1. FASTLAD says

    See it for Javier Beltrane’s indelible performance as Garcia Lorca. It’s as powerful and multifaceted as Heath Ledger’s in Brokeback Mountain.

  2. alguien says

    as an admirer of dali, lorca and someone who considers spain his adopted country, i have to say that i’m really excited to see this movie.

  3. says

    @fastlad: I will go to see it; you give it high praise by comparing the performance to Brokeback. i’ve always loved Lorca; even Neruda’s poem about him: “……my house was called the house of flowers……”

  4. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    I’ll see it for sure.Love Lorca and Dali even more.Besides I’m quarter spanish and my family TG survived the 700 years of muslim slavery.And I’m still here.

  5. JT says

    Fastlad- schizophrenic does not mean multifaceted. (Fastlad also thinks someone with both breasts and a penis is multifaceted).