David Gest: Michael Jackson ‘Talked, Shook a Hand Like a Real Man’


David Gest runs to Brit tabloid The Sun with his story of the King of Pop:

“There is nobody who knew Michael like I did. He was so gifted, it’s hard for me to picture him gone. There is a whole side to him people never saw. For instance, people always think of him as talking in that high, soft voice, but he didn’t really speak like that — it was a facade. Still to this day I am not sure why he did it. The Michael I knew talked like a real man, acted like a real man and shook a hand like a real man.”


  1. Bobby says

    JESUS CHRIST! I almost jumped out of my skin at that visage. Isn’t David Gest defining a “real man” sort of like Teddy Ruxpin defining a real bear?

  2. J. J. says

    The Michael I met privately in 1988 spoke just the way he’s seen in every interview and video. I have no idea what Gest is talking about. And he looks very, very odd here.

  3. M from Germany says

    Puck the fly!
    Is she still alive?
    Wasn’t she the one who wore sunglasses all the time while she was married to Liza?
    Under what stone was she hiding? – or – where do they find all these specialists?

  4. Willie says

    Scary Scary Scary …. what a celebrity freak show that picture is.

    However … I do think MJ played up the fem/lithing voice thing. Like he did everything …. to appear unhuman …. after all this a Narcissist … hated himself and in response had to constantly prove himself different (unique / better) than everyone else.

  5. Dback says

    Yes, Gest is just the barometer I want by which to measure masculinity. Mmm-hmm.

    Sickening irony: the picture on the desk of Whitney Houston–another brilliant talent at a young age who burned out, descended into drug abuse and dysfunction, wasted her talents, and is now flailing around for a comeback. All we need now is Britney Spears to weigh in. (Who’da thunk back in the day that Madonna would be the model of stability and success 20+ years later?)

  6. patrick nyc says

    The Michael I knew talked like a real man, acted like a real man and shook a hand like a real man.
    This from the douche who sucked poor Liza’s mouth like a fucking vacuum at their wedding. If ugly was a sin he’d be on his way to hell.

  7. Bill says

    Michael Jackson had a deep voice. I don’t know why he kept the high pitched voice into adulthood. It probably had to do with the fact that he was a child star and people loved him as a child and he wanted to please them by keeping that child-like persona. Michael was the second youngest boy in his family and the most successful. His success disrupted the order of the family. Maybe he kept the high pitched voice to at least ease the insecurities of his older brothers at his success. Remember Michael lived with his family well into his twenties.

    LISTEN to 2000 Watts by Michael Jackson and you will hear his deep voice.

  8. Paul R says

    I’d say he looks like death warmed over, but he doesn’t look warm.

    So he and Michael were so close that Michael gave him two promo shots! But they’re the same one, just shifted vertically (mirror images). It’s like they were brothers!

  9. Teresa in Memphis says

    David Gest lives in Memphis at least part of the year (Lord help us). Anyway, he’s obviously good friends with Jane Russell. He had some benefit concert here a couple of years ago and she showed up and said what a great friend he was to the old folks in showbiz. That’s about as close to a reason as I can suggest for the Jane Russell bit.
    By the way, Lisa Marie Presley also said that MJ’s soft, high voice was an act.

  10. BobP says

    I can just picture those two sitting around giving each other make-up tips and discussing their future plastic surgery plans.
    He wouldn’t know a real man if one climbed on top of him and fucked him. Oh god, I just grossed myself out.

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