set, the producers (the real money makers in the venture) , director, and entire camera crew admitted that movies are more like commercials to advertise the porn actors for their real biz = ESCORTING. Movies bring little actual cash but do raise one’s escorting rate and brings in lots of future clientele.

    active working porn stars (99.99999999% escorting on the dies) a husband does not make. A great fuck buddy, yeah.

  12. Midland says

    Now, now, Jimmyboyo (are you Welsh?): you have left out the most important piece of information – what are the titles of the two pornos you made?

  13. Rowan says

    Jimmy et al…

    Nice people…

    Erm goodluck to Crosse and De Macho…if straights can do it ALL the time and divorce after 2 mins BUT you both make the effort, knowing how HARD it is and how such a minority of the world will recognise it.

    So good for you.

    Let hope your mother or family don’t read the horrible and spiteful comments on this blog.


  14. Chitown Kev says

    Uh, JimmyBoyo, Mixner is NOT making an allusion to the black civil rights pioneers of the 1960’s, he is making an allusion to the black civil right’s pioneers of the 1930’s and the analogy is sheer perfection.

    The NAACP had unparalleled access to the Roosevelt Administration in the 1930’s, largely through Eleanor Roosevelt. Very much like the gay civil rights leadership of today, it was a top-down movement of the members of “The Talented Tenth.” Yet still, with all that top down leadership, Roosevelt refused to 1) agree to a 1940 civil rights march on Washington;; the march was in fact planned and called off at the last possible minute 2) FDR refused to desegregate the Armed Forces.

    He need the support of the bloc of racist Southern Democrat Congressmen in order to rebut a challenge from the isolationist Republicans; remember this is a time when America was providing needed (and secret) help to the British in their battle with Germany and the American entry into WWII was all but inevitable.

    While that NAACP access did bear fruit in Truman’s desegregation of the Armed Forces after the War, the NAACP was still moving far too slow in dismantling Southern desegregation.

    And that’s where King and the grassroots organization of the SCLC came in and Roy Wilkins and the NAACP did not like King and the grassroots oriented SCLC.

    It IS the exact same conundrum now with the gay civil rights movement (politically connected “top-down” leadership v. the need for a grassroots oriented leadership). Mixner’s analogy is perfect.

    Lelan…ur, Leonard your analysis is pretty much on target.

  15. Michael @ says

    “I adore President Obama but not enough to allow his team to delay my freedom for political convenience or comfort. It is unacceptable.” – David Mixner.

  16. Paul R says

    Jimmyboyo, I disagree with your argument about “true intimacy.” Sometimes people are sexually incompatible but emotionally glued. Sometimes they’re sexually compatible, emotionally glued, and interested in sex with others. Sometimes they don’t want to have sex with others.

    Preferences come in all shapes and forms, and aren’t as simple as you seem to think. If couples aren’t putting one another at risk, and agree on an open relationship, they have every right to do that. It doesn’t mean they don’t love each other or are using each other as a last resort.

    It may not be your cup of tea (or mine), but you saying it’s wrong doesn’t mean it’s true.

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