Sebastian Stan Undresses on a Bed, Talks Politics and Playing Gay


Sebastian Stan in the June/July 2009 issue of OUT.

Stan says that Keith Olbermann's well-known special comment on Proposition 8 helped him to understand how to approach his gay closeted character on NBC's Kings (which, incidentally has postponed the remainder of its episodes till next month).

"I'd never really seen him before, but to hear him speak so passionately about understanding it as a pure human thing, even though it wasn't something he was brought up to think, was awesome. And thinking about that as it relates to my character, who becomes more secure and stops thinking that he has to be the prototypical leader he was taught to be as a child, was very moving."


  1. jimmyboyo says

    Kings sucks

    As a retelling of a fairytale (no archeological evidence that either kingdom of david or solomon ever existed 1/2 right.

    David loved Jonathan “….his love was greater than a womans….” fairytale david said upon hearing of the death of jonothan. their constant “…fell upon each other..” and so on in the story

    its one thing to do a retelling thing but to remove all reference to the main guy’s possible more than platonic love of their version of jonathan and their version of jonathan is portrayed as being of questionable ethics is offensive

    I’m glad its a flop that NBC has to try to put back on the air at a later date due to all the money they pumped into this piece of crap

  2. hhedn says

    so what??? it’s not supposed to be the story of King David entirely!!
    plus… those things do not support the evidence that David had more than platonic love for Jonathan…
    one last thing.. the series is great… it’s just great! nothing else…
    better than these new series out there… they suck compared to how well written Kings is!
    NBC has lost a great deal!!

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