1. Webster says

    Unless something is done–and soon–Obama had better not come asking me for money come re-election time. So far, concerning LGBT issues, he has been mere empty rhetoric. Pretty words are no substitute for change.

  2. fred says

    Surreal – watching a closeted guy talk about gay civil rights. Why should we expect the government to recognize our rights when we don’t stand up for ourselves in our own lives. Poor AC.

  3. says

    The interesting part of this discussion was that the USA will still not allow HIV pos people to enter the country…..while every other country does….60 HIV turned back at the Canada border !! Small wonder that the USA in the last eight years has become the most despised of nations. Why has Obama not implemented the law changed by Congress ???? Obama seems to have done nothing for gay rights except issue an update on his campaign promises. Have we all been deceived yet again ? Obama is terrified of doing anything pro-gay……fine words don’t cut it anymore, we can’t wait.

  4. says

    Yeah I agree with Fred. The whole subject was made moot by the elephant in the room. If anything AC should have handed this one off to Wolf Blitzer or someone whose very presence wouldn’t have been a majopr distraction. Why should the President do anything that AC isn’t willing to do? I’m getting quite tired of AC.

  5. Michael says

    I guess Obama is just another Clinton – a smooth talker willing to cajole us into the voting booths and drop us as quickly thereafter as he can.
    While I’m glad we have a president willing to say the word “gay” without having it attached to a sentence about a constitutional ban on my civil rights, empty words won’t cut it. He’d better step in on these DADT cases and help our military. He’d better put an end to DADT by the end of the year. The press is already turning on him. It won’t be long before the people do, too.

  6. nic says

    Sullivan is as much a political opportunist as DICK cheney: they do their harm, and like prodigals, come back hat in hand when there is nothing left to lose.

    once upon a time, The Atlantic was a reputable magazine. too bad that they allowed themselves to be sullied by the likes of the unctuous Sullivan. he is the kind of toad that licks his fingers, sticks them up his ass, licks them again, and sticks them up in the air to see which way the political winds are blowing. i do not have a vendetta against him, but i can smell shit at 30 paces; i can sence his smarminess at 300 yards.

  7. RB says

    I am hopeful that Obama will move on LGBT issues soon. However, I have only recently left the repub party and was very anti-Obama during the election.

    While I am hopeful, I am not surprised that Obama has turned his back. He was trying to get elected, period! I have posted in the past that he won on “the backs of gays”. Now I am hoping that I was wrong but it doesn’t look so.

  8. freddy says

    I was never disturbed by Anderson’s reluctance to come out until this piece, for some reason. Now I am getting pissed. Closet cases are not helping our cause.

  9. secretagentman says

    I too wish AC would come out, but I see why he won’t. He is a reporter, and he obviously loves being a reporter and knows the he has to report the story, never become the story.

  10. jmdrwac says

    I don’t understand why the TV talking head’s sexual orientation has anything to do with anything. It’s none of anyone’s business.

    But he is right about Obama, who should ask himself this: If Dick Cheney is ahead of me on an important civil rights matter, am I really doing the right thing?

  11. says

    The story isn’t about Anderson Cooper. I don’t care if Cooper comes out or not. He’s a reporter and a reporter’s job is to be objective if they are personally gay or not, conservative or liberal, homophobe or otherwise. I don’t care who the reporter in any news story is sleeping with. If one can’t watch a story Anderson covers on any gay issues without thinking about him, then you have the problem, not him.

  12. lk says

    I don’t understand why there is so much pressure for ac to come out. this is his business and no one else’s.

  13. says

    The issue with AC is this; his constant benefiting from Gay stories while hiding in his silk cocoon is just a bit dishonest. If you are raking in the dollars on the gay issues then own it ala Maddow, otherwise , everything you do leaves you open to people being distracted by “the elephant in the room”.

  14. declan says

    because you’re Black doesn’t make you become the story, because I’m Irish doesn’t make me become the story. But if folks can’t see us, don’t know us, don’t hear us as gay people they will never know WHO WE are. If we want our rights..let’s get out of the closets and start making ones sexual orientation an non-issue..

  15. adamblast says

    The story here is Obama’s lack of courage or his not giving a damn about us. Not whether you like Sully or AC. Bravo to both of them for this segment.

  16. Davey says

    Our movement is just sad. Here we have a closeted fag discussing gay equality with a racist, hypocrite (power glutes). Great, no wonder we are not taken seriously.

    What’s next? Brittany’s thoughts on the economy?

  17. Joel K says

    I disagree that he’s benefiting from the gay stories. And while it’s true that his coming out (if he’s gay, I’ve learnt not to judge, so hush) will have a positive impact in many ways, it IS ultimately his choice to do so or not.

    Plus, wouldn’t you as much as you want, like your news reporters/casters to be as fair and balanced (coughcough) as possible without having to influence with their own personal views?

  18. says

    “But if folks can’t see us, don’t know us, don’t hear us as gay people they will never know WHO WE are. If we want our rights..let’s get out of the closets and start making ones sexual orientation an non-issue…”

    I agree with this in general, but if a reporter in particular doesn’t feel he wants his personal life to be any part of what should be his non-bias towards a story, I can certainly accept that, for the same reason why reporters shouldn’t disclose their political affiliations. With Rachel Maddow, she’s more a commentator to me than a reporter in the strictest sense.. as are those on the other side of the political agenda with their shows. With Cooper, he has a past history of doing other work in the entertainment field (host of a reality show), so if he wants to be taken completely seriously as a news reporter I can give him the slack of him completely removing his personal life from his professional career as a reporter. The news business has already well blurred the lines into celebrity as it is.

  19. mike says

    Ingrates! Considering that it was primarily Anderson Cooper’s righteous anger and his spot-on journalism during the Katrina crisis that finally woke up the national news media to start reporting the truth about the Bush administration, it never ceases to amaze me how petty and trivial some people here get because AC won’t stand up and shout “I’M GAY” just because they think he should. I don’t begrudge AC one bit. He’s gone and reported from places that some of the gym bunnies here wouldn’t have the nerve to even think about. Do I care whether AC is gay or not? Hell, no! He’s a reporter and maybe he just doesn’t think “coming out” is all that big of a deal. I know it IS a big deal to a lot of commentators here. But, geez, ease up, guys! If AC starts to rag on us, then, hell yeah! Get on his case. Otherwise, leave the guy alone and let him live his life and do his job.

  20. GBlad says

    Anderson Cooper’s ratings are terrible, the lowest of any of the major cable shows in his category. So the question is, if he comes out, will anyone notice?

  21. says

    First of all, his name is CHENEY, the only reason I correct this, is because we share a last name. But what I want to say, is let’s not turn on each other. We cannot afford to pick at our own community.

  22. Leland Frances says


    “Whatever he was before, Anderson Cooper is NO LONGER a reporter.” He is a talking head, a news “personality,” and “360” is more a TALK show than a NEWS show.

    Even on the BARELY-News Show “60 Minutes”…can you imagine Walter Cronkite getting into a pool with Michael Phelps, or playing fag to Kelly Ripa’s fag hag while subbing for exRegis, giggling to Kathy Griffin’s barbs while waiting for New Years Eve balls to drop [and his still haven’t]?

    Two words: RACHEL MADDOW. Her public gayness has not gotten in the way of her doing a show almost identical to 360 in format, she hasn’t “become the story.” AND, as of March at least, HER ratings were higher than Cooper AND Larry King.

    As for Sullivan, whatever else he is or is not, he is totally correcting in saying that after promising to be a LEADER on “the civil rights issue of our time” he is now hiding from it.

  23. jmdrwac says

    The whole point of the “knowing someone gay impacts your perception” is that they KNOW someone – a neighbor, a friend, someone at work, someone in their church – and the realization that the sexual orientation of a person they KNOW makes no difference in their feelings about them. The argument that if a celebrity comes out others may do so is tired and lame.

    As for AC being “dishonest” because he “rakes in dollars on gay issues” – to make statements like that assumes, as lawyers would say “a lot of facts not in evidence.”

    Bottom line, people need to quit lving vicariously through TV personalities.

  24. Leland Frances says

    Yes, jmdrwac, aka BigHeadUpAnderson’sAss, that’s why they only put people we “KNOW” on boxes of Wheaties.

    That’s why all those Superman, Batman, Obamaman Halloween costumes mold while people dress up as people they KNOW.

    That’s why people fly out of Mary Brown International Airport to go to Everyman, DC, to climb the stairs in the Everyman Monument and see the Bob Smith Memorial.

    That’s why we put Joe Schmo on postage stamps and our paper money and coins.

    That’s why California legislators have called for a Henry Milk Day.

    Etc., etc. I’ve read some really lame defenses of Cooper’s Cowardice but yours takes the Nooble Prize.

  25. Forrest says

    People often ask me why I have a rainbow sticker on my car. They say ” I don’t go around telling people I am straight, who cares”?

    To which I reply of course you don’t!
    Because we live in a society that treats heterosexuality as the only norm and you are not discriminated against. Besides the fact that obviously too many people do “care” and are actively trying to enshrine discrimination against us using religion in the public square. My personal life is only one facet of my being. Unfortunately in this era my sexual orientation is a political issue and we have to engage in the fight.

    Since our community encompasses every culture I think it’s incumbent upon us to be visible and show that we are not going to hide in the closet. There is not one version of “gay” regardless of media stereotype so we all need to step up and prove it.

    Cooper’s show would not turn into gay 360 with AC if he came out.

    Anderson may be living in a glass closet but his refusal to simply acknowledge it publicly helps to feed the perception that being gay is shameful.

  26. jason says

    Rachel is a left wing commentator not a news anchor. She and Anderson have different jobs. Commentators get bigger ratings than conventional news especially when there is no major news event happening. However, her ratings have had some dips recently and aren’t huge like someone like O’Reilly’s. CNN’s ratings have been lagging generally compared to the other cable news networks because of their lacks of showy grand standing commentators to put asses in seats and because people in the divided nation become convinced CNN is either in the pocket of republicans or democrats then peel off to the left wing or right wing cable news network that fits their ideology.

  27. Leland Frances says

    Jason, please, Girlfriend, don’t tell me you meant to claim that Cooper is a “news anchor.” If you did, do the Average IQ Rating in the US Scale a favor and kill yourself.

    Forrest: BRAVO!

  28. don says

    This mania around getting Anderson Cooper out of the closet is crazy. Where are all these complaints about closeted gays in news when it’s one of the other closeted folks doing the coverage? What about the elephant in the room when Andy posted the clip of Don Lemon interviewing the director of Outrage? Anderson doesn’t have a highly rated show or anything. I fail to see how simply being a pretty white blue blood legitimately means you hold more weight, value or obligations in the arena of public promotion of gay rights than any other person in a comparable public position. As a matter of fact, a more regular guy would probably be more effective in terms of changing people’s ideas of what gays are like and being someone the public could relate to.

    Celebrities and non-celebrities should all come out. We should recognize that our visibility is about everyone coming out not about biting our nails over whether one guy who fits Brideshead Revisited type fantasies has made an official statement yet. If we pushed some other male personalities on major news shows out and they managed to keep their career going I bet Anderson would eventually come out too. He’s never going to be a first one into the pool guy in this area. He’s really career focused, he never demonstrated interest in political activism even before entering journalism, he has old money sensibilities, and he contends with a bizarre amount of gay interest and gossip about the details of his sex life that other closeted gay TV news people don’t have to worry about.

  29. nic says


    i agree. learning curves, grading curves, et cetera and et cetera contribute to the dumbing down of any society.

  30. fred says

    AC wrote a book about his life that I did not read. However, I saw part of an interview that he did while promoting the book during which he spoke about his brother’s suicide. He shares intimate details about his family but not about himself. Does he not share the fact that he is gay because he is afraid that it will hurt his career. ????

    Further, there is no such thing as objectivity except in Journalism 101 courses. Objectivity is something one strives for and never attains.

    Just like his mother, poor little rich girl.

  31. fred says

    and one more thing re: what a great journalist AC is –


  32. David B. 2 says

    Two things really need to be said here:

    A) Andrew Sullivan has always been on the right so his view of Obama and the administration is going to start there — just because he is a gay commentator doesn’t make him correct on all issues.

    B) Anderson Cooper’s not being out — is only a problem when it comes to journalistic ethics — which are shredding at the seams anyway in this country. Three examples: NPR interviews Nina Totenberg (their employee) about what is happening at the Supreme Court — when they should interview a representative of the Supreme Court (they are just lazy), NPR hires local reporters in Korea who speak Korean (which is exigent) but wouldn’t a Finnish reporter be more independent –with no ethnic or family ties to the nation, and finally women reporters who cover women’s rights (or here gay reporters covering gay rights) is just silly — here in LA a woman reporter is dating the mayor and her TV station says what is wrong with her reporting on his run/non-run for governer — any reporter with a vested interest or conflict of interest with the issue should not cover the issue. So stories on Inuit rights should not be covered by an Inuit — and gay rights stories should be reported by straight reporters with no vested interest in the rights story. Good editors always balance coeverage and my take here is the editor was asleep or no other correspondent or anchor was available for the discussion and they trust AC to be even handed. But it was a bad call!!!!

  33. anon says

    AS has been verbalizing his wet Obama dreams for two years now, and as I predicted, now comes the complete about-face. He was pro-Iraq War then against it. Pro-this then against-this. I think it’s just pattern of his to flip-flop. He hasn’t been right-wing about Obama at all.

  34. says

    Cheney had a lot of heavy breathing in this clip,plus a whistle at 35 seconds. Strange.
    Cheney hasn’t done anything to help his daughter or anyone else because he doesn’t HAVE TO! Mary Cheney can afford ANYTHING that she, Heather, and the baby cheney would want. They cna BUY the equality that the rest of us have to rely on the law to provide.

  35. Yes I am Chris says

    OH NO Miss Lelanderloozapiatra Frankenberry is on here spewing her Obama hatred.
    But still continues to love our former gay hating Pres Billy Deeznut Clinton.

    Queen makes me puke!

    On to the subject it makes for good debate. However, I’m still pissed with Ms Sully after her “Blame the Blacks” after the election. And as far as Sticky Dick Cheney is concerned. I believe that was a deal to his daughter “You help me, and I’ll help you”

    SORRY not buying that!

  36. Jane says

    I don’t understand all this talk about Anderson being courageous during Katrina. Here’s what I saw:

    “Um, Senator Landrieu. Um. There’s a few people here who think you aren’t doing a good job. Um.”

    Any normal human being would have torn her a new asshole for saying the things she did.

    If Anderson was courageous he would have gone out, rented a boat, and pulled people off the roofs like Sean Penn did.

    Funny how a straight guy who plays a gay guy in a film gets less credit for Katrina than a gay guy who plays a straight guy on t.v.

  37. martina says

    Enough already! End the DADT policy. I served 20 years in the military and my sexual preference as being straight has as much to do with my fitness to serve and integrity and honor as a gay military persons sexual preference – NOTHING – sexual preference has nothing to do with being qualified to serve and serve honorably. And Anderson is gay? All the gorgeous guys are gay!!!

  38. martina says

    Maybe Anderson’s not coming out (if he is gay which still bums me out) is because his ability to be a good reporter has as much to do with his sexual preference as a straight person and same goes for military people – being gay or straight has nothing to do with your ability to be a great soldier. So end the DADT policy, give gay people equal rights, let gay people marry,adopt, be treated equally at work and then we won’t have to talk about whether someone is or isn’t because we will all be able to be judged on our merits and how we do our job instead of our sexual preferences.