Towleroad Guide to the Tube #490

DAN CHOI: Talks about the protest outside the Beverly Hilton, and the repeal of DADT with MSNBC's David Shuster.

TALKING EQUALITY: Rob Tisinai's latest video.

STEVE KORNELL: St. Petersburg City Council candidate reveals how the "gay" question should be answered.

PROCTER & GAMBLE: Teaches you how to trim the bush to make the tree look taller.

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  1. Keanon Pete says

    Love Dan Choi and Rob Tisinai! They are the new Harvey Milk’s of our age! I wish we could see Rob on CNN and other media outlets. His vids should also be on T.V. Rob’s work would have been great t.v. ads way back when they were first fighting Prop 8. Equal Rights Now!

  2. Julius says

    Rob Tisinai’s video should be required viewing. If I had money I’d buy ad time to air the entire video on multiple channels. I’d air it in college cafeterias and on college campus television, and make copies of it on dvds and distribute it free of charge.

    It’s such a perfect collection of obscene statements coupled with Rob’s succinct and well-presented arguments.